The Fairy Tale, Reinvented

Initially conceived as a experimental foray into humorous fantasy, Sex, Drugs and Tales of Wonder became the beginning of a full-fledged book series


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“When sober people look up, they see nothing but clouds and stars.”

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Enter a whimsical realm of gender-fluid deities, leprechauns in distress, shape-shifting cyber insects, scorpions that hatch out of broken human hearts, and sea monsters that make entire planets spin backwards.

Fast paced and irreverently funny, the eclectic story cycle spans multiple genres, from fantasy to horror and science fiction. Inspired by the classic One Thousand and One Nights and medieval travelogues, bestselling author Yanko Tsvetkov reinvents the fairy tale and builds an imaginary world full of mystery and wonder.

The text is accompanied by eye-catching illustrations created by Alphadesigner, Tsvetkov’s equally creative alter ego.

“It is better to waste one’s gold than to waste one’s time, for gold can be acquired from a mine, sold, gifted, or stored in a bank. Time has no master and no shape.”



The story collection spans a myriad of genres and was inspired by classical fairy tales and modern pop culture. The nested story structure of the One Thousand and One Nights coexists with brief cutaways and diary entries. Philosophical musings about politics blend with romantic eroticism. The narrative expands on the previous book from the Lilac Fever series, Sex, Drugs and Tales of Wonder. The accompanying illustrations are once again drawn by Tsvetkov’s creative alter ago, Alphadesigner.


humorous fantasy


political fiction


lesbian romance

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