Privacy Policy


I am an independent artist and I created this site to present my work and share my thoughts with other people. I don’t display third party ads on it not because I’m philosophically opposed to advertising but because it will interfere with my content in a way I find unacceptable. I also don’t have a commenting system. Therefore, most of the privacy concerns that naturally arise on sites like Facebook don’t apply on Alphadesigner. Unless you decide to reach out to me and introduce yourself, or purchase a personalized product like a signed book directly from me (see below), I have no way of determining who you are, much less what you had for dinner or whether or not you cheated on your spouse. (Don’t do it tho, it never ends well!)

Collection of Statistical Information

Alphadesigner is hosted on Squarespace, a service where everybody can easily create a website. This service offers anonymized statistical information that helps me understand how people use my site—for example which pages are the most popular, whether people open the site on a mobile device or a desktop computer. This information can’t be used to identify you or target you with ads. Period.

Special cases

Affiliate Links

Most of my products (like books and posters) are sold on third party websites like Amazon or Zazzle. Links to those websites contain an affiliate code that will let those services know you visited their sites from If you decide to purchase products through those links, I will get a small commission (at no cost to you). Please note that this affiliate code can’t be used to personally identify you. Neither I or the respective services can use it to target you with ads or other unsolicited communications.

Direct Sales

As an artist, I’m a pretty mediocre businessman, but I occasionally use Alphadesigner to sell some of my own products directly (as opposed to listing them on Amazon). They include things like signed books, special edition artworks, or licenses for commercial use of my own fonts. If you decide to buy such a product, you’ll be naturally asked to provide information like your name, email, or physical address, so it could be delivered to you. I won’t share this information with anyone or use it for any other purpose but the one originally stated above. If you have any concerns about it, you can request the permanent removal of this information from my records via email.

Thank you for visiting and using my site!