About Me

Things you probably don’t need to know


My name is Yanko Tsvetkov. I’m a cinematographer by education, a visual artist by calling, and a writer by accident. After many years of jumping back and forth between those art forms, I discovered they were the same thing in different packaging. They all relate to storytelling—the human ability to decorate reality with meaning and purpose.

When I don’t tell stories, I’m usually working out in the gym. I love weightlifting and calisthenics, but—surprisingly for some—I hate running. I won’t read anything written by an endurance runner even if my life depends on it. You know why? Runners thrive on repetitiveness and monotony, and I hate that. The only repetitive and monotonous things I can stand are Kraftwerk albums; they are really good.

As evident from the paragraph you just read, I know how to use semicolons. It’s not something I’m proud of, though. Contemporary grammar rules are way too stiff. Like cheap dildos, you can bend them by hand, but once they get inside you, they feel like metal rods stuck in concrete.

I hope the Internet helps loosen things up in the professional world of book publishing. There are plenty of uptight editors who think grammar precedes meaning. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t because apart from writing, I also enjoy reading history. Sometimes I’m even inspired by it.

I’m known as Alphadesigner. It’s actually the name of my website since the year 2000. Nowadays people consider it a statement of power but back then I was just looking for a cool sounding name. Don’t read too much into it.