Mapping Stereotypes in The Guardian

Mapping Stereotypes in The Guardian's Website

17-18.02.2012 The Guardian published an article containing an interview and a set of maps from my Mapping Stereotypes project. Two of them, a fortune teller’s sarcastic vision of Europe in 2022 and a sequel to the Arab Spring map called the Arab Winter 2012, were made especially for the occasion and premiered this Friday on the Guardian’s web site. You can also read an online version of the article, which originally appears on page 38 of the Weekend section of the newspaper (Sat 18 Feb 2012 issue). Many thanks to Liese Spencer and Tim Dowling for their patience and enthusiasm!

In less than a day after the article and the gallery were published online, they jumped to Nr 1 and Nr 2 Most Viewed posts in The Guardian’s site Art and Design section.

His map of Berlusconi’s worldview is both hilariously vulgar and, one suspects, not far wide of the mark. No matter where you’re from, you should be able to find something here to offend you.

Tsvetkov himself is nowhere near as narrow-minded as his maps. He speaks several languages, currently lives in Spain and feels comfortable throughout Europe.

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