Mapping Stereotypes in Corriere della Sera

Mapping Stereotypes on Corriere della Sera front page 2010

22.09.2010 One of the major Italian newspapers, Corriere della Sera, published an article about my Mapping Stereotypes project written by Francesco Tortora. The article was presented on the front page under the title “Pregiudizi e stereotipi d’Europa: le mappe semiserie” (Prejudices and stereotypes of Europe: half-serious maps). It was also published online in Italian and English.

L’esperimento si è tramutato in un autentico successo e oltre mezzo miliardo di utenti ha ammirato sul sito web dell’artista la serie «Mapping stereotypes» le beffarde mappe degli stereotipi europei…

What was an experiment is now a runaway success with more than half a billion visitors logging on to the artist’s Mapping Stereotypes website…

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