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  • South America According to Brazil (I’m Brazilian!)

    Argentina: Our Hystoric Bitches (South America’s Canada)
    Colombia: Narcos
    Brazil: Corrupt Politicians (South America’s USA)
    Uruguay: Our 28º State
    Ecuador: Temperature Line (The tropic)
    Peru: Turkey (The Bird, Means “Peru” in portuguese, exactly same as the country)
    Venezuela: One more victory on soccer games
    Paraguay: Cheap Stuff (South America’s Mexico)
    Bolivia: Native Americans + Hyspanics

  • North and South America According to a American from Northern Virginia
    Virginia: I lost faith when Trump won the primary
    Northern Virginia: DC South
    Maryland: Crab-loving, Old Bay overusing, self-important scum
    West Virginia: Rednecks
    The Whole South: Rednecks
    The entire central US: People live here ???
    California: Liberals, hipsters, Hollywood and Silicon Valley
    Florida: Old people and beaches
    Vermont: Comrade Sanders and maple syrup
    Canada: Colder USA with Hockey and Maple Syrup
    Every state in New England: Canada South
    Mexico: Swine Flu and Immigrants
    Central America: Only know these countries b/c i had to learn them for Spanish class, violence
    Columbia: Cocaine
    South America: “Football” and more Central America

  • I’m Argentinian, and these are my thoughts to the rest of South America

    Argentina: The best grills and football/soccer team, and we own Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands to you British jerks)
    Colombia: Shakira
    Brazil: Big boobs and butts, poor people
    Uruguay: Small country, but good empanadas
    Ecuador: Spices make their bad food good
    Peru: Bad empanadas, bad voiced people
    Venezuela: Arepas are good, nice people, bad soccer/football team
    Paraguay: Small country, but good Burger King and Locro
    Bolivia: We share history fighting Spanish soldiers, so go them

    That’s it

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  • World according to a Tartar (a huge nomad ethnic group in China and Russia)

    China: Genghis Khan and Marco Polo were here, twin brother with whom we eat and drink and sing and dance
    (Beijing: Holy capital of the Genghis Khan / Shanghai: Han-Chinese money worshipers / Tibet and Shangri-La: Buddha’s Terra Sacra)
    Russia: Genghis Khan was here, brother of blood and soul, Putin and Vodka
    (Moscow: The Cherkizon / Tatarstan, Buryat, Siberia: Brave Tartar Hordes)
    Mongolia: No grasslands, only Gobi
    Kazakhstan: Azat elimñin tarlandarına Riyzamın men! (Riyzamın – KeshYou)
    Uzbekistan: Big Oasis
    Kyrgyzstan: just a soviet state
    Turkmenistan: another soviet state
    Tajikistan: Sexy blue eye police girls
    North Korea: Kim needs to do exercises
    South Korea: don’t like robot music
    Japan: evil and dirty turtles
    Vietnam: tropicalized Chinese
    Laos: tropical tribes
    Cambodia: Angkor Wat
    Thailand: gays and beach
    Burma: false Buddhists
    Singapore: China no.2
    Malaysia: China no.3
    Indonesia: Bali and Lombok
    India: Land of chaos, love curry
    Bangladesh: floods
    Sri Lanka and Maldives: vacations
    Nepal: Buddha was born here
    Pakistan: Real Mughal cousins
    Afghanistan: they destroyed the Bamiyan Buddha!
    Iran: Aladdin, Ali Baba, Prince of Persia
    Turkey: brave brothers in the far west, Tarkan kissing everybody, Kebaps, Shawermas, Belly Dancers, vacations
    (Istanbul: Islamic Shangri-La)
    Iraq: Mongols reached here before Americans, ISIS
    Syria: ISIS
    Israel: Reincarnation of Nazis
    Palestine: Sorry for them
    Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Qatar and others: Ultra-conservationism
    Egypt: Pyramids and Mummies
    Rest of Africa: Nat Geo
    Ukraine: they hate us
    (Crimea: Ex Tartaria)
    Belarus: White Russia
    Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania: Gypsies and Tarot
    Hungary: Real Huns?
    Greece: Shameless Rascals
    Italy: Art museum
    France: Champagne, bombings
    UK: Beckham
    Germany: No parties
    Switzerland: Huge Bank
    Austria: Mozart
    Poland: Tight-fisted people
    Spain: Corrida del Toro
    Rest of Europe: All white skin blonde hair bright eyes
    Canada: Siberia
    Eskimos: Brothers
    USA: UCLA, Harvard, Yale, Columbia etc.
    Latin America: Hot dancers, Shakira, etc.
    Australia: racists
    The Pacific Ocean: Absolutely not Pacific

  • Europe and the Middle East according to Erdogan

    Turkey: Ottoman Empire
    Eastern parts of Turkey: Rebels
    All of the Balkans: My satellites
    Assad controlled Syria: Sauron Pasha
    Rebel controlled Syria: Extended territory
    Isis controlled lands: A void from where oil comes from
    Gov. controlled Iraq: Here we go!
    Iran: Oh those Safavids!
    Lebanon: Saruman Pasha
    Israel: Stay cautious
    Palestinian areas: Victims…maybe
    Egypt: Hopefully not my future
    Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states: Partners
    Yemen: Syria v.2
    Oman: K….
    Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia: Barbarossa’s Old Lands
    Russia: Come at me bro!
    Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic countries: Iron Wall
    Greece: Losers
    Poland: Don’t care
    Germany: NO! DON’T LEAVE ME!
    France: Old ally turned crazy
    Great Britain: Agent land
    Ireland: Don’t worry, we’ll get you
    Austria: REVENGE
    Switzerland: Bank
    Spain: Rebel problems too eh?
    Portugal: Europe’s watchtower
    Italy: Italian Lahmacun
    Scandinavia: Way too far for Ottoman glory
    Netherlands: You better not have any Raki
    Belgium: Eurocapital
    Cyprus: MINE
    Georgia: Russia’s extended territory
    Armenia: Scum of the Earth
    Azarbeijan: Russia’s puppet
    Iceland: The Slave Raid
    Libya: Mess

  • I’m Mongolian, bellow are my thoughts about each countries/places/historical:

    China: Historical rivals, Inner Mongolia and Great Wall, Manchu Qing, Kuomintang, Beijing, Erenhot, Hohhot, Chinese products, Chinese Constructor.

    Russia: Golden Horde, Siberia is our Land, White King, USSR controlled, Moscow, Stalin, Army Tank, Russia is Super POWER, Putin, Beautiful girls, Vodka, Addicted to drugs, Buryat, Tuva, Kalmyks, Yakuts other Mongols.

    Kazakhstan: Islamic Mongols or Naimains or Unknown I dont Know, Nomadic people, Slave of Dzungar, Slave of Russia, Part of USSR, BayanOlgii, Eagle hunter.

    Korea and Japan: Many Mongolians works there.

    Europe: Happy People, Imigrants problem.

    North and South America: Rich and Poor.

    South Asia: Most ugliest people in Asia.

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