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  • Europe according to the Argentina
    UK: elegant people
    Germany: blonde people
    Austria: different blondes
    Norway: cold clevers
    Spain: sisters
    France: eau de parfum
    Italy: pizza
    Turkey: handsome beards

  • I am a Puerto Rican bellow are my thoughts about each countries/places:

    China: Capitalism, Buddhism, Over-populated
    South Korea: War
    Japan: Technology
    Malaysia: ???
    Singapore: shopping malls, food courts, too many rules
    Taiwan: Karate
    Hong Kong: Karate #2
    North Korea: War
    Mongolia: all landscape
    Philippines: Beautiful places
    Russia: Vodka,Spies,Babushka, Socialism, Missiles,Cold, Military, Amazing woman, No like Americanism
    India: Yoga, Over population
    Iran: Isis
    Iraq: Oil, ISIS
    Saudi Arabia: Oil, Isis cousins
    UAE: Dubai, Emirates Airways, Oil, Isis Cousins
    Qatar: other far ancestors of Isis
    Egypt: Pyramids, Mummies, Magic, lost civilization
    Pakistan: Isis friends
    Nepal: Everest
    Srilanka: Tea
    Thailand: Clubs, Girls, Child Slavery
    Vietnam: War
    Cambodia: Poorness, beautiful Culture
    Macau: Where is this?
    Brunei: Oil
    Australia: Surf and beaches
    New Zealand: Lambs
    USA: Universities, Coca Cola, Google, Apple, Microsoft, fast food, Hollywood, Freedom, Democracy,Wars
    Canada: This people are part of Europe, Right?
    Brazil: Butts, Beautiful Women, Trans Sexuality,Football.
    Venezuela: Barbies with no BRAINS and Socialism
    Colombia: Gold Digger Women and Drugs
    Argentina: Tango, racism, far- far ancestors of Europeans
    Cuba: Puerto Rico in the Far Future
    Dominican Republic: Haiti, Voodoo, Weird Stuff.
    Mexico: Tacos, Nachos, Drugs, Missing people, Much Catholicism, Witchcraft.
    UK: London, The real Caucasians, Princess Diana, Oxford university
    Ireland: Men with Skirts and Gingers
    France: The Country of Love, Liberalism, Mona Lisa.
    Italy: Spaghetti, Pizza, Lasagna, Sicilians, Drugs, Mafia, Scar face, alcapone, Handsome men, Catholicism.
    Germany: Hitler
    Switzerland: Blondie’s
    Belgium: Beautiful
    Netherlands: Beautiful
    Austria: Beautiful
    Poland: Beautiful
    Czech Republic: Beaultiful
    Hungary: ????
    Kosovo: War and Handsome Men
    Ukraine: Radioactive everywhere
    Greece: Financial crisis, The worlds most beautiful island, Hercules.
    Turkey: Part of ISIS Ancestors
    Sweden: IKEA
    Denmark: Rich
    Norway: Rich
    Finland: Sauna, Drunk people, Odd people, Snow, Rum
    Spain: Ole, Paella, Catholicism, Spanish
    Portugal: Part of Spain?
    Luxembourg: The richest country in Europe
    South Africa: Poor children, Sadness, Epidemic Problems, Animals, Tarzan, Wtf!

  • Yes, true! We are not an european and Turkey is not in europe. Why? Because There is no a continent called Europe. Foolish French. Other continents seperated with seas but Europe not. Why? Europe is not a continent. that’s all. I don’t accept that. This is a forced term. just like Middle East. All the terms you are invented yourself. a few of them: West, Western, Mideast, Europe, the terms of space, geografical terms etc. EUROPE IS ACTUALLY A PENINSULA OF ASIA. OK! No problem in western Europe borders what about east? Is it can be considered the border mountains. well, why we are saying north AMERICA and south AMERICA. Attention please both of them A-M-E-R-I-C-A. but here is EUROPE and ASIA. Puah! It is completely stupidly.

  • The Europe according to the Colombian girls:

    1)England: elegant men

    2)Germany and Austria: blonde guys

    3)Turkey: handsome men with beautiful beard (I lobe you Tarkan)

  • Can you do “Europe according to the EU 2013”?
    European Union (Excluding Croatia, Greece and UK): Europe
    UK: Not European.
    Croatia: Our new slave.
    Former Yugoslavia countries not in the EU: Future slaves.
    Turkey: Desperate kebabs who will never be ours.
    Norway: Selfish oil-loving tundra.
    Iceland: Tundra that gives us their money.
    Switzerland: Stubborn to be with us.
    Greece: Worst banking accounts ever.
    Belarus: Russians with a Polish touch to their language.
    Ukraine: Personality Split.
    Russia: Death.
    Moldova: Romanians that are even poorer.

  • Europe according to Finland.
    Finland: Us.
    Sweden: IKEA-hogging dad.
    Norway: Even colder than us.
    Denmark: Somehow in Scandinavia
    Iceland: Somehow in the Nordics.
    Estonia, Lavia, and Lithuania: Old friends.
    Russia: WWII never forget.
    European Union (at least what is left of it on the map): I regret joining.
    Belarus and Ukraine: More Russians to be guilty.
    Everyone else: Ummmm…

  • I am an Indonesian, bellow are my thoughts about each countries/places:

    China: Cheap products, Mandarin teachers, Great Wall
    South Korea: Samsung, K-pop, television dramas, plastic surgery
    Japan: Cars, robots, anime, good quality products
    Malaysia: Petronas, some of our workers go there to find jobs
    Singapore: Tropical Hong Kong, shopping malls, food courts, too many rules
    Taiwan: Democratized China, cheap electronic products, oyster omelette
    Hong Kong: Trading centre, dim sum, restaurants
    North Korea: Starvation, dictatorship rule, Kim Jung Un
    Mongolia: Yurts, barbecue, Genghis Khan
    Philippines: Similar to Indonesia in several ways
    Russia: Very cold place, good looking girls, vodka
    India: Good with software, Bollywood movies, curries
    Iran: Persian culture, brain drains
    Iraq: Oil, ISIS
    Saudi Arabia: Rich monarchy state, oil
    UAE: Dubai, Burj Khalifah, Emirates Airways
    Qatar: Richest country in the world
    Egypt: Pyramids, Mummies
    Pakistan: Muslim Indians
    Nepal: Mountains
    Srilanka: Tea
    Thailand: Tom Yam, transgenders, rice
    Vietnam: Beef soup, Ho Chi Minh
    Cambodia: Poorer version of Thailand
    Macau: Casinos, egg tarts
    Brunei: Oil, rich
    Australia: Kangaroos, Opera House, pears
    New Zealand: Apples, Lord of the Rings shooting location, lamb meat
    USA: Universities, Coca Cola, Google, Apple, Microsoft, fast food
    Canada: Maple syrup, blackberry, Justin Bieber
    Brazil: Coffee, football, World Cup 2014, supermodels
    Venezuela: Miss Universe winners
    Argentina: Beauty queens
    Mexico: Tacos, Nachos, Tequilas, high obesity rate
    UK: London, Machester United, Harry Potter
    Ireland: Guiness, rainbow trout
    France: Perfumes, Eiffel Tower, baguettes
    Italy: Spaghetti, Pizza, Lasagna
    Germany: Cars, beer, salty soup, sausages
    Switzerland: Watches, chocolates, banks
    Belgium: Beer, chocolates
    Netherlands: Colonized Indonesia, windmills, dams, tulips
    Austria: Schnitzel, Sound of Music, Mozart
    Poland: Pope John Paul II
    Czech Republic: Supermodels, Prague
    Hungary: Goulash, Budapest
    Ukraine: Chernobyl, good looking girls, Chicken Kiev
    Greece: Financial crisis, salad, feta cheese, Pathernon
    Turkey: Doner kebab, Istanbul
    Sweden: ABBA, IKEA, tall people with broad shoulders
    Denmark: Butter, Mermaid statue
    Norway: Tall people, oil, salmon, rich
    Finland: Angry birds, Nokia, sauna
    Spain: Matador, Fernando Torrez, weird looking architectures
    Portugal: The birthplace of tempura
    Luxembourg: The richest country in Europe
    South Africa: Diamond mines, World Cup 2010

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