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  • The world according to Latvians

    UK: Used To Work Here
    Ireland: Guiness
    France: Dirty cities clean Eifel
    Spain: Short people live here
    Portugal: Vine?
    Italy: The Shortest People live here
    Switzerland: Watches
    Netherlands: Almost Germans
    Belgium: Waffles
    Germany: The ones who brought Jesus
    Austria: Hitler was here
    Hungary: Nothing
    Czech Republic: Watered beer
    Poland: Unpolite
    Romania: Dracula
    Albania: same as Bulgaria
    Greece: Russians Tourists
    Yugoslavia: nothing
    Belarus: Russian Wanna be
    Ukraine: Delicious Soups
    Russia: CCCP with new flag
    Iceland: Feels like home
    Norway: Fishing trips
    Sweden: Vikings who where scared from us
    Finland: Same as Sweden
    Denmark: wind turbines
    India: How do you drive here?
    Thailand: Not a clue
    China: They eat Dogs
    North Korea: Fat leader on LSD
    South Korea: Gangnam style
    Japan: ANIME
    Indonesia:Not a clue
    Middle East: Design
    Turkey: Hates Israel
    Egypt: Pyramids
    Alaska: Feels like Home
    Canada: The Latvia of America
    USA: Ne York
    Cuba: Cigars
    Haiti: Not A clue
    Jamaica: Reggae
    Mexico: Dani Trejo land
    Guatemala: Not A clue
    Belize: Not A Clue
    Columbia: Coffee
    Venezuela: Not A Clue
    Peru: Incas
    Ecuador: Coffee beans
    Bolivia: Not A Clue
    Brazil: Football, Capuera
    Uruguay: Not A Clue
    Paraguay: Not A Clue
    Chile: Not A Clue
    Argentina: Pretends to be Spain
    Australia: The Latvian Crocodile Dandy guy is from here.
    New Zealand: Extreme long boarding
    Lithuania: Brothers that once were married to Poland
    Estonia – Belonged to us, Our descent brothers

  • The world according to Latin Americans

    UK: Big Ben
    Ireland: Saint Patricks and whisky
    France: Eiffel tower & berets
    Spain: Killers
    Portugal: Not so bad people
    Italy: Pizza
    Switzerland: Heidi
    Netherlands: Drugs and Sex
    Belgium: Waffles
    Germany: Nazis and beer
    Austria: same as Germany
    Hungary: Nothing
    Czech Republic: beer
    Poland: Beautiful women
    Romania: Dracula
    Bulgaria: what is that?
    Albania: same as Bulgaria
    Greece: Crisis
    Yugoslavia: nothing
    Belarus: Little Russia
    Ukraine: War
    Russia: Big country and vodka lovers
    Iceland: Cold
    Norway: Salmon
    Sweden: ABBA
    Finland: Nokialand
    Denmark: Legoland
    India: Yoga
    Thailand: easy girls
    China: Robot people
    North Korea: Dictator
    South Korea: Kpop plastic surgery heaven
    Japan: Sushi and nintendo
    Middle East: Terrorist
    Turkey: Belly dance
    Egypt: Pyramids
    Alaska: Ice
    Canada: Polar bears
    USA: Gringos and fat addicted to tv and fast food
    Cuba: Salsa, Fidel Castro
    Haiti: Poor people
    Jamaica: Reggae
    Mexico: Tacos, Tequila, Mayans
    Guatemala: Mayans
    Belize: Nothing there
    Columbia: Coffee and beautiful women and drugs
    Venezuela: Hugo Chavez and Russia’s friends
    Peru: Incas, Machu Pichu
    Ecuador: Drugs
    Bolivia: Ugly people
    Brazil: Football, Samba
    Uruguay: Like Argentinians but nicer
    Paraguay: Part of Brazil
    Chile: Nice people
    Argentina: Think they are europeans, tango, matte
    Australia: Criminals and Kangaroos
    New Zealand: Lord of the Rings

  • World according to Indian

    India #1

    China- we will be better. Fuck ur Cheap shit
    Pakistan- Kashmir is ours live with it
    Afghanistan- USAs playground
    Japan-cool cars
    South and North Korea-should be 1
    Russia-white people in Asia
    Middle East-do not go we will be slaves

    North Africa-same as here
    West Africa-dimond slaves
    Kenya-can make a living there
    South Africa-White people there but a lot of us

    UK-where we become rich by owning candy shops
    France-lame romance, should learn from our Bollywood
    Italy,Greece,Spain,Ukraine- bad economy’s but if I get a visa I will still go.
    Poland-Monica oh my darling
    Sweden- where indias richest banks at

    North America
    USA-land of opportunity in hotels, motels, liquor stores…. Just about anything we always become rich there
    Canada- land of opportunity. Idk what tho
    Mexico-they look like us but we are original Indians.

    South America
    Not really much opportunity for us so we don’t care about it. Basically India

    Australia- opportunity and they suck at cricket

  • The Americas acording to Guatemala

    Canada – nothing happens here
    US – Evil Gringo Empire
    Mexico – Nopal eaters
    Chiapas (Mexico) – stolen by the Nopal eaters
    Guatemala – screwed up since 1821
    Belize – stolen by the Limey Pirates
    Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica & Nicaragua – used to be part of us
    Panama – shortcut to the pacific ocean
    Cuba – Commie Jail
    Haiti – only ones worst than us
    Jamaica – Fast guys listening to reggae
    Trinidad & Tobago – die! Jack Warner die!
    Dominican Republic – Baseball
    Puerto Rico – Reggaeton, ugh!
    Venezuela – Beauty Queens drowning in Oil
    Colombia – Drugs & Coffee
    Guyana, Suriname & French Guinana – don’t know, don’t care
    Ecuador – wasn’t this part of Colombia?
    Peru – Llamas
    Bolivia – Cocaine
    Brazil – Sex & Football
    Chile – Condors & Hot chicks mate her
    Argentina – Hooligans jerking off to Maradona
    Uruguay – Hooligans living off Maracanazo

  • The world according to North Korea

    North Korea = True Korea
    South Korea = Ours
    China = Food
    Japan = US nuclear testing sight
    Taiwan = heathen China
    Vietnam = Victory!
    Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia = rest of Vietnam
    India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka = Impoverished Masses
    Philippines = devil’s conquest
    Malaysia = American Flag
    Indonesia = Capitalistic beach resort
    Australia = Dessert pigdogs
    New Zealand = Atlantis (discovered by the great leader)
    Mongolia = Unicorns
    Russia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus = Soviet Union
    Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan = These do not exist
    Pakistan = Weird India
    Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq = Victims of western imperialism
    Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, other arab nations = Saten’s oil
    Jordan and Lebanon = Monarchists
    Syria & ISIS territory = people who hate America more than us.
    Israel = America’s pet
    Turkey = Missiles
    Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia Hertz, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia = Unimportant
    Poland = Yugoslavia?
    Romania and Bulgaria = Capitalistic Nomads
    Slovakia, Hungary = Iron curtain
    Austria, Czech republic = West Berlin
    Germany = Nazi pigdogs
    Uk and Ireland = Thatcher pigdogs
    France = Slave holders of Vietnam
    Spain and Portugal = Pigdogs with weird accents
    Italy = Theocracy
    Switzerland = Evil err… banks.
    Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg = Little capitalists
    Denmark and Scandinavia = Moderate Socialists
    Iceland = Pink, one eyed lobsters
    Greenland = Hawaii?
    Egypt = This?
    Northwest Africa = Dessert
    Ivory coast countries = Ebola (started by Americans)
    Sudanese countries, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia and Ethiopia = Giant Scorpions
    Central and south Africa = American slaves
    Angola = Our Africa
    Madagascar = Armenia?
    USA = Saten!
    Canada, Mexico, Central America = American Puppet states
    Alaska = American’s watch us from here.
    Cuba = Western Hemisphere HQ
    Venezuela = Good old Stalin
    Columbia = Gay Dwarf land
    Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia = Aliens
    Brazil, Suriname, Guyana = Jungle Capitalists
    Chile = Wage slaves
    Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay = Non subsidized farmers.
    French Guyana = new Vietnam
    Falkland islands = Unjustly seized!

  • World according to British guy

    Ireland (ours): Terrorists and Guinness
    France: Cowards and Stella Artois
    Spain.and Portugal: Gibraltar and San Miguel
    Italy: Romans and Wine
    Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily: Africa
    Switzerland: Banks and Toblerone
    Netherlands: Weed and Heineken
    Belgium: Bloody EU! Good chocolate though
    Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia: Third Reich, beer and Dirty Porn
    Poland: plumbers
    Romania: Gypsies
    Bulgaria: Russia’s little brother
    Albania: Turkey
    Greece: Spartians
    Yugoslavia: Muslims
    Belarus, Moldova, Georgia. Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine: Russia and Gangsters
    Russia: Putin’s Motherland and Vodka
    Siberia: Mordor
    Iceland: Ice
    Greenland: Green
    Norway: Vikings
    Sweden: Sexy Women
    Finland: IKEA?
    Denmark: Lego
    Mongolia: China
    Kazakhstan: Borat
    India, Pakistan, Bagladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka (all ours): Curry
    Thailand: Ladyboys
    Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam: Commies
    China: Communist Supermarket
    Taiwan: The Real China
    Hong Kong (ours): Opium
    North Korea: Commies
    South Korea: Gangnan Style
    Japan: Nuclear testing site
    Papua New Guinea: Why didn’t we colonize this bit?
    Malaysia (ours): Rice
    Indonesia: Indians
    Middle East, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan: Terrorists
    Turkey: Not in Europe
    Egypt and Sudan (both ours): Pyramids
    Uganda and Kenya (ours): Safari
    North Africa: Sand
    Central and Southern Africa: AIDS
    Somalia: Pirates
    West Africa: Ebola
    Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Sierra Leone (all ours): Ebola
    South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi (all ours): Apartheid
    Madagascar: Penguins
    Alaska: Frozen Oil
    Canada (ours): Maple Syrup and Ice hockey
    USA: Murica!
    Cuba: Commies
    Haiti: Earthquakes
    Jamaica (ours): Jerk chicken
    Other Caribbean Islands: Holiday
    Central America: Illegal Immigrants
    Belize (ours): Illegal Immigrants
    Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana (ours), French Guyana, Suriname, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia: Drugs and Coffee
    Brazil: Football
    Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile: Sheep
    Argentina: Bloody Argues!
    Falklands (ours): Thatcher Islands 110% BRITISH!
    Australia (ours): Fosters and Kangaroos
    New Zealand (ours): Lord of the Rings

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