Mapping Stereotypes

Atlas of Prejudice 2 by Yanko Tsvetkov

Atlas of Prejudice 2 [English Edition]

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Atlas der Vorurteile 2 [German Edition]

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Atlas of Prejudice by Yanko Tsvetkov

Atlas of Prejudice [English Edition]

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Atlas der Vorurteile [German Edition]

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Атлас стереотипов и предрассудков [Russian Edition]

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Atlas de los prejuicios [Spanish Edition]

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The World According to USA

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Europe According to USA (2012)

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Asia According to USA (2012)

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North America According to USA (2012)

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South America According to USA (2012)

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Africa According to USA (2012)

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The Caribbean According to USA (2012)

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Oceania According to USA (2012)

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Mainland USA According to Common Sense (2011)

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The Calendar of Prejudice by Yanko Tsvetkov

Get the 2014 calendar with 12 maps from “Mapping Stereotypes”


Europe According to Austria (2012)

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Europe According to Britain (2010)

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Europe According to Bulgaria (2009)

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Europe According to France (2009)

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Europe According to Germany (2010)

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Europe According to Greece (2011)

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Europe According to Italy (2009)

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Europe According to Poland (2010)

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Europe According to Russia (2010)

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Europe According to Spain (2011)

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Europe According to Switzerland (2010)

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Europe According to the Vatican (2010)

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Europe According to Turkey (2010)

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Europe According to Luxembourg (2013)

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Europe According to Charles V (1555)

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Europe According to Austria-Hungary (1914)

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Europe in January 2009

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Europe According to the Future (2022)

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Europe According to Gay Men (2010)

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Europe According to Latin Americans (2012)

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Europe According to Silvio Berlusconi (2011)

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Europe According to UK Tories (2013)


The Iberian Peninsula According to Spain (2011)

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The World According to the Ancient Greeks

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The World According to Ancient China

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The World According to the Middle Ages

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The Flat Earth According to US Republicans

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The Arab Spring (2011)

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The Arab Winter (2012)

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The World According to Israel (2012)

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World Dictatorships According to the US (2010)

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410 comments on “Mapping Stereotypes

  • How Canadians view Europe (Italian Canadian perspective)

    England – Previous Overlords
    Ireland – They had balls to revolt unlike us
    France – Old Quebec
    Spain – Unemployed millionaires
    Portugal – Brazil
    Italy – (I’m inclined to say best country in the freakin world)… but I willl skip them
    Germany – Overlord of Europe
    Russia – Can’t play hockey (shots fired)
    Ukraine – Anti Russia, anti Russia, anti Russia
    Poland – Anti Russia ant Russia and Anti German, but more anti Russia
    Switzerland – Hide money HERE
    Turkey – Awaiting EU membership
    Greece – Unemployed
    Holland – Weed and Prostitutes
    Belgium – muddy Passchendaele
    The Balkans – they can’t get along for a variety of reasons
    Czech Republic – Hot women and pornos
    Romania – Dragons
    Sweden – Ikea
    Norway – Nokia
    Denmark – dunno you
    Finland – Moomins

  • It’s interesting (at least for me) how a language reflects prejudices. Here are some sayings and idioms present in my native Serbian:
    Tuta Bugarin – Tuta the Bulgarian – clueless, dumb person (“he done it like Tuta – it wasn’t very smart)
    to smoke like a Turk – it’s a literal one
    to be like in Turkish prison – to have a difficult time or bad experience
    to be in debt like a Greece – this one exists for years and it’s not related to current crisis
    to be naive like a French maid – meaning the opposite: pretending to be naive in order to acquire something
    it’s all Spanish village to me – our version of this:
    to act English – I called you to help me, and I know you heard me – why you act English? – in a nutshell when someone acts oblivious to something, although in reality is not, usually to avoid responisbilities
    Swedish action movie – needles to say more :)
    to act Romanian – not very flattering one – to be poor or miserable
    like a Swiss watch – precise
    like it was made by Germans – reliable, of great quality (cars, machinery, equipment)
    like a Finn (“fin” in Serbian means “nice” and usually “act like a Finn” is is used ironically when someone acts falsely modest, or humble without a reason to, usually when fishing for compliments) – so this one is actually about semantics, not a real prejudice)

    Prejudices towards other ex-yu nations is presented through jokes like this:
    What a Slovene female does between two Slovene men? Interrupts
    What a Bosniak does when he turns 18? Goes to Slovenia to find a job. And what a Slovene does when he turns 18? Goes to Bosnia to find a father
    How Montenegrin radio broadcast begins? “Working people of Montenegro it’s 12 o’clock – time to rise and shine”

    and regarding ourselves we have a phrase “Serbian buisness” used as a comment on a stubborn, reckless or irrational act someone has done.

  • In considering buying this book, I wanted to check out its oriention and attitude, which clearly it has.

    Was disappointed (but not surprised) to see the 1 map about Israel, the Mideast’s only democracy, only respecter of human rights, only place where women are treated equally, only place where gays and other minority groups aren’t persecuted, and the U.S.’ only reliable and best ally, portrayed negatively.
    And equally unsurprising once one diagnoses the disturbed place where the author is coming from (the Left), little to NO mention of any or the innumerable and blatant negatives about the Arab and Muslim world, e.g. as the murderous terrorism, chronic internecine warfare, intolerance of others religions and ethnicities, etc., etc. etc. etc. etc.

    Unfortunately, this topsy-turvy view of right and wrong in the Mideast somehow seems to become embedded in the clearly addled thinking of many Lefties these days–guess not that different from their irrational and illogic approach to other topics including the disaster that is the Obama presidency.

    Needless to say, I won’t be buying this book.

    • I’m really glad you won’t be buying this book. I didn’t write it for self-righteous militant bigots. And if you see it in a library, please don’t even dare to touch it. The stains it leaves are permanent. :)

  • EUROPE according ROMANIANS (the real ones):

    U.K. – Pink Floyd…; Nigel Farage doesn’t like us (shit he’s ugly).
    Ireland – Nice redhead pussy
    Iceland – Never really sure on what continent is that, but in north 4 sure
    Portugal – Nelly Furtando
    Spain – My friend Bernando Bernandito works there
    Italy – Ciaooooo bellllaaaa, ma come staiiii, ci vediamo dopoooo!
    France – Since gipsies went from us to you, Romania it’s a really a safety country… Thanks!! ;)
    Hungary – Dunno why u have an obsession denigrating Romanians…
    Bulgaria – Why everybody says Dracula is from Bulgaria?
    Poland – Verry uncivilised people, but nice pussies
    Germany – Too much highways dude c’mon, and suffocated territory.
    Sweden – my dreams pussies
    Norway – A-ha, Savoy, Non e.u.
    Finland – That’s weird , they really have nice thin pussies, never thought
    Denmark – Something’s rotten in denmark, only thing we know bout that country
    Holland – Too much love will kill you…
    Belgium – Triggerfinger; wasnt’t that a part of France?
    Exyugoslavia – Really nice ppl and country, a shame everything ruined by world rulers, by The Way.. everybody knows that PULA = dick, in romanian :))
    Moldova – Blonde most beautiful natural girls; Brothers; Good pop-rock music.
    Austria – Another small country, like Hungary, but wealthy and with mntns.
    Ukraine – Russia’s lil brother, we need passport to get there.
    Tourkey – That’s not in Europe… is it? In english we confuse Turks with Turkeys
    Czech Republic – Prague – nicest city in Europe de East
    Slovakia – Nice skiing places, completed by wonderful women
    Romania – Verry nice & clean places, it’s bad that gipsies and hungarians make us a bad image in the world

  • Some inspiration for a “Europe according to Denmark 2014″ prejudice map ;-)

    Europe according to Denmark 2014

    Denmark – HQ
    Norway – Filthy rich, funny speaking Danes
    Sweden – Reality challenged politically correct kinsmen
    Finland – Que?

    Iceland – Spare Norwegians

    Faroe Islands – Offshore Danes
    Greenland – Really cool people under Danish rule

    Ireland – folk dancers, great music ( former Danish colony)
    Scotland – Here be men in skirts (Spare Norwegians)

    England – Spare Danes
    ( speak “Danish” without even knowing it ;-) )

    Netherlands – Great cousins, now unfortunately lost in pot fogs.
    Belgium – Mordor / seat of the EU parliament
    Luxemburg – Tax evader’s paradise

    France – Paradise for wine, food and gays
    Germany – Trespassers, Car paradise

    Switzerland – Real democracy!
    Austria – Funny speaking Germans.

    Poland – Female tennis players.
    Belarus – Here be dictators

    Estonia – the former colony of Daneland
    Latvia & Lithuania –
    Former Russo-German colonies liberated by
    Mr. Uffe Ellemann Jensen of Denmark personally.

    Portugal – Proto Brazilians
    Spain – Really annoying footballers

    Italy – Land of Unga-Bunga & EPO-cyclists
    Siciliy – Northern Somalia

    Czech Republic – Beer, ice hockey & porn
    Slovakia – Former ice hockey nation.

    Hungary – Great chicks, poor handballers /
    Spare Finns.

    Romania – Migrating thieves & robbers
    Bulgaria – “Russian” speaking spare Turks

    Ukraine – Great looking chicks with braided hair

    Balkans – Uncharted territories with warlike tribes
    Albania – Pocket thieves

    Greece – Tax evaders & Euro skeptics

    Turkey – Perpetual EU candiate /
    Santa Claus used to live here long ago.

    Russia – Postal order brides / trespassers


    Keep up the great work, please –
    you have certainly made me giggle a lot :o)

    Greetings from DK

  • Really good work, if you’re into that (and if you have enough time), you should try to map pejudices in fictional worlds (LotR, Games of Thrones, Star Wars, etc,etc,) That would be funny as hell, keep up the good work :)

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