Mapping Stereotypes

Atlas of Prejudice Complete Stereotype Map Collection Front Cover

Atlas of Prejudice: The Complete Stereotype Map Collection

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The World According to USA

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Europe According to USA (2012)

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Asia According to USA (2012)

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South America According to USA (2012)

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Africa According to USA (2012)

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North America According to USA (2012)

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The Caribbean According to USA (2012)

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Oceania According to USA (2012)

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Mainland USA According to Common Sense (2011)

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Europe According to Austria (2012)

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Europe According to Britain (2010)

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Europe According to Bulgaria (2009)

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Europe According to France (2009)

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Europe According to Germany (2010)

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Europe According to Greece (2011)

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Europe According to Italy (2009)

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Europe According to Poland (2010)

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Europe According to Russia (2010)

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Europe According to Spain (2011)

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Europe According to Switzerland (2010)

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Europe According to the Vatican (2010)

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Europe According to Turkey (2010)

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Europe According to Luxembourg (2013)

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Europe According to Charles V (1555)

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Europe According to Austria-Hungary (1914)

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Europe in January 2009

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Europe According to the Future (2022)

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Europe According to Gay Men (2010)

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Europe According to Latin Americans (2012)

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Europe According to Silvio Berlusconi (2011)

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Europe According to UK Tories (2013)


The Iberian Peninsula According to Spain (2011)

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The World According to the Ancient Greeks

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The World According to Ancient China

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The World According to the Middle Ages

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The Flat Earth According to US Republicans

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The Arab Spring (2011)

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The Arab Winter (2012)

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The World According to Israel (2012)

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World Dictatorships According to the US (2010)

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471 comments on “Mapping Stereotypes

  • Pls, stop insulting people around the globe, those Stereotypes are not funny nor exists, u make a living by creating them. its like spilling oil on fire, and raise tensions between neighbors. just see the comments here.

  • SouthEast Asia according to The Philippine people (SOME of them)
    Vietnam : Rice, Vietnam War
    Cambodia : part of southeast asia
    Laos : Opposite of trending
    Thailand : Elephants.. and tourist spot
    Philippines : Corruption & Home for OFWs
    SIngapore : Universal Studios
    Malaysia : Tourist spot
    Indonesia : Big part of southeast asia who looks just like us
    East Timor : …where?
    Brunei : Part of Malaysia

  • Please make Southeast Asia according to Indonesians

    Indonesia = Our HOMELAND!
    Malaysia = Thieves
    Singapore = Orchard Road
    East Timor = Used to be a part of us
    Thailand = Horror movies and beautiful transvestites
    Myanmar = Bad Buddhists
    Philippines = They’re similar to us
    Vietnam = Vietcong
    Cambodia, Laos = We don’t know so much about them
    Brunei Darussalam = Wealthy because of oil

    • just add…

      Cambodia : Angkor
      North Thailand : Opium-land
      East Malaysia (north Borneo) : Split-border villages
      Rohingya (west Myanmar) : Southeast Asia’s Syria
      Philippines : Most-friendly cousin!

      add also some part of these

      Hongkong : Far Singapore
      Macau : Las Vegas
      China : Friend-enemy
      South China Sea : Tension waters
      Bangladesh : Always flood

      Indian ocean near Sumatra: 2004 never forget (Tsunami)
      Indian ocean near Java: Nyi Roro Kidul Realm
      Indian ocean near Timor : (Was) our oil-farm
      Pacific ocean : Nothing-ness

      Papua New Guinea : Wild Papua

    • my rough guess on that one:
      Rest of the communism=puppies on leash
      Western Europe=not even worth considering an enemy
      China=friend (aka minion)
      Rest of the capitalist, democratic world=brainwashed and dirty

  • World according to a Tartar (a huge Altaic ethnical group in China and Russia)

    China: Genghis Khan and Marco Polo were here, twin brother with whom we eat and drink and sing and dance
    (Beijing: Holy capital of the Grand Khans / Shanghai: Han-Chinese money worshipers / Tibet and Shangri-La: Buddha’s Terra Sacra)
    Russia: Genghis Khan was here, brother of blood and soul, admire Putin and love Vodka
    (Moscow: Have a strange feeling about Cherkizon / Kazan and Siberia: Proud of the Brave Tartar Hordes)
    Mongolia: No grasslands, only Gobi
    Kazakhstan: Azat elimñin tarlandarına Riyzamın men! (Riyzamın – KeshYou)
    Uzbekistan: Big Oasis
    Kyrgyzstan: just a soviet state
    Turkmenistan: another soviet state
    Tajikistan: Sexy blue eye police girls
    North Korea: Kim needs to do exercises
    South Korea: don’t like robot music
    Japan: fuck u japs! give my grand-grand mother back!
    Vietnam: tropicalized Chinese
    Laos: Asian Amazon rainforest
    Cambodia: Angkor Wat
    Thailand: gays and beach
    Burma: false Buddhists
    Singapore: China no.2
    Malaysia: China no.3
    Indonesia: Bali and Lombok
    India: Chaotic world, love curry
    Bangladesh: floods
    Sri Lanka and Maldives: vacations
    Nepal: Buddha was born here
    Pakistan: Real Mughal cousins
    Afghanistan: they destroyed the Bamiyan Buddha!
    Iran: Aladdin, Ali Baba, Prince of Persia
    Turkey: brave brothers in the far west, Tarkan kissing everybody, Kebaps, Shawermas, Belly Dancers, love there
    (Istanbul: Beautiful city in the far west, Ottoman Sultans, just love this city)
    Iraq: Mongols reached here before Americans, ISIS
    Syria: ISIS
    Israel: Reincarnation of Nazis
    Palestine: Sorry for them
    Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Qatar and others: Ultra-conservationism
    Egypt: Pyramids and Mummies
    Rest of Africa: Nat Geo
    Ukraine: they hate us (Crimea: Ex Tartaria)
    Belarus: White Russia
    Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania: Gypsies and Tarot
    Hungary: Real Huns?
    Greece: Shameless Rascals
    Italy: Art museum
    France: Champagne
    London: Beckham
    Germany: Western Robots
    Switzerland: Huge Bank
    Austria: Mozart
    Poland: Tight-fisted people
    Spain: Corrida del Toro
    Rest of Europe: All white skin blonde hair bright eyes
    Canada: Siberia
    Eskimos: Brothers
    USA: a mixture of everything, UCLA, Harvard, Yale etc.
    Latin America: Hot dancers, Shakira, etc.

      • Sven you are mistaken. Colombia is the country. Actually, ColUmbia is your shirt’s brand, the Washington DC (district of Columbia), a river, a mountain etc.

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