Mapping Stereotypes

Atlas of Prejudice Complete Stereotype Map Collection Front Cover

Atlas of Prejudice: The Complete Stereotype Map Collection

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The World According to USA

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Europe According to USA (2012)

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Asia According to USA (2012)

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South America According to USA (2012)

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Africa According to USA (2012)

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North America According to USA (2012)

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The Caribbean According to USA (2012)

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Oceania According to USA (2012)

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Mainland USA According to Common Sense (2011)

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Europe According to Austria (2012)

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Europe According to Britain (2010)

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Europe According to Bulgaria (2009)

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Europe According to France (2009)

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Europe According to Germany (2010)

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Europe According to Greece (2011)

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Europe According to Italy (2009)

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Europe According to Poland (2010)

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Europe According to Russia (2010)

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Europe According to Spain (2011)

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Europe According to Switzerland (2010)

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Europe According to the Vatican (2010)

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Europe According to Turkey (2010)

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Europe According to Luxembourg (2013)

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Europe According to Charles V (1555)

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Europe According to Austria-Hungary (1914)

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Europe in January 2009

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Europe According to the Future (2022)

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Europe According to Gay Men (2010)

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Europe According to Latin Americans (2012)

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Europe According to Silvio Berlusconi (2011)

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Europe According to UK Tories (2013)


The Iberian Peninsula According to Spain (2011)

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The World According to the Ancient Greeks

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The World According to Ancient China

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The World According to the Middle Ages

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The Flat Earth According to US Republicans

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The Arab Spring (2011)

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The Arab Winter (2012)

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The World According to Israel (2012)

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World Dictatorships According to the US (2010)

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475 comments on “Mapping Stereotypes

  • Can you do “Europe according to the EU 2013”?
    European Union (Excluding Croatia, Greece and UK): Europe
    UK: Not European.
    Croatia: Our new slave.
    Former Yugoslavia countries not in the EU: Future slaves.
    Turkey: Desperate kebabs who will never be ours.
    Norway: Selfish oil-loving tundra.
    Iceland: Tundra that gives us their money.
    Switzerland: Stubborn to be with us.
    Greece: Worst banking accounts ever.
    Belarus: Russians with a Polish touch to their language.
    Ukraine: Personality Split.
    Russia: Death.
    Moldova: Romanians that are even poorer.

  • Europe according to Finland.
    Finland: Us.
    Sweden: IKEA-hogging dad.
    Norway: Even colder than us.
    Denmark: Somehow in Scandinavia
    Iceland: Somehow in the Nordics.
    Estonia, Lavia, and Lithuania: Old friends.
    Russia: WWII never forget.
    European Union (at least what is left of it on the map): I regret joining.
    Belarus and Ukraine: More Russians to be guilty.
    Everyone else: Ummmm…

  • I am an Indonesian, bellow are my thoughts about each countries/places:

    China: Cheap products, Mandarin teachers, Great Wall
    South Korea: Samsung, K-pop, television dramas, plastic surgery
    Japan: Cars, robots, anime, good quality products
    Malaysia: Petronas, some of our workers go there to find jobs
    Singapore: Tropical Hong Kong, shopping malls, food courts, too many rules
    Taiwan: Democratized China, cheap electronic products, oyster omelette
    Hong Kong: Trading centre, dim sum, restaurants
    North Korea: Starvation, dictatorship rule, Kim Jung Un
    Mongolia: Yurts, barbecue, Genghis Khan
    Philippines: Similar to Indonesia in several ways
    Russia: Very cold place, good looking girls, vodka
    India: Good with software, Bollywood movies, curries
    Iran: Persian culture, brain drains
    Iraq: Oil, ISIS
    Saudi Arabia: Rich monarchy state, oil
    UAE: Dubai, Burj Khalifah, Emirates Airways
    Qatar: Richest country in the world
    Egypt: Pyramids, Mummies
    Pakistan: Muslim Indians
    Nepal: Mountains
    Srilanka: Tea
    Thailand: Tom Yam, transgenders, rice
    Vietnam: Beef soup, Ho Chi Minh
    Cambodia: Poorer version of Thailand
    Macau: Casinos, egg tarts
    Brunei: Oil, rich
    Australia: Kangaroos, Opera House, pears
    New Zealand: Apples, Lord of the Rings shooting location, lamb meat
    USA: Universities, Coca Cola, Google, Apple, Microsoft, fast food
    Canada: Maple syrup, blackberry, Justin Bieber
    Brazil: Coffee, football, World Cup 2014, supermodels
    Venezuela: Miss Universe winners
    Argentina: Beauty queens
    Mexico: Tacos, Nachos, Tequilas, high obesity rate
    UK: London, Machester United, Harry Potter
    Ireland: Guiness, rainbow trout
    France: Perfumes, Eiffel Tower, baguettes
    Italy: Spaghetti, Pizza, Lasagna
    Germany: Cars, beer, salty soup, sausages
    Switzerland: Watches, chocolates, banks
    Belgium: Beer, chocolates
    Netherlands: Colonized Indonesia, windmills, dams, tulips
    Austria: Schnitzel, Sound of Music, Mozart
    Poland: Pope John Paul II
    Czech Republic: Supermodels, Prague
    Hungary: Goulash, Budapest
    Ukraine: Chernobyl, good looking girls, Chicken Kiev
    Greece: Financial crisis, salad, feta cheese, Pathernon
    Turkey: Doner kebab, Istanbul
    Sweden: ABBA, IKEA, tall people with broad shoulders
    Denmark: Butter, Mermaid statue
    Norway: Tall people, oil, salmon, rich
    Finland: Angry birds, Nokia, sauna
    Spain: Matador, Fernando Torrez, weird looking architectures
    Portugal: The birthplace of tempura
    Luxembourg: The richest country in Europe
    South Africa: Diamond mines, World Cup 2010

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