Mapping Stereotypes

Atlas of Prejudice 2 by Yanko Tsvetkov

Atlas of Prejudice 2 [English Edition]

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Atlas der Vorurteile 2 [German Edition]

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Atlas of Prejudice by Yanko Tsvetkov

Atlas of Prejudice [English Edition]

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Atlas der Vorurteile [German Edition]

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Atlas des préjugés [French Edition]

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Атлас стереотипов и предрассудков [Russian Edition]

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Atlas de los prejuicios [Spanish Edition]

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The World According to USA

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Europe According to USA (2012)

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Asia According to USA (2012)

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North America According to USA (2012)

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South America According to USA (2012)

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Africa According to USA (2012)

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The Caribbean According to USA (2012)

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Oceania According to USA (2012)

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Mainland USA According to Common Sense (2011)

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The Calendar of Prejudice by Yanko Tsvetkov

Get the 2014 calendar with 12 maps from “Mapping Stereotypes”


Europe According to Austria (2012)

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Europe According to Britain (2010)

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Europe According to Bulgaria (2009)

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Europe According to France (2009)

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Europe According to Germany (2010)

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Europe According to Greece (2011)

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Europe According to Italy (2009)

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Europe According to Poland (2010)

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Europe According to Russia (2010)

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Europe According to Spain (2011)

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Europe According to Switzerland (2010)

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Europe According to the Vatican (2010)

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Europe According to Turkey (2010)

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Europe According to Luxembourg (2013)

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Europe According to Charles V (1555)

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Europe According to Austria-Hungary (1914)

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Europe in January 2009

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Europe According to the Future (2022)

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Europe According to Gay Men (2010)

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Europe According to Latin Americans (2012)

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Europe According to Silvio Berlusconi (2011)

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Europe According to UK Tories (2013)


The Iberian Peninsula According to Spain (2011)

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The World According to the Ancient Greeks

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The World According to Ancient China

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The World According to the Middle Ages

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The Flat Earth According to US Republicans

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The Arab Spring (2011)

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The Arab Winter (2012)

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The World According to Israel (2012)

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World Dictatorships According to the US (2010)

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443 comments on “Mapping Stereotypes

  • World according to indonesia,firstly
    Malaysia:Language thieves
    Singapore:Sand thieves
    Philipines:Similar face with us
    Brunei:Wealth royal
    Thailand:Our competitor
    Vietnam:Rice exporter to our country
    Australia:Noisy neighbour
    China:Cheaper item bad quality
    India:Shah rukh khan and mahabharata
    Bangladesh:Their flag as like as japan flag
    New zealand:Power ranger
    Turkey:Original kebab
    France:Anggun c sasmi
    Nederland:unce upon a time they war fight us
    Luxembourgh:Also bankers
    Russia:Airfighter makers
    Sweden:Saab gripen
    Finland:Nokia lumia
    Greece:Plato country
    UK:One directions
    Denmark:Rasmus seebach
    USA:Hollywood filmakers
    Mexico:Fast and furious
    Cuba:Che guevara
    Uruguay:Our footballplayer christiano gonzalez

  • Firstly, do a Europe according to Aussies.
    Secondly, a suggestion for World according to football fanatics:
    UK: Three lions have lost their roar
    Wales: Bale and Giggs
    France: Rising stars
    Germany: Die Mannschaft
    Netherlands: What a team!
    Italy: Overrated
    Russia: 2018
    Spain: …
    Portugal: CR7
    Denmark: Lord Bendtner!!
    Malmö: This is Zlatan
    Rest of Scandinavia: players over teams
    Greece: Euro 2004
    Belgium and Switzerland: Young-uns!
    B+H, Croatia: Look who it is!
    Ukraine: Slowly dying
    Rest of Eastern Europe: Who’s this?
    Turkey: Violent fans
    Algeria, Ivory Coast, Nigeria: surprises
    Rest of Africa: Don’t bother
    Central Asia: 404 Error
    Middle East: Money gets you nowhere
    China, Korea: Let’s wait a few years
    Japan: Not bad…
    Australia: Pothole in the lawn of the greats
    Brazil: let’s leave them alone
    Argentina: Messi
    Colombia: Where did they come from?
    Uruguay: Chomp chomp chomp…
    Ecuador: Super Valencia Bros.
    Rest of South America: VOID!

  • Europe acording to the Dutch people:
    Netherlands: better than all the other countries at soccor
    Germany: soccer enemies
    Belgium: choclate, waffels and (Frence) fries
    Luxemburg: a nice tinny country
    Uk: good tea
    Iereland: funny people
    Greenland: It isn’t green it is icy
    Iceland: It isn’t icy it is green
    Sweden: Pewdiepie
    Norway: wierd langue
    Finland: Santa Claus
    Denmark: LEGO
    Baltic States: wait wasn’t that once one with Russia?
    Poland: they work for us…..
    Belarus: wasn’t that once one with Russia?
    Ukraine: wants to be one with Russia
    Russia: buys our flowers and vegibales
    France: wierd food and Disneyland Paris
    Switzerland: Milka and Heidi
    Italy: pizza, spaghetti and pasta
    Spain: oranges
    Greece: vacation country
    Turkey: also vacation country
    Romania: the country of horror storries
    Austria: makes classic music
    Others (Hungary Serbia ect.) : probably want to be in the european union or already are

  • Europe according to Israelis recommendation:
    Norway: Paradise
    Sweden: Ikea
    Finland: Land of no exams
    Baltic States: North Pole
    Russia: Putin’s reich (alternatively – Some dangerous crap)
    Belarus: Isn’t that Russia?
    Ukraine: Israeli Russia
    Moldova: ?
    Romania: Watch your wallet
    Bulgaria: Burgas
    Turkey: Frienemies
    Cyprus – Friendly neighbors
    Greece – Been there like 80 times
    Albania – meh
    Croatia – Giovanni Rosso
    Slovenia – ?
    All other former Yugoslav countries – Isn’t this still Yugoslavia?
    Slovakia – meh
    Czech Republic – nice dudes
    Hungary – Rubik’s Cube
    Austria+Switzerland – Skiing
    Poland – 1944
    Germany – achtzen bachtzen fleisch blitzkrieg (alternatively – 1933)
    Denmark – Vikings
    Netherlands – Weed
    Belgium – Waffles (alternatively – Tomorrowland)
    Luxembourg – 6-0
    France – Paris (alternatively – United Arab Emirates)
    UK – Big Ben
    Ireland – Beer
    Iceland – Volcanoes
    Spain – Chicks & Parties
    Balearic Islands – Palma De Mallorca
    Porutgal – Christiano Ronaldo
    Italy – Awesome

  • Love to see an “Asia According to the Japanese” map. Here are some suggestions:

    South Korea: Cheap Immitators
    North Korea: The Death Star
    Russia: Bathhouse Hooligans
    Taiwan: Baja Okinawa
    China: Inferior High-Speed Trains
    Manchuria: Sigh…What Could Have Been
    Mongolia: Sumo Wrestlers
    Philippines: Hostesses
    Brunei: Muslim Disneyland
    Indonesia: Nasi Goreng
    Singapore: Squares
    Malaysia: Crappy Cars
    Thailand: Bad Karaoke
    Cambodia: Spider Tempura
    Vietnam: Showa Riviera
    Laos: ??
    Myanmar: Manchuria 2.0
    India: Yoga & IT Support
    Bangladesh: Tsunamistan
    Nepal: Japanese Flags on High Mountains
    Bhutan: Proper Buddhists
    Sri Lanka: Scuba Diving & Malaria

  • World according to Chinos-Latinos (Chinese born or grown up in Latin America)

    China: Half of our family is there (Beijing = world of crazy people and opportunities / Shanghai = Utopia / Canton+Fujian+Zhejiang provinces = most Chinese immigrants are from these places / Tibet = Shangri-La the Paradise / the rest = waiting for us to explore…)
    USA: Love it and hate it at the same time, wanna go uni there
    Chile: Boring but quite safe, but careful with cellphone thieves (Easter Island = Love there)
    Argentina: Beautiful landscapes, sexy people, robbers everywhere (Bariloche city = Shangri-La the Paradise)
    Brazil: Crazy world, nightlife, hot weather and people, chaotic world, football
    Uruguay: Drug dealers
    Paraguay: They hate Asians
    Peru: A huge Chinatown (Cusco+Machu Picchu = Love there)
    Bolivia: Noisy neignbors
    Ecuador: Illegal immigrants
    Colombia: women = Shakira / men = diablo (evil)
    Venezuela: I’m not going there,never
    the Guayanas: no idea
    Panama: The Canal
    Mexico: Drug dealers, sex addicts, Tacos, Americans must understand that not all Latinos are Mexicans! (Mayan ruins+Cancun = Love there)
    Cuba: USSR, Guantanamo
    Rest of the Caribbean and Central America: Poor but beautiful
    Canada: Cuicos (damn millioners)
    Spain: They colonized almost all Latin America, they killed millions here, so we hate them
    France+UK+Germany and others in Northwest Europe: High class Tourism
    Turkey: Shakiras dancing, Tarkan kissing everybody, Turkish tacos, Aladdin, High Class Tourism
    Greece+Egypt+Italy: Read on schoolbooks, good description, but chaotic real life
    Southeast Europe:Gypsies, can’t stand them
    Russia: Maricon Sonriente (behind their smile hides a horrible danger)
    Dubai+Qatar+Bahrein: Looks good, bur I’m not rich enough to stay there :(
    Africa: Pray and Cry for them
    Rest of Muslim countries and Israel: Avoid them
    Iran: Aladdin, Prince of Persia, other things no idea
    India: Apart from Taj Mahal, I’m not going to any other place there, I can’t stand the
    Japan: Hate them with all our blood!!! Erase them from the world!!!
    Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand: Sounds good, take a look
    Mongolia: They like to sing in Chinese, good singers
    South Korea: Kpop
    North Korea: Evils
    Pacific Islands: Shangri-La the Paradise

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