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  • (This is from a trustworthy source)
    World according to “someone” from the Chinese Government

    China: Imperial Territory (Beijing: The Open City / Hangzhou: Business card of President Xi / Tibet: Utopia / Shaanxi + Gansu + Turkistan: One Belt One Road / Taiwan: foreign-paid rebels that will lose anyway)
    The Koreas: Nightmare, refugees, illegal immigrants
    Japan: Rascals, Shameless, Nazis, Inferior Race, F*ck them all. (Tokyo: City of sins / Fukushima: Chernobyl 2.0)
    Mongolia: Retards pretending to be Nazis
    Russia: “I will not give an opinion”
    Kazakhstan + Uzbekistan + Kyrgyzstan + Tajikistan: Silk Road Guards Club
    Vietnam: Ungrateful monkeys, illegal immigrants
    Philippines: Good Job Mr. Duterte, illegal immigrants
    Laos: Aid destination, illegal immigrants
    Cambodia: Old friend, Angkor Wat
    Thailand: Old friend, Vacations, Kra Channel
    Myanmar: Civil war, fake Buddhists, Jade supply, exile land, refugees, illegal immigrants
    Malaysia: Chinese speaking cooperation partner
    Singapore: Banana people (yellow skin white heart)
    Indonesia: Bipolars (Bali: Dangerous but worthy vacations)
    Nepal: Friends, Temples
    India: Comedies everyday, Feudalism (Delhi: women please don’t go)
    Pakistan: Brotherhood of iron, we will always support you (Gwadar Port: Silk Road monitoring center)
    Bangladesh: Future “Tea Road” hub
    Sri Lanka: Maritime Routes hub
    Maldives: Vacations
    Afghanistan: Morass, refugees, Lapislazuli supply
    Iran: Brothers, Oil supply, PetroYuans, plainclothes Silk Road Guard
    Turkey: Brothers in the far west, plainclothes Silk Road Guard, Kebap, Pop Music with flavor, Vacations (Istanbul: No.1 Silk Road Hub, Grand Bazaar, Silk Road Fusion Art / Ankara: Silk Road monitoring center)
    Saudi Arabia + Emirates + Qatar and other Gulf States: Oil supply, Banks with low transparency, monarchies in XXI century
    Syria + Iraq + Egypt: Civilizations destroyed by barbarians from across the Atlantic
    Kurdish separatists: serious problems
    Israel: Don’t get their game
    Yemen: 2015 Evacuation Mission, PetroDollars VS PetroYuans
    Lybia: 2011 Evacuation Mission
    Tanzania: Another brotherhood of iron, Serengeti National Park
    Most of Africa: Aid destination, Free food destination, friends
    Ukraine: Soviet weapons supply, Banana people (red skin blue heart)
    Belarus: Goodie
    Greece: Comedy theater
    The Balkans: everything is solved with money
    UK: From Competence to Partner, we did a good job
    France: Merci beaucoup pour vos idees revolutionaires (message from President Deng)
    Italy: Food diplomacy (Rome: Chinese police patroled here in tourist seasons)
    Germany: Workaholic people
    Rest of EU: lazy countries fed by Mama Merkel
    Switzerland: Banks with low transparency fed by the Chinese and other governments
    Iceland + Greenland = Pureland
    Canada: Where shameless corrupt traitors apply for asylum
    USA: Intelligent people surpressed by a stupid dark-hearted barbaric government.
    Cuba: Pivot
    Peru: they call themselves lost children of China
    Rest of Latin America: potential partners
    Australia: They buy condoms with Chinese money to f*ck with the USA
    Pacific Ocean: Paradise of warships

  • I see people writing what they associate with countries, so I’ll do that too
    (I’m from Poland) (also if I didn’t write a country it’s bc I couldn’t think of anything)

    Afghanistan – there was a war
    Albania – Voldemort was hiding here for some time
    Algeria – 80% desert
    Argentina – silver, some Disney Channel show
    Australia – kangaroos, ocean and sun
    Austria – skiing
    Bahamas – holidays for the rich
    Bangladesh – shitty place, nice people
    Barbados – Rihanna
    Belarus – Ukraine #2
    Belgium – chocolate and EU
    Brazil – football and poor children
    Canada – maple syrup and nice people
    China – cheap labour
    Colombia – poor
    Croatia – holidays for the middle class
    Czech Republic – Slovakia but richer
    Denmark – mermaids
    Egypt – pyramids and sun
    Estonia – Baltic Sea
    Ethiopia – poor
    Finland – Santa lives here
    France – wine
    Germany – rich
    Greece – mythology
    Haiti – there was an earthquake here
    Hungary – kinda like us but better
    Iceland – volcanos and geysers and sun and snow and everything
    India – Bollywood, pretty clothing
    Iraq – war
    Ireland – green
    Israel – US’ best friend
    Italy – pizza, expensive clothes
    Japan – technology, manga and sushi
    Kazakhstan – big?
    Kenya – there was a theory Obama was born here
    Kiribati – nice flag, always the first one to start the new year
    Latvia – Lithuania #2?
    Lithuania – they don’t like us, but we have to learn a poem about them in middle school
    Macedonia – little Greece
    Madagascar – missionaries go there
    Mauritania – slavery
    Mexico – nice hats and nice food
    Nepal – mountains
    Netherlands – rainbows and happiness
    New Zealand – like Iceland but on the other side of the globe
    North Korea – hell
    Norway – rich and cold
    Pakistan – nice people, not a nice place
    Poland – leave while you still can
    Portugal – Spain?
    Qatar – rich
    Russia – Putin, huge, ballet, cold, matryoshkas
    San Marino – tiny
    Saudi Arabia – women’s hell
    Singapore – tiny but cool
    Slovakia – like Czechia but poorer
    Slovenia – nice?
    Spain – hot, tapas
    South Africa – more racist even than us
    Sweden – IKEA
    Switzerland – watches
    Syria – air strikes
    Turkey – minarets, eternar EU candidate
    UK – queen, expensive
    US – guns and shootings, fast food, think they’re #1 but they’re not
    Vatican – gives money to priests but not to the poor

    • South Africa, not more racist than America. Our police are murdered we dont shoot unarmed black people, Our criminals shoot unarmed people. We are Zuma land, country of president who has too many wives, uses tax payers money to pay for new big house.

  • I’m Belarus.Pan pług and kosa
    Russia – China’s inspiration
    Syria, Palestine – being bullied
    Jordan, Lebanon – surrounded in all chaos
    Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman – Rich oil kings
    Yemen – Chaos 2.0 with drones
    Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia – fighting former soviet states
    Turkey – Ottomans that lost their chaotic lands
    Greece – “civilised” bankrupt people
    Yugoslavia – some peaceful mess
    Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus – leftover soviet mess
    Ukraine – fighting their motherland
    Baltic states – scared of motherland
    Norway, Sweden, Finland – Union of Socialist Winterlands
    Iceland – Iceland
    Denmark – tiny kingdom
    Greenland – extension of tiny kingdom
    Poland – pathetic people
    Singapore: Job Vacancies
    Malaysia: Twin Towers, oil
    Thailand: Nearly same currency rate
    Cambodia: Angkor What?

  • I’m Filipino and this is what I see about my south east asian neighbors:
    Vietnam: Friendly Chinese Friend with cool hats
    Indonesia: Bigger Twin
    Singapore: Job Vacancies
    Malaysia: Twin Towers, oil
    Thailand: Nearly same currency rate
    Cambodia: Angkor What?
    Laos: ?
    Myanmar: more Indian
    Brunei: Job Vacancy, too yey
    Philippines: Hispanic Asian country that speaks english and doesnt care about it

    • It’s kinda sad how people still think of us Vietnamese as Chinese and that’s something we really don’t prefer. But the rest is absolutely true, at least to me.

  • I’m Singaporean. This is my thought of the world.
    Singapore – liberated imperialists by another monarchy
    Malaysia – corrupted bullies
    Indonesia – jealous of bullies
    Brunei – Oil and Gold
    Thailand – Rice monarchy
    Myanmar, Loas, Cambodia – dead monarchies
    Vietnam – baddas American rebels
    China – ancestral land
    Taiwan – Chinese rebels
    North Korea – China’s colony
    South Korea – American colony
    Japan – land of suicidal pilots
    Sri Lanka – Lipton Tea
    India – China of south asia
    Bangladesh – bullied by India
    Nepal – buffer zone
    Pakistan – India’s arch enemy
    Afghanistan and Iraq – US satellite states
    Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan – random tribes
    Mongolia – bully of the north
    Russia – China’s inspiration
    Syria, Palestine – being bullied
    Jordan, Lebanon – surrounded in all chaos
    Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman – Rich oil kings
    Yemen – Chaos 2.0 with drones
    Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia – fighting former soviet states
    Turkey – Ottomans that lost their chaotic lands
    Greece – “civilised” bankrupt people
    Yugoslavia – some peaceful mess
    Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus – leftover soviet mess
    Ukraine – fighting their motherland
    Baltic states – scared of motherland
    Norway, Sweden, Finland – Union of Socialist Winterlands
    Iceland – Iceland
    Denmark – tiny kingdom
    Greenland – extension of tiny kingdom
    Poland – pathetic people
    Czechia – can’t pronounce
    Slovakia – part of Czech
    Austria – Germans?
    Hungary – Mongols that teamed Germans(Ultimate bully alliance)
    Switzerland – Nazi Gold
    Germany – Unlucky
    The Netherlands – Windmills
    Belgium – chocolate
    Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monacco, San Marino, Malta – too small like us to be heard of
    Britain – Imperialists
    Ireland – liberated from imperialist
    France – Croissants and Wine
    Italy – Leaning Tower of Pisa
    Vatican City – is it smaller than us?
    Spain – Bull fighting
    Portugal – Spanish cousin
    Morocco – another bully kingdom
    Western Sahara – fighting for independence
    Libya – more chaos
    Egypt – pyramids in deserts
    Algeria – Western Sahara HQ
    Tunisia – Africa’s Italy
    Somalia – Pirate HQ
    Rest of Africa – Poverty and Ebola
    Argentina – football
    Brazil – Rainforests
    Paraguay, Uruguay – Split brothers?
    Chile – Chili
    Peru and Bolivia – Chili haters
    Venezuela – another bankrupt socialist
    Colombia – Mafias
    Guyana, Ecuador, Suriname – unidentified South America
    Mexico – Mafias in desert
    Cuba – American rebel
    Rest of Caribbean – random island nations
    Rest of Central America – corrupt America
    USA – Far away imperialists
    Canada – Winterland
    Australia, New Zealand – liberated from imperialist
    Rest of pacific nations – who cares?

      • Casteliano /Espanol Yo honestamente creo que es mejor que Los Toros se muern con honor que Los maten uno detras del otro como lo hacen en lo granjas
        English I think it is better that the bull dies with honor than to be kill in a line at a slaughter house

    • Austrians are definitely not germans, I also wouldn’t compare English people to Americans just because they speak the same language

    • Australia and New Zealand still sing God save the queen. They are a loyal commonwealth Nations. Australia tends to hate foreigners and are racist to the aborigional community. No liberation there.

  • South America According to Brazil (I’m Brazilian!)

    Argentina: Our Hystoric Bitches (South America’s Canada)
    Colombia: Narcos
    Brazil: Corrupt Politicians (South America’s USA)
    Uruguay: Our 28º State
    Ecuador: Temperature Line (The tropic)
    Peru: Turkey (The Bird, Means “Peru” in portuguese, exactly same as the country)
    Venezuela: One more victory on soccer games
    Paraguay: Cheap Stuff (South America’s Mexico)
    Bolivia: Native Americans + Hyspanics

  • North and South America According to a American from Northern Virginia
    Virginia: I lost faith when Trump won the primary
    Northern Virginia: DC South
    Maryland: Crab-loving, Old Bay overusing, self-important scum
    West Virginia: Rednecks
    The Whole South: Rednecks
    The entire central US: People live here ???
    California: Liberals, hipsters, Hollywood and Silicon Valley
    Florida: Old people and beaches
    Vermont: Comrade Sanders and maple syrup
    Canada: Colder USA with Hockey and Maple Syrup
    Every state in New England: Canada South
    Mexico: Swine Flu and Immigrants
    Central America: Only know these countries b/c i had to learn them for Spanish class, violence
    Columbia: Cocaine
    South America: “Football” and more Central America

  • I’m Argentinian, and these are my thoughts to the rest of South America

    Argentina: The best grills and football/soccer team, and we own Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands to you British jerks)
    Colombia: Shakira
    Brazil: Big boobs and butts, poor people
    Uruguay: Small country, but good empanadas
    Ecuador: Spices make their bad food good
    Peru: Bad empanadas, bad voiced people
    Venezuela: Arepas are good, nice people, bad soccer/football team
    Paraguay: Small country, but good Burger King and Locro
    Bolivia: We share history fighting Spanish soldiers, so go them

    That’s it

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      you are funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Usted tiene la Casa Rosada



  • World according to a Tartar (a huge nomad ethnic group in China and Russia)

    China: Genghis Khan and Marco Polo were here, twin brother with whom we eat and drink and sing and dance
    (Beijing: Holy capital of the Genghis Khan / Shanghai: Han-Chinese money worshipers / Tibet and Shangri-La: Buddha’s Terra Sacra)
    Russia: Genghis Khan was here, brother of blood and soul, Putin and Vodka
    (Moscow: The Cherkizon / Tatarstan, Buryat, Siberia: Brave Tartar Hordes)
    Mongolia: No grasslands, only Gobi
    Kazakhstan: Azat elimñin tarlandarına Riyzamın men! (Riyzamın – KeshYou)
    Uzbekistan: Big Oasis
    Kyrgyzstan: just a soviet state
    Turkmenistan: another soviet state
    Tajikistan: Sexy blue eye police girls
    North Korea: Kim needs to do exercises
    South Korea: don’t like robot music
    Japan: evil and dirty turtles
    Vietnam: tropicalized Chinese
    Laos: tropical tribes
    Cambodia: Angkor Wat
    Thailand: gays and beach
    Burma: false Buddhists
    Singapore: China no.2
    Malaysia: China no.3
    Indonesia: Bali and Lombok
    India: Land of chaos, love curry
    Bangladesh: floods
    Sri Lanka and Maldives: vacations
    Nepal: Buddha was born here
    Pakistan: Real Mughal cousins
    Afghanistan: they destroyed the Bamiyan Buddha!
    Iran: Aladdin, Ali Baba, Prince of Persia
    Turkey: brave brothers in the far west, Tarkan kissing everybody, Kebaps, Shawermas, Belly Dancers, vacations
    (Istanbul: Islamic Shangri-La)
    Iraq: Mongols reached here before Americans, ISIS
    Syria: ISIS
    Israel: Reincarnation of Nazis
    Palestine: Sorry for them
    Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Qatar and others: Ultra-conservationism
    Egypt: Pyramids and Mummies
    Rest of Africa: Nat Geo
    Ukraine: they hate us
    (Crimea: Ex Tartaria)
    Belarus: White Russia
    Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania: Gypsies and Tarot
    Hungary: Real Huns?
    Greece: Shameless Rascals
    Italy: Art museum
    France: Champagne, bombings
    UK: Beckham
    Germany: No parties
    Switzerland: Huge Bank
    Austria: Mozart
    Poland: Tight-fisted people
    Spain: Corrida del Toro
    Rest of Europe: All white skin blonde hair bright eyes
    Canada: Siberia
    Eskimos: Brothers
    USA: UCLA, Harvard, Yale, Columbia etc.
    Latin America: Hot dancers, Shakira, etc.
    Australia: racists
    The Pacific Ocean: Absolutely not Pacific

  • Europe and the Middle East according to Erdogan

    Turkey: Ottoman Empire
    Eastern parts of Turkey: Rebels
    All of the Balkans: My satellites
    Assad controlled Syria: Sauron Pasha
    Rebel controlled Syria: Extended territory
    Isis controlled lands: A void from where oil comes from
    Gov. controlled Iraq: Here we go!
    Iran: Oh those Safavids!
    Lebanon: Saruman Pasha
    Israel: Stay cautious
    Palestinian areas: Victims…maybe
    Egypt: Hopefully not my future
    Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states: Partners
    Yemen: Syria v.2
    Oman: K….
    Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia: Barbarossa’s Old Lands
    Russia: Come at me bro!
    Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic countries: Iron Wall
    Greece: Losers
    Poland: Don’t care
    Germany: NO! DON’T LEAVE ME!
    France: Old ally turned crazy
    Great Britain: Agent land
    Ireland: Don’t worry, we’ll get you
    Austria: REVENGE
    Switzerland: Bank
    Spain: Rebel problems too eh?
    Portugal: Europe’s watchtower
    Italy: Italian Lahmacun
    Scandinavia: Way too far for Ottoman glory
    Netherlands: You better not have any Raki
    Belgium: Eurocapital
    Cyprus: MINE
    Georgia: Russia’s extended territory
    Armenia: Scum of the Earth
    Azarbeijan: Russia’s puppet
    Iceland: The Slave Raid
    Libya: Mess

  • I’m Mongolian, bellow are my thoughts about each countries/places/historical:

    China: Historical rivals, Inner Mongolia and Great Wall, Manchu Qing, Kuomintang, Beijing, Erenhot, Hohhot, Chinese products, Chinese Constructor.

    Russia: Golden Horde, Siberia is our Land, White King, USSR controlled, Moscow, Stalin, Army Tank, Russia is Super POWER, Putin, Beautiful girls, Vodka, Addicted to drugs, Buryat, Tuva, Kalmyks, Yakuts other Mongols.

    Kazakhstan: Islamic Mongols or Naimains or Unknown I dont Know, Nomadic people, Slave of Dzungar, Slave of Russia, Part of USSR, BayanOlgii, Eagle hunter.

    Korea and Japan: Many Mongolians works there.

    Europe: Happy People, Imigrants problem.

    North and South America: Rich and Poor.

    South Asia: Most ugliest people in Asia.

  • Europe according to the Argentina
    UK: elegant people
    Germany: blonde people
    Austria: different blondes
    Norway: cold clevers
    Spain: sisters
    France: eau de parfum
    Italy: pizza
    Turkey: handsome beards

  • I am a Puerto Rican bellow are my thoughts about each countries/places:

    China: Capitalism, Buddhism, Over-populated
    South Korea: War
    Japan: Technology
    Malaysia: ???
    Singapore: shopping malls, food courts, too many rules
    Taiwan: Karate
    Hong Kong: Karate #2
    North Korea: War
    Mongolia: all landscape
    Philippines: Beautiful places
    Russia: Vodka,Spies,Babushka, Socialism, Missiles,Cold, Military, Amazing woman, No like Americanism
    India: Yoga, Over population
    Iran: Isis
    Iraq: Oil, ISIS
    Saudi Arabia: Oil, Isis cousins
    UAE: Dubai, Emirates Airways, Oil, Isis Cousins
    Qatar: other far ancestors of Isis
    Egypt: Pyramids, Mummies, Magic, lost civilization
    Pakistan: Isis friends
    Nepal: Everest
    Srilanka: Tea
    Thailand: Clubs, Girls, Child Slavery
    Vietnam: War
    Cambodia: Poorness, beautiful Culture
    Macau: Where is this?
    Brunei: Oil
    Australia: Surf and beaches
    New Zealand: Lambs
    USA: Universities, Coca Cola, Google, Apple, Microsoft, fast food, Hollywood, Freedom, Democracy,Wars
    Canada: This people are part of Europe, Right?
    Brazil: Butts, Beautiful Women, Trans Sexuality,Football.
    Venezuela: Barbies with no BRAINS and Socialism
    Colombia: Gold Digger Women and Drugs
    Argentina: Tango, racism, far- far ancestors of Europeans
    Cuba: Puerto Rico in the Far Future
    Dominican Republic: Haiti, Voodoo, Weird Stuff.
    Mexico: Tacos, Nachos, Drugs, Missing people, Much Catholicism, Witchcraft.
    UK: London, The real Caucasians, Princess Diana, Oxford university
    Ireland: Men with Skirts and Gingers
    France: The Country of Love, Liberalism, Mona Lisa.
    Italy: Spaghetti, Pizza, Lasagna, Sicilians, Drugs, Mafia, Scar face, alcapone, Handsome men, Catholicism.
    Germany: Hitler
    Switzerland: Blondie’s
    Belgium: Beautiful
    Netherlands: Beautiful
    Austria: Beautiful
    Poland: Beautiful
    Czech Republic: Beaultiful
    Hungary: ????
    Kosovo: War and Handsome Men
    Ukraine: Radioactive everywhere
    Greece: Financial crisis, The worlds most beautiful island, Hercules.
    Turkey: Part of ISIS Ancestors
    Sweden: IKEA
    Denmark: Rich
    Norway: Rich
    Finland: Sauna, Drunk people, Odd people, Snow, Rum
    Spain: Ole, Paella, Catholicism, Spanish
    Portugal: Part of Spain?
    Luxembourg: The richest country in Europe
    South Africa: Poor children, Sadness, Epidemic Problems, Animals, Tarzan, Wtf!

  • Yes, true! We are not an european and Turkey is not in europe. Why? Because There is no a continent called Europe. Foolish French. Other continents seperated with seas but Europe not. Why? Europe is not a continent. that’s all. I don’t accept that. This is a forced term. just like Middle East. All the terms you are invented yourself. a few of them: West, Western, Mideast, Europe, the terms of space, geografical terms etc. EUROPE IS ACTUALLY A PENINSULA OF ASIA. OK! No problem in western Europe borders what about east? Is it can be considered the border mountains. well, why we are saying north AMERICA and south AMERICA. Attention please both of them A-M-E-R-I-C-A. but here is EUROPE and ASIA. Puah! It is completely stupidly.

  • The Europe according to the Colombian girls:

    1)England: elegant men

    2)Germany and Austria: blonde guys

    3)Turkey: handsome men with beautiful beard (I lobe you Tarkan)

  • Can you do “Europe according to the EU 2013”?
    European Union (Excluding Croatia, Greece and UK): Europe
    UK: Not European.
    Croatia: Our new slave.
    Former Yugoslavia countries not in the EU: Future slaves.
    Turkey: Desperate kebabs who will never be ours.
    Norway: Selfish oil-loving tundra.
    Iceland: Tundra that gives us their money.
    Switzerland: Stubborn to be with us.
    Greece: Worst banking accounts ever.
    Belarus: Russians with a Polish touch to their language.
    Ukraine: Personality Split.
    Russia: Death.
    Moldova: Romanians that are even poorer.

  • Europe according to Finland.
    Finland: Us.
    Sweden: IKEA-hogging dad.
    Norway: Even colder than us.
    Denmark: Somehow in Scandinavia
    Iceland: Somehow in the Nordics.
    Estonia, Lavia, and Lithuania: Old friends.
    Russia: WWII never forget.
    European Union (at least what is left of it on the map): I regret joining.
    Belarus and Ukraine: More Russians to be guilty.
    Everyone else: Ummmm…

  • I am an Indonesian, bellow are my thoughts about each countries/places:

    China: Cheap products, Mandarin teachers, Great Wall
    South Korea: Samsung, K-pop, television dramas, plastic surgery
    Japan: Cars, robots, anime, good quality products
    Malaysia: Petronas, some of our workers go there to find jobs
    Singapore: Tropical Hong Kong, shopping malls, food courts, too many rules
    Taiwan: Democratized China, cheap electronic products, oyster omelette
    Hong Kong: Trading centre, dim sum, restaurants
    North Korea: Starvation, dictatorship rule, Kim Jung Un
    Mongolia: Yurts, barbecue, Genghis Khan
    Philippines: Similar to Indonesia in several ways
    Russia: Very cold place, good looking girls, vodka
    India: Good with software, Bollywood movies, curries
    Iran: Persian culture, brain drains
    Iraq: Oil, ISIS
    Saudi Arabia: Rich monarchy state, oil
    UAE: Dubai, Burj Khalifah, Emirates Airways
    Qatar: Richest country in the world
    Egypt: Pyramids, Mummies
    Pakistan: Muslim Indians
    Nepal: Mountains
    Srilanka: Tea
    Thailand: Tom Yam, transgenders, rice
    Vietnam: Beef soup, Ho Chi Minh
    Cambodia: Poorer version of Thailand
    Macau: Casinos, egg tarts
    Brunei: Oil, rich
    Australia: Kangaroos, Opera House, pears
    New Zealand: Apples, Lord of the Rings shooting location, lamb meat
    USA: Universities, Coca Cola, Google, Apple, Microsoft, fast food
    Canada: Maple syrup, blackberry, Justin Bieber
    Brazil: Coffee, football, World Cup 2014, supermodels
    Venezuela: Miss Universe winners
    Argentina: Beauty queens
    Mexico: Tacos, Nachos, Tequilas, high obesity rate
    UK: London, Machester United, Harry Potter
    Ireland: Guiness, rainbow trout
    France: Perfumes, Eiffel Tower, baguettes
    Italy: Spaghetti, Pizza, Lasagna
    Germany: Cars, beer, salty soup, sausages
    Switzerland: Watches, chocolates, banks
    Belgium: Beer, chocolates
    Netherlands: Colonized Indonesia, windmills, dams, tulips
    Austria: Schnitzel, Sound of Music, Mozart
    Poland: Pope John Paul II
    Czech Republic: Supermodels, Prague
    Hungary: Goulash, Budapest
    Ukraine: Chernobyl, good looking girls, Chicken Kiev
    Greece: Financial crisis, salad, feta cheese, Pathernon
    Turkey: Doner kebab, Istanbul
    Sweden: ABBA, IKEA, tall people with broad shoulders
    Denmark: Butter, Mermaid statue
    Norway: Tall people, oil, salmon, rich
    Finland: Angry birds, Nokia, sauna
    Spain: Matador, Fernando Torrez, weird looking architectures
    Portugal: The birthplace of tempura
    Luxembourg: The richest country in Europe
    South Africa: Diamond mines, World Cup 2010

  • Asia according to the Philippines:

    1) Japan: Our Dear Sister
    2) China: Thieves, Fake Products
    3) North Korea: Don’t know if hungry or nah
    4) South Korea: My crush, K-pop, K-Drama
    5) Israel: Our best friend in the Middle East
    6) Saudi Arabia/Gulf Countries: OFW hotspot
    7) Vietnam: Commie friend
    8) Indonesia: Cousins
    9) Iran: Student’s lair
    10) Cambodia:
    11) Thailand: Sex change
    12) Myanmar: ?
    13) Laos: ?
    14) East Timor: Aside from us, this is only a Christian country in Asia
    15) Malaysia: Land-Grabber
    16) Russia: Potential weapons shopping mall
    17) Kazakhstan: Volleyball
    18) Tajikistan and CIS (excluding Russia and members in Europe): Former Soviets
    19) Mongolia: Genghis Khan
    20) Palestine: Spoiled Brat
    21) India: Three idiots movie
    22) Pakistan: (can someone fill the gap)
    23) Maldives: Tourist Spot
    24) Sri Lanka: (can someone fill the gap)
    25) Singapore: Want to be like them
    26) Afghanistan: War zone
    27) Iraq: (can someone fill the gap)

    What are the others I forgot?

  • Pls, stop insulting people around the globe, those Stereotypes are not funny nor exists, u make a living by creating them. its like spilling oil on fire, and raise tensions between neighbors. just see the comments here.

  • SouthEast Asia according to The Philippine people (SOME of them)
    Vietnam : Rice, Vietnam War
    Cambodia : part of southeast asia
    Laos : Opposite of trending
    Thailand : Elephants.. and tourist spot
    Philippines : Corruption & Home for OFWs
    SIngapore : Universal Studios
    Malaysia : Tourist spot
    Indonesia : Big part of southeast asia who looks just like us
    East Timor : …where?
    Brunei : Part of Malaysia

  • Please make Southeast Asia according to Indonesians

    Indonesia = Our HOMELAND!
    Malaysia = Thieves
    Singapore = Orchard Road
    East Timor = Used to be a part of us
    Thailand = Horror movies and beautiful transvestites
    Myanmar = Bad Buddhists
    Philippines = They’re similar to us
    Vietnam = Vietcong
    Cambodia, Laos = We don’t know so much about them
    Brunei Darussalam = Wealthy because of oil

    • just add…

      Cambodia : Angkor
      North Thailand : Opium-land
      East Malaysia (north Borneo) : Split-border villages
      Rohingya (west Myanmar) : Southeast Asia’s Syria
      Philippines : Most-friendly cousin!

      add also some part of these

      Hongkong : Far Singapore
      Macau : Las Vegas
      China : Friend-enemy
      South China Sea : Tension waters
      Bangladesh : Always flood

      Indian ocean near Sumatra: 2004 never forget (Tsunami)
      Indian ocean near Java: Nyi Roro Kidul Realm
      Indian ocean near Timor : (Was) our oil-farm
      Pacific ocean : Nothing-ness

      Papua New Guinea : Wild Papua

    • my rough guess on that one:
      Rest of the communism=puppies on leash
      Western Europe=not even worth considering an enemy
      China=friend (aka minion)
      Rest of the capitalist, democratic world=brainwashed and dirty

  • World according to a Tartar (a huge Altaic ethnical group in China and Russia)

    China: Genghis Khan and Marco Polo were here, twin brother with whom we eat and drink and sing and dance
    (Beijing: Holy capital of the Grand Khans / Shanghai: Han-Chinese money worshipers / Tibet and Shangri-La: Buddha’s Terra Sacra)
    Russia: Genghis Khan was here, brother of blood and soul, admire Putin and love Vodka
    (Moscow: Have a strange feeling about Cherkizon / Kazan and Siberia: Proud of the Brave Tartar Hordes)
    Mongolia: No grasslands, only Gobi
    Kazakhstan: Azat elimñin tarlandarına Riyzamın men! (Riyzamın – KeshYou)
    Uzbekistan: Big Oasis
    Kyrgyzstan: just a soviet state
    Turkmenistan: another soviet state
    Tajikistan: Sexy blue eye police girls
    North Korea: Kim needs to do exercises
    South Korea: don’t like robot music
    Japan: fuck u japs! give my grand-grand mother back!
    Vietnam: tropicalized Chinese
    Laos: Asian Amazon rainforest
    Cambodia: Angkor Wat
    Thailand: gays and beach
    Burma: false Buddhists
    Singapore: China no.2
    Malaysia: China no.3
    Indonesia: Bali and Lombok
    India: Chaotic world, love curry
    Bangladesh: floods
    Sri Lanka and Maldives: vacations
    Nepal: Buddha was born here
    Pakistan: Real Mughal cousins
    Afghanistan: they destroyed the Bamiyan Buddha!
    Iran: Aladdin, Ali Baba, Prince of Persia
    Turkey: brave brothers in the far west, Tarkan kissing everybody, Kebaps, Shawermas, Belly Dancers, love there
    (Istanbul: Beautiful city in the far west, Ottoman Sultans, just love this city)
    Iraq: Mongols reached here before Americans, ISIS
    Syria: ISIS
    Israel: Reincarnation of Nazis
    Palestine: Sorry for them
    Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Qatar and others: Ultra-conservationism
    Egypt: Pyramids and Mummies
    Rest of Africa: Nat Geo
    Ukraine: they hate us (Crimea: Ex Tartaria)
    Belarus: White Russia
    Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania: Gypsies and Tarot
    Hungary: Real Huns?
    Greece: Shameless Rascals
    Italy: Art museum
    France: Champagne
    London: Beckham
    Germany: Western Robots
    Switzerland: Huge Bank
    Austria: Mozart
    Poland: Tight-fisted people
    Spain: Corrida del Toro
    Rest of Europe: All white skin blonde hair bright eyes
    Canada: Siberia
    Eskimos: Brothers
    USA: a mixture of everything, UCLA, Harvard, Yale etc.
    Latin America: Hot dancers, Shakira, etc.

      • Sven you are mistaken. Colombia is the country. Actually, ColUmbia is your shirt’s brand, the Washington DC (district of Columbia), a river, a mountain etc.

  • The world according to Latvians

    UK: Used To Work Here
    Ireland: Guiness
    France: Dirty cities clean Eifel
    Spain: Short people live here
    Portugal: Vine?
    Italy: The Shortest People live here
    Switzerland: Watches
    Netherlands: Almost Germans
    Belgium: Waffles
    Germany: The ones who brought Jesus
    Austria: Hitler was here
    Hungary: Nothing
    Czech Republic: Watered beer
    Poland: Unpolite
    Romania: Dracula
    Albania: same as Bulgaria
    Greece: Russians Tourists
    Yugoslavia: nothing
    Belarus: Russian Wanna be
    Ukraine: Delicious Soups
    Russia: CCCP with new flag
    Iceland: Feels like home
    Norway: Fishing trips
    Sweden: Vikings who where scared from us
    Finland: Same as Sweden
    Denmark: wind turbines
    India: How do you drive here?
    Thailand: Not a clue
    China: They eat Dogs
    North Korea: Fat leader on LSD
    South Korea: Gangnam style
    Japan: ANIME
    Indonesia:Not a clue
    Middle East: Design
    Turkey: Hates Israel
    Egypt: Pyramids
    Alaska: Feels like Home
    Canada: The Latvia of America
    USA: Ne York
    Cuba: Cigars
    Haiti: Not A clue
    Jamaica: Reggae
    Mexico: Dani Trejo land
    Guatemala: Not A clue
    Belize: Not A Clue
    Columbia: Coffee
    Venezuela: Not A Clue
    Peru: Incas
    Ecuador: Coffee beans
    Bolivia: Not A Clue
    Brazil: Football, Capuera
    Uruguay: Not A Clue
    Paraguay: Not A Clue
    Chile: Not A Clue
    Argentina: Pretends to be Spain
    Australia: The Latvian Crocodile Dandy guy is from here.
    New Zealand: Extreme long boarding
    Lithuania: Brothers that once were married to Poland
    Estonia – Belonged to us, Our descent brothers

  • The world according to Latin Americans

    UK: Big Ben
    Ireland: Saint Patricks and whisky
    France: Eiffel tower & berets
    Spain: Killers
    Portugal: Not so bad people
    Italy: Pizza
    Switzerland: Heidi
    Netherlands: Drugs and Sex
    Belgium: Waffles
    Germany: Nazis and beer
    Austria: same as Germany
    Hungary: Nothing
    Czech Republic: beer
    Poland: Beautiful women
    Romania: Dracula
    Bulgaria: what is that?
    Albania: same as Bulgaria
    Greece: Crisis
    Yugoslavia: nothing
    Belarus: Little Russia
    Ukraine: War
    Russia: Big country and vodka lovers
    Iceland: Cold
    Norway: Salmon
    Sweden: ABBA
    Finland: Nokialand
    Denmark: Legoland
    India: Yoga
    Thailand: easy girls
    China: Robot people
    North Korea: Dictator
    South Korea: Kpop plastic surgery heaven
    Japan: Sushi and nintendo
    Middle East: Terrorist
    Turkey: Belly dance
    Egypt: Pyramids
    Alaska: Ice
    Canada: Polar bears
    USA: Gringos and fat addicted to tv and fast food
    Cuba: Salsa, Fidel Castro
    Haiti: Poor people
    Jamaica: Reggae
    Mexico: Tacos, Tequila, Mayans
    Guatemala: Mayans
    Belize: Nothing there
    Columbia: Coffee and beautiful women and drugs
    Venezuela: Hugo Chavez and Russia’s friends
    Peru: Incas, Machu Pichu
    Ecuador: Drugs
    Bolivia: Ugly people
    Brazil: Football, Samba
    Uruguay: Like Argentinians but nicer
    Paraguay: Part of Brazil
    Chile: Nice people
    Argentina: Think they are europeans, tango, matte
    Australia: Criminals and Kangaroos
    New Zealand: Lord of the Rings

  • World according to Indian

    India #1

    China- we will be better. Fuck ur Cheap shit
    Pakistan- Kashmir is ours live with it
    Afghanistan- USAs playground
    Japan-cool cars
    South and North Korea-should be 1
    Russia-white people in Asia
    Middle East-do not go we will be slaves

    North Africa-same as here
    West Africa-dimond slaves
    Kenya-can make a living there
    South Africa-White people there but a lot of us

    UK-where we become rich by owning candy shops
    France-lame romance, should learn from our Bollywood
    Italy,Greece,Spain,Ukraine- bad economy’s but if I get a visa I will still go.
    Poland-Monica oh my darling
    Sweden- where indias richest banks at

    North America
    USA-land of opportunity in hotels, motels, liquor stores…. Just about anything we always become rich there
    Canada- land of opportunity. Idk what tho
    Mexico-they look like us but we are original Indians.

    South America
    Not really much opportunity for us so we don’t care about it. Basically India

    Australia- opportunity and they suck at cricket

  • The Americas acording to Guatemala

    Canada – nothing happens here
    US – Evil Gringo Empire
    Mexico – Nopal eaters
    Chiapas (Mexico) – stolen by the Nopal eaters
    Guatemala – screwed up since 1821
    Belize – stolen by the Limey Pirates
    Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica & Nicaragua – used to be part of us
    Panama – shortcut to the pacific ocean
    Cuba – Commie Jail
    Haiti – only ones worst than us
    Jamaica – Fast guys listening to reggae
    Trinidad & Tobago – die! Jack Warner die!
    Dominican Republic – Baseball
    Puerto Rico – Reggaeton, ugh!
    Venezuela – Beauty Queens drowning in Oil
    Colombia – Drugs & Coffee
    Guyana, Suriname & French Guinana – don’t know, don’t care
    Ecuador – wasn’t this part of Colombia?
    Peru – Llamas
    Bolivia – Cocaine
    Brazil – Sex & Football
    Chile – Condors & Hot chicks mate her
    Argentina – Hooligans jerking off to Maradona
    Uruguay – Hooligans living off Maracanazo

  • The world according to North Korea

    North Korea = True Korea
    South Korea = Ours
    China = Food
    Japan = US nuclear testing sight
    Taiwan = heathen China
    Vietnam = Victory!
    Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia = rest of Vietnam
    India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka = Impoverished Masses
    Philippines = devil’s conquest
    Malaysia = American Flag
    Indonesia = Capitalistic beach resort
    Australia = Dessert pigdogs
    New Zealand = Atlantis (discovered by the great leader)
    Mongolia = Unicorns
    Russia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus = Soviet Union
    Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan = These do not exist
    Pakistan = Weird India
    Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq = Victims of western imperialism
    Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, other arab nations = Saten’s oil
    Jordan and Lebanon = Monarchists
    Syria & ISIS territory = people who hate America more than us.
    Israel = America’s pet
    Turkey = Missiles
    Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia Hertz, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia = Unimportant
    Poland = Yugoslavia?
    Romania and Bulgaria = Capitalistic Nomads
    Slovakia, Hungary = Iron curtain
    Austria, Czech republic = West Berlin
    Germany = Nazi pigdogs
    Uk and Ireland = Thatcher pigdogs
    France = Slave holders of Vietnam
    Spain and Portugal = Pigdogs with weird accents
    Italy = Theocracy
    Switzerland = Evil err… banks.
    Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg = Little capitalists
    Denmark and Scandinavia = Moderate Socialists
    Iceland = Pink, one eyed lobsters
    Greenland = Hawaii?
    Egypt = This?
    Northwest Africa = Dessert
    Ivory coast countries = Ebola (started by Americans)
    Sudanese countries, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia and Ethiopia = Giant Scorpions
    Central and south Africa = American slaves
    Angola = Our Africa
    Madagascar = Armenia?
    USA = Saten!
    Canada, Mexico, Central America = American Puppet states
    Alaska = American’s watch us from here.
    Cuba = Western Hemisphere HQ
    Venezuela = Good old Stalin
    Columbia = Gay Dwarf land
    Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia = Aliens
    Brazil, Suriname, Guyana = Jungle Capitalists
    Chile = Wage slaves
    Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay = Non subsidized farmers.
    French Guyana = new Vietnam
    Falkland islands = Unjustly seized!

  • World according to British guy

    Ireland (ours): Terrorists and Guinness
    France: Cowards and Stella Artois
    Spain.and Portugal: Gibraltar and San Miguel
    Italy: Romans and Wine
    Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily: Africa
    Switzerland: Banks and Toblerone
    Netherlands: Weed and Heineken
    Belgium: Bloody EU! Good chocolate though
    Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia: Third Reich, beer and Dirty Porn
    Poland: plumbers
    Romania: Gypsies
    Bulgaria: Russia’s little brother
    Albania: Turkey
    Greece: Spartians
    Yugoslavia: Muslims
    Belarus, Moldova, Georgia. Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine: Russia and Gangsters
    Russia: Putin’s Motherland and Vodka
    Siberia: Mordor
    Iceland: Ice
    Greenland: Green
    Norway: Vikings
    Sweden: Sexy Women
    Finland: IKEA?
    Denmark: Lego
    Mongolia: China
    Kazakhstan: Borat
    India, Pakistan, Bagladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka (all ours): Curry
    Thailand: Ladyboys
    Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam: Commies
    China: Communist Supermarket
    Taiwan: The Real China
    Hong Kong (ours): Opium
    North Korea: Commies
    South Korea: Gangnan Style
    Japan: Nuclear testing site
    Papua New Guinea: Why didn’t we colonize this bit?
    Malaysia (ours): Rice
    Indonesia: Indians
    Middle East, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan: Terrorists
    Turkey: Not in Europe
    Egypt and Sudan (both ours): Pyramids
    Uganda and Kenya (ours): Safari
    North Africa: Sand
    Central and Southern Africa: AIDS
    Somalia: Pirates
    West Africa: Ebola
    Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Sierra Leone (all ours): Ebola
    South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi (all ours): Apartheid
    Madagascar: Penguins
    Alaska: Frozen Oil
    Canada (ours): Maple Syrup and Ice hockey
    USA: Murica!
    Cuba: Commies
    Haiti: Earthquakes
    Jamaica (ours): Jerk chicken
    Other Caribbean Islands: Holiday
    Central America: Illegal Immigrants
    Belize (ours): Illegal Immigrants
    Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana (ours), French Guyana, Suriname, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia: Drugs and Coffee
    Brazil: Football
    Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile: Sheep
    Argentina: Bloody Argues!
    Falklands (ours): Thatcher Islands 110% BRITISH!
    Australia (ours): Fosters and Kangaroos
    New Zealand (ours): Lord of the Rings

  • Great Iran: Great Home!!! Love it with all my heart!!! (Tehran: Polluted but cool / Isfahan & Yazd & Persepolis: Holy land of my ancestors!!!)
    Turkey: Well-Behaved Brother, Tarkans (Istanbul: Crazy Dream city no.1 / Agri: If u wanna go to Turkey, just cross this gate)
    Iraq: Horribly-behaved brother, traitors of Persia
    Syria: beautiful country destroyed by american satans
    Lebanon: prostitutes
    Jordan: Why so quiet? Speak!!!
    Israel: Satan!!!
    Palestine: Pls save them!!!
    Kuwait + Bahrein + Dubai + Qatar + Oman: Damn robots, u only know money
    Saudi Arabia: Tight fisted and cheapskate and meanies (Mecca: because of the existence of Saudi government, we can’t go there now)
    Yemen: bombs
    Arzebaijan: Little brother
    Armenia + Georgia: noisy, shut up!!!
    Pakistan: Poor but well behaved brother
    Afganistan: Dear Afghan refugees please get out of Iran!
    Turkmenistan: Poor bumpkins
    Uzbekistan: Muslim-ly mature brother
    Kazakhstan: Western-ly mature brother
    Kirghistan + Tajikistan: Little far away brothers
    China: Big Bro!!! Hug u!!! (Beijing: Crazy Dream city no.2 / Shanghai: Utopia no.1 / Kashgar: If u wanna go to China, just cross this gate)
    Mongolia: Genghis Khan, world of singers
    The Koreas: Crazies
    Japan: Hate them cuz they invaded our Chinese brothers, erase them from the map!
    Russia: Be careful when they smile to u!
    India: U R Asians, not Westerns!
    Indonesia: Don’t like them
    Rest of Southeast Asia: Beach and relax
    Egypt: Poor brother, sorry
    Lybia: Syria no.2
    Algeria + Morocco: Sound good
    Tunis: evils
    Bulgaria: sound good
    Ukraine: Let them fight…
    Greece: racists
    European Union: Eutopia? Of course not!
    Switzerland: Utopia no.2
    Africa: no info
    Canada + Greenland: Eskimo and Viking millionaires
    USA: Incarnation of Satan
    Latin America: Chilly, Football, girls
    Australia: Autopia? No way racist country
    New Zealand + Polinesia: sound good

  • World according to indonesia,firstly
    Malaysia:Language thieves
    Singapore:Sand thieves
    Philipines:Similar face with us
    Brunei:Wealth royal
    Thailand:Our competitor
    Vietnam:Rice exporter to our country
    Australia:Noisy neighbour
    China:Cheaper item bad quality
    India:Shah rukh khan and mahabharata
    Bangladesh:Their flag as like as japan flag
    New zealand:Power ranger
    Turkey:Original kebab
    France:Anggun c sasmi
    Nederland:unce upon a time they war fight us
    Luxembourgh:Also bankers
    Russia:Airfighter makers
    Sweden:Saab gripen
    Finland:Nokia lumia
    Greece:Plato country
    UK:One directions
    Denmark:Rasmus seebach
    USA:Hollywood filmakers
    Mexico:Fast and furious
    Cuba:Che guevara
    Uruguay:Our footballplayer christiano gonzalez

  • Firstly, do a Europe according to Aussies.
    Secondly, a suggestion for World according to football fanatics:
    UK: Three lions have lost their roar
    Wales: Bale and Giggs
    France: Rising stars
    Germany: Die Mannschaft
    Netherlands: What a team!
    Italy: Overrated
    Russia: 2018
    Spain: …
    Portugal: CR7
    Denmark: Lord Bendtner!!
    Malmö: This is Zlatan
    Rest of Scandinavia: players over teams
    Greece: Euro 2004
    Belgium and Switzerland: Young-uns!
    B+H, Croatia: Look who it is!
    Ukraine: Slowly dying
    Rest of Eastern Europe: Who’s this?
    Turkey: Violent fans
    Algeria, Ivory Coast, Nigeria: surprises
    Rest of Africa: Don’t bother
    Central Asia: 404 Error
    Middle East: Money gets you nowhere
    China, Korea: Let’s wait a few years
    Japan: Not bad…
    Australia: Pothole in the lawn of the greats
    Brazil: let’s leave them alone
    Argentina: Messi
    Colombia: Where did they come from?
    Uruguay: Chomp chomp chomp…
    Ecuador: Super Valencia Bros.
    Rest of South America: VOID!

  • Europe acording to the Dutch people:
    Netherlands: better than all the other countries at soccor
    Germany: soccer enemies
    Belgium: choclate, waffels and (Frence) fries
    Luxemburg: a nice tinny country
    Uk: good tea
    Iereland: funny people
    Greenland: It isn’t green it is icy
    Iceland: It isn’t icy it is green
    Sweden: Pewdiepie
    Norway: wierd langue
    Finland: Santa Claus
    Denmark: LEGO
    Baltic States: wait wasn’t that once one with Russia?
    Poland: they work for us…..
    Belarus: wasn’t that once one with Russia?
    Ukraine: wants to be one with Russia
    Russia: buys our flowers and vegibales
    France: wierd food and Disneyland Paris
    Switzerland: Milka and Heidi
    Italy: pizza, spaghetti and pasta
    Spain: oranges
    Greece: vacation country
    Turkey: also vacation country
    Romania: the country of horror storries
    Austria: makes classic music
    Others (Hungary Serbia ect.) : probably want to be in the european union or already are

  • Europe according to Israelis recommendation:
    Norway: Paradise
    Sweden: Ikea
    Finland: Land of no exams
    Baltic States: North Pole
    Russia: Putin’s reich (alternatively – Some dangerous crap)
    Belarus: Isn’t that Russia?
    Ukraine: Israeli Russia
    Moldova: ?
    Romania: Watch your wallet
    Bulgaria: Burgas
    Turkey: Frienemies
    Cyprus – Friendly neighbors
    Greece – Been there like 80 times
    Albania – meh
    Croatia – Giovanni Rosso
    Slovenia – ?
    All other former Yugoslav countries – Isn’t this still Yugoslavia?
    Slovakia – meh
    Czech Republic – nice dudes
    Hungary – Rubik’s Cube
    Austria+Switzerland – Skiing
    Poland – 1944
    Germany – achtzen bachtzen fleisch blitzkrieg (alternatively – 1933)
    Denmark – Vikings
    Netherlands – Weed
    Belgium – Waffles (alternatively – Tomorrowland)
    Luxembourg – 6-0
    France – Paris (alternatively – United Arab Emirates)
    UK – Big Ben
    Ireland – Beer
    Iceland – Volcanoes
    Spain – Chicks & Parties
    Balearic Islands – Palma De Mallorca
    Porutgal – Christiano Ronaldo
    Italy – Awesome

  • Love to see an “Asia According to the Japanese” map. Here are some suggestions:

    South Korea: Cheap Immitators
    North Korea: The Death Star
    Russia: Bathhouse Hooligans
    Taiwan: Baja Okinawa
    China: Inferior High-Speed Trains
    Manchuria: Sigh…What Could Have Been
    Mongolia: Sumo Wrestlers
    Philippines: Hostesses
    Brunei: Muslim Disneyland
    Indonesia: Nasi Goreng
    Singapore: Squares
    Malaysia: Crappy Cars
    Thailand: Bad Karaoke
    Cambodia: Spider Tempura
    Vietnam: Showa Riviera
    Laos: ??
    Myanmar: Manchuria 2.0
    India: Yoga & IT Support
    Bangladesh: Tsunamistan
    Nepal: Japanese Flags on High Mountains
    Bhutan: Proper Buddhists
    Sri Lanka: Scuba Diving & Malaria

  • World according to Chinos-Latinos (Chinese born or grown up in Latin America)

    China: Half of our family is there (Beijing = world of crazy people and opportunities / Shanghai = Utopia / Canton+Fujian+Zhejiang provinces = most Chinese immigrants are from these places / Tibet = Shangri-La the Paradise / the rest = waiting for us to explore…)
    USA: Love it and hate it at the same time, wanna go uni there
    Chile: Boring but quite safe, but careful with cellphone thieves (Easter Island = Love there)
    Argentina: Beautiful landscapes, sexy people, robbers everywhere (Bariloche city = Shangri-La the Paradise)
    Brazil: Crazy world, nightlife, hot weather and people, chaotic world, football
    Uruguay: Drug dealers
    Paraguay: They hate Asians
    Peru: A huge Chinatown (Cusco+Machu Picchu = Love there)
    Bolivia: Noisy neignbors
    Ecuador: Illegal immigrants
    Colombia: women = Shakira / men = diablo (evil)
    Venezuela: I’m not going there,never
    the Guayanas: no idea
    Panama: The Canal
    Mexico: Drug dealers, sex addicts, Tacos, Americans must understand that not all Latinos are Mexicans! (Mayan ruins+Cancun = Love there)
    Cuba: USSR, Guantanamo
    Rest of the Caribbean and Central America: Poor but beautiful
    Canada: Cuicos (damn millioners)
    Spain: They colonized almost all Latin America, they killed millions here, so we hate them
    France+UK+Germany and others in Northwest Europe: High class Tourism
    Turkey: Shakiras dancing, Tarkan kissing everybody, Turkish tacos, Aladdin, High Class Tourism
    Greece+Egypt+Italy: Read on schoolbooks, good description, but chaotic real life
    Southeast Europe:Gypsies, can’t stand them
    Russia: Maricon Sonriente (behind their smile hides a horrible danger)
    Dubai+Qatar+Bahrein: Looks good, bur I’m not rich enough to stay there :(
    Africa: Pray and Cry for them
    Rest of Muslim countries and Israel: Avoid them
    Iran: Aladdin, Prince of Persia, other things no idea
    India: Apart from Taj Mahal, I’m not going to any other place there, I can’t stand the
    Japan: Hate them with all our blood!!! Erase them from the world!!!
    Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand: Sounds good, take a look
    Mongolia: They like to sing in Chinese, good singers
    South Korea: Kpop
    North Korea: Evils
    Pacific Islands: Shangri-La the Paradise

  • Chinese provinces according to common sense:

    Beijing: Freedom city, not forbidden! Holy capital
    Tianjin: Beijing’s secretary, cheap restaurant
    Hebei: Bumpkins, pollution, dirty factories, rubbish everywhere
    Heilongjiang: The Arctic
    Jilin: More Russians than Chinese
    Liaoning: Cool people, but some of them are from Mafias
    Inner Mongolia: Best Singers!
    Shandong: Bipolar tough people
    Henan: Be careful with them fakers (Luoyang city = Luckily Buddha is here, keeping fakers away)
    Xian: Speak like girls, History Museum, Noodles
    Shanxi: Coal, unable to breathe
    Ninxia: Islamized Chinese
    Gansu: Sand, Noodles, Islamized Chinese (Dunhuang city: Buddha is still here, Allah couldn’t do nothing)
    Xinjiang-Turkestan: Belly Dance, Grapes, secrets of the government, nuke factories, thiefs
    Qinghai: Main entrance to Tibet
    Tibet: Shangri-La the Paradise, Om Buddha…
    Shanghai: Super millioners, Golden Temple, Sci-fi film city
    Jiangsu: High IQ, critic everything (Suzhou city = Holiday resort + PC factory)
    Zhejiang: Expert Businessmen, Super millioners, Pirate Factory (Hangzhou city = Tradition + Fashion)
    Fujian: great teas, Mafias, Emigrants
    Anhui: bumpkins, half north half south, bike thieves
    Canton: Cheap Things Factory, eat everything, Emigrants (Shenzhen city = Nightlife yeah!!!)
    Hong Kong: Looks cool but actually boring, nothing else than cheap malls
    Macao: Casino
    Taiwan: Looks good but actually boring, more bumpkin than Hebei
    Hainan: Hawaii
    Guangxi: paradise for geologists
    Jiangxi: Nerds, porcelain factory
    Hubei: Video-games addicts, civil wars always begin here
    Hunan: Mao Zedong home, Avatar scenarios
    Chongqing: Secret kungfu masters, hotpot condiments, ghosts
    Sichuan: Kungfu Panda home, Chilies, Pretty girls, mystery, Buddha said Shangri-La is here and I think so
    Guizhou, Food are more spicy than Sichuan, poverty
    Yunnan: All the ethnic groups of China can be find here at once, best teas, drugs

  • Asia according to a Chinese:

    China: The Heaven Empire!!! (Beijing = Freedom City, not forbidden / Shanghai+Hangzhou+Shenzhen+Hong Kong = Bank+Mall+Gold / Tibet+Southwest = Shangri-La the Paradise / Northwest = top secrets of the government / The rest = factories Made in China)
    Japan: Must be erased from the world to avoid the 3rd world war
    North Korea: Grey world
    South Korea: Brands and Mall
    Mongolia: Twin brother
    Vietnam: Noisy neighbor
    Philippines: Kidnap Chinese people
    Laos: Rainforest barbarians
    Cambodia: A fallen civilization
    Thailand: Hawaii and gays
    Burma: 1/2 Tibet no.2, 1/2 Drug dealers
    Malaysia: Canton province no.2
    Singapore: Hong Kong or Shanghai no.2
    Indonesia: Fujian province no.2 (Bali = Shangri-La the Paradise)
    Papua New Guinea: Natives
    Nepal: 1/2 Tibet no.2, 1/2 Kidnap children
    India: A complex world (Delhi+Agra+Jaipur = Poor but Beautiful / Bombay+Calcutta+Varanasi = Yuk / The rest = don’t know)
    Bhutan: hidden between Tibet and India
    Sri Lanka: Ceylon tea
    Pakistan: Poor but our best brother!
    Afghanistan: Why did u destroyed the Buddha of Bamiyan?!?!
    Kazakhstan: Pacifist brother
    Uzbekistan: looks good
    Other Stans: WTF?
    Iran: Belly Dance, Persian carpet, Aladdin, Prince of Persia, Persian cat, and great brother!
    Dubai+Qatar+Bahrein: looks good, but I’m not rich enough to stay there :(
    Iraq: This is not the Babylon of my imagination!
    Kuwait: Oil
    Saudi Arabia: Mecca, too tight-fisted and jealous
    Yemen+Oman: Oil and human bombs
    Turkey: Belly Dance, Simarik, Aladdin, Shangri-La the Paradise, Turkish tacos, and great brother!
    Syria: I should have traveled there before the war began
    Lebanon: looks good, but the human bombs…
    Jordan: looks good
    Israel: The most evil country I’ve heard
    Palestine: Oh my Buddha, I’m not describing there…
    Caucasus countries: WTF?
    Russia: Be careful with them, specially when they are smiling to u, because they want to eat u!!! (Moscow = North Korea no.2)

        • last correction
          Kyrgyzstan: Li Bai was born here?!
          Tajikistan: The most pretty police officer of whole China was born here?!
          Turkmenistan: Sand
          Georgia: I always get confused between this Georgia and that Georgia in USA
          Azerbaijan: looks good
          Armenia: I thought it was a Muslim country, but actually it’s a christian country
          East Timor: hidden inside Indonesia, so hard to find it…
          Brunei: hidden inside Malaysia, so hard to find it…
          Russia (Chechenia = Robot world / Siberia+Vladivostok+Tartaria = These are OUR territories / Stalingrad+Leningrad = Mao Zedong was there)

  • Europe according to a swede:

    Sweden – unknown to the rest of the world
    Norway – oil and snow
    Finland – sauna
    Denmark – Legoland and breakfast chocolate
    Russia – vodka
    Italy – pizza
    France – fancy language
    Spain – they speak fast
    Portugal – other Spain
    Germany – sausages, weird, Swedish-like language
    England – there’s always a queen Elizabeth?????
    Ireland – second England
    Scotland – third England
    Iceland – ice but green???
    Hungary – unnecessary
    Bulgaria – also unnecessary
    Moldova – also also unnecessary
    Czech Republic – a fourth unnecessary country
    Albania – seriously why do these countries exist???
    Poland – workers
    Holland – got two names????
    Belgium – chocolate
    Austria – skiing
    Ukraine – conspiring with Russia
    Turkey – half European half Asian
    Slovakia – probably also conspiring with Russia
    Romania – vampires???
    Switzerland – more skiing
    Luxembourg – tiny country
    The Vatican – tiny country inside of Italy
    Belarus – is this still Russia or no?
    Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania – they’re like the same country
    Greece – no jobs

  • How Canadians view Europe (Italian Canadian perspective)

    England – Previous Overlords
    Ireland – They had balls to revolt unlike us
    France – Old Quebec
    Spain – Unemployed millionaires
    Portugal – Brazil
    Italy – (I’m inclined to say best country in the freakin world)… but I willl skip them
    Germany – Overlord of Europe
    Russia – Can’t play hockey (shots fired)
    Ukraine – Anti Russia, anti Russia, anti Russia
    Poland – Anti Russia ant Russia and Anti German, but more anti Russia
    Switzerland – Hide money HERE
    Turkey – Awaiting EU membership
    Greece – Unemployed
    Holland – Weed and Prostitutes
    Belgium – muddy Passchendaele
    The Balkans – they can’t get along for a variety of reasons
    Czech Republic – Hot women and pornos
    Romania – Dragons
    Sweden – Ikea
    Norway – Nokia
    Denmark – dunno you
    Finland – Moomins

  • It’s interesting (at least for me) how a language reflects prejudices. Here are some sayings and idioms present in my native Serbian:
    Tuta Bugarin – Tuta the Bulgarian – clueless, dumb person (“he done it like Tuta – it wasn’t very smart)
    to smoke like a Turk – it’s a literal one
    to be like in Turkish prison – to have a difficult time or bad experience
    to be in debt like a Greece – this one exists for years and it’s not related to current crisis
    to be naive like a French maid – meaning the opposite: pretending to be naive in order to acquire something
    it’s all Spanish village to me – our version of this: http://www.omniglot.com/language/idioms/incomprehensible.php
    to act English – I called you to help me, and I know you heard me – why you act English? – in a nutshell when someone acts oblivious to something, although in reality is not, usually to avoid responisbilities
    Swedish action movie – needles to say more :)
    to act Romanian – not very flattering one – to be poor or miserable
    like a Swiss watch – precise
    like it was made by Germans – reliable, of great quality (cars, machinery, equipment)
    like a Finn (“fin” in Serbian means “nice” and usually “act like a Finn” is is used ironically when someone acts falsely modest, or humble without a reason to, usually when fishing for compliments) – so this one is actually about semantics, not a real prejudice)

    Prejudices towards other ex-yu nations is presented through jokes like this:
    What a Slovene female does between two Slovene men? Interrupts
    What a Bosniak does when he turns 18? Goes to Slovenia to find a job. And what a Slovene does when he turns 18? Goes to Bosnia to find a father
    How Montenegrin radio broadcast begins? “Working people of Montenegro it’s 12 o’clock – time to rise and shine”

    and regarding ourselves we have a phrase “Serbian buisness” used as a comment on a stubborn, reckless or irrational act someone has done.

  • In considering buying this book, I wanted to check out its oriention and attitude, which clearly it has.

    Was disappointed (but not surprised) to see the 1 map about Israel, the Mideast’s only democracy, only respecter of human rights, only place where women are treated equally, only place where gays and other minority groups aren’t persecuted, and the U.S.’ only reliable and best ally, portrayed negatively.
    And equally unsurprising once one diagnoses the disturbed place where the author is coming from (the Left), little to NO mention of any or the innumerable and blatant negatives about the Arab and Muslim world, e.g. as the murderous terrorism, chronic internecine warfare, intolerance of others religions and ethnicities, etc., etc. etc. etc. etc.

    Unfortunately, this topsy-turvy view of right and wrong in the Mideast somehow seems to become embedded in the clearly addled thinking of many Lefties these days–guess not that different from their irrational and illogic approach to other topics including the disaster that is the Obama presidency.

    Needless to say, I won’t be buying this book.

    • I’m really glad you won’t be buying this book. I didn’t write it for self-righteous militant bigots. And if you see it in a library, please don’t even dare to touch it. The stains it leaves are permanent. :)

  • EUROPE according ROMANIANS (the real ones):

    U.K. – Pink Floyd…; Nigel Farage doesn’t like us (shit he’s ugly).
    Ireland – Nice redhead pussy
    Iceland – Never really sure on what continent is that, but in north 4 sure
    Portugal – Nelly Furtando
    Spain – My friend Bernando Bernandito works there
    Italy – Ciaooooo bellllaaaa, ma come staiiii, ci vediamo dopoooo!
    France – Since gipsies went from us to you, Romania it’s a really a safety country… Thanks!! ;)
    Hungary – Dunno why u have an obsession denigrating Romanians…
    Bulgaria – Why everybody says Dracula is from Bulgaria?
    Poland – Verry uncivilised people, but nice pussies
    Germany – Too much highways dude c’mon, and suffocated territory.
    Sweden – my dreams pussies
    Norway – A-ha, Savoy, Non e.u.
    Finland – That’s weird , they really have nice thin pussies, never thought
    Denmark – Something’s rotten in denmark, only thing we know bout that country
    Holland – Too much love will kill you…
    Belgium – Triggerfinger; wasnt’t that a part of France?
    Exyugoslavia – Really nice ppl and country, a shame everything ruined by world rulers, by The Way.. everybody knows that PULA = dick, in romanian :))
    Moldova – Blonde most beautiful natural girls; Brothers; Good pop-rock music.
    Austria – Another small country, like Hungary, but wealthy and with mntns.
    Ukraine – Russia’s lil brother, we need passport to get there.
    Tourkey – That’s not in Europe… is it? In english we confuse Turks with Turkeys
    Czech Republic – Prague – nicest city in Europe de East
    Slovakia – Nice skiing places, completed by wonderful women
    Romania – Verry nice & clean places, it’s bad that gipsies and hungarians make us a bad image in the world

  • Some inspiration for a “Europe according to Denmark 2014” prejudice map ;-)

    Europe according to Denmark 2014

    Denmark – HQ
    Norway – Filthy rich, funny speaking Danes
    Sweden – Reality challenged politically correct kinsmen
    Finland – Que?

    Iceland – Spare Norwegians

    Faroe Islands – Offshore Danes
    Greenland – Really cool people under Danish rule

    Ireland – folk dancers, great music ( former Danish colony)
    Scotland – Here be men in skirts (Spare Norwegians)

    England – Spare Danes
    ( speak “Danish” without even knowing it ;-) )

    Netherlands – Great cousins, now unfortunately lost in pot fogs.
    Belgium – Mordor / seat of the EU parliament
    Luxemburg – Tax evader’s paradise

    France – Paradise for wine, food and gays
    Germany – Trespassers, Car paradise

    Switzerland – Real democracy!
    Austria – Funny speaking Germans.

    Poland – Female tennis players.
    Belarus – Here be dictators

    Estonia – the former colony of Daneland
    Latvia & Lithuania –
    Former Russo-German colonies liberated by
    Mr. Uffe Ellemann Jensen of Denmark personally.

    Portugal – Proto Brazilians
    Spain – Really annoying footballers

    Italy – Land of Unga-Bunga & EPO-cyclists
    Siciliy – Northern Somalia

    Czech Republic – Beer, ice hockey & porn
    Slovakia – Former ice hockey nation.

    Hungary – Great chicks, poor handballers /
    Spare Finns.

    Romania – Migrating thieves & robbers
    Bulgaria – “Russian” speaking spare Turks

    Ukraine – Great looking chicks with braided hair

    Balkans – Uncharted territories with warlike tribes
    Albania – Pocket thieves

    Greece – Tax evaders & Euro skeptics

    Turkey – Perpetual EU candiate /
    Santa Claus used to live here long ago.

    Russia – Postal order brides / trespassers


    Keep up the great work, please –
    you have certainly made me giggle a lot :o)

    Greetings from DK

  • Really good work, if you’re into that (and if you have enough time), you should try to map pejudices in fictional worlds (LotR, Games of Thrones, Star Wars, etc,etc,) That would be funny as hell, keep up the good work :)

  • re: USA. I had no idea what Wonder Woman in Arizona means. Personally I hoped you were talking about me :). But apparently you are a fan of Governor Brewer who is not so great. She only did one good thing- vote against the stupid bill letting businesses discriminate against gays. Are you anti gay? Why ruin your amusing maps with this statement?

    • She’s the greatest woman ever! I am not simply a fan, I worship her every day. The fact that you are blind to her achievements is your loss, Jesus was also discarded as an amateur and a laughing stock in the beginning. Then we know what happened.

  • Very funny, although i don’t agree with how Spanish peope see Europe. AND Andalusia is not a sleepy hollow! :( It’s sad how people think Spain is “flamenco, toros, serrano ham & olive oil” ….
    Anyway, many Spanish words are not correctly spelled (check that), and “pútria”, “casteñola” or “gabachos” doesn’t even exist here :)
    I loved it BTW

    • Of course pútria and casteñola don’t exist. Have you ever heard about made-up words for the purpose of satire? :) Gabachos does exist, however, and I am surprised you’ve never heard about it. Are you sure you’re Spanish? :)

    • Come on Anita. Gabacho is a term so well known in Spain, it is a despective (as a matter of fact, so despective it could easily be a French word) to refer to French. These maps, anyhow, try to refer to stereotypes, so being critic to it is not understanding the purpose of it. “Pútria” is a mix of “podrido” (rotten) and “patria” (country), of course some indo-americans and latin-americans regard us that way (specially in Cuba I have to add). “Casteñola” is also a game of words. I believe Yanko has a lot of merit to come out with all this, it shows that either he is very well-travelled or at least he has a very broad and rich cultural understanding.

  • Would you make a map of the world according common perception? It wiould be like not according to particular nation, but like what are the countries most famous for? Pardon my english, It is my second language

    • The English version is self-published and unfortunately I don’t have the budget to accomodate such requests. Hopefully, a French edition will come out at the end of this year by a French publisher and I suppose the company could consider such requests. However, it’s too early at this point to make predictions. Thanks for your interest, I will put an announcement on this site as soon as I have more concrete news!

  • If you make how brazil see the world, I will love it. But be careful, because here we have many regions that see the world differentelly.
    Good luck.. hehehe… abraco!

  • Bratko Yanko, I love all the maps! As a Croat, I can say that all Bulgarians are olympic-style weightlifters! :) Lijep pozdrav!

  • Well i have bought three of your maps because i love them so much but where is the map of london boroughs that you did – now that i work for one I need to find out what emotion i’m living in lol – can you post it please you lovely misfit?

  • Really wonderful.
    What about a world according to aliens?
    What about a world according to bankers?
    What about a natural world according to industries?

    Many many greetings from Germany

  • Greetings, I really like your work and I’d like to share it. Is a permission necessary to post some of your work on a forum?

    • Hi Jan! As long as the forum is not a part of a commercial site, there’s no problem at all. Just put a link back to this page to let people know it is the original source of the images that you intend to post.

  • Any reason why “The World According to British Tories 2012” can’t be enlarged? All the other maps can be.

    • a tip: Romanians consider Serbs the best neighbors and think of them very highly and they have negative prejudice about the other neighbors (Hungarians, Bulgarians, Ukrainians) I’ll not say more, I’ll wait to see the map, when you have time to do it. I wonder if you could identify our misconceptions about others.Keep up the good work.

  • Really awesome stuff! I’m glad I found it.
    I would like though to see Russia and Romania’s perspective…how they view Europe :D
    Looking forward for more stuff!

  • Nice job, … Although i would like to see the world …according to the Russians… or is it gonna ne a bit boring , with red for land, some oil dropping, and Anastasia crying for her singing cedar trees in a so called green Siberia…? Oh, it will be good to have a pre/after era of 1989… I am wondering what happened to that iron wall…. is it still boxing the minds of those born before it collapsed…. ?

    • I hope you’re not trying to imply that I am Russian just because my name ends on “ov”, like many other people have attempted in the past. That would be hilariously funny and extremely prejudiced. :) As for the map you’re yearning for, you can start by looking at Europe According to Russia, which is displayed on this very page. It’s far from boring. ;)

  • Totally awesome. Laughing my head off, and have already forwarded this to various friends and posted on skype. Thank you for your great work!

  • I found this website through an article on a portuguese magazine and I’ve been laughing my ass off. Portugal goes from Spieceland to Windshield to Latin America! I mean…what!? Truly funny. Great job. Keep at it! :D

  • lololololol You are so AWESOME..You did a perfect job! But I think you were very kind about how the greeks thinks of the world…As a greek I can assure you that we are more “bad” and “snobs”! lolol

  • hi… maybe you would like make some maps to show how the world looks the united states, i think it will be very funny.. ^-^

  • First I would like to say thank you for your hilariously awsome project, although I have a question: why isn’t the Luxembourg-map in the deutsch- version of your book? :( Made me pretty sad to discover that it exists and i’s not in my book… Although I like it and most of it is actually true, that’s what’s so awsome about your maps :) Keep it up like that, villmools merci ;D

    P.S: To also give a suggestion for a map: WW2 would actually be pretty interesting, or a balkan map

    • You’re welcome!

      The Luxembourg map is missing because it was made after the book was published. Sorry about that. :) The project is still expanding and hopefully next year there will be an Atlas 2, which will include the Luxembourg one. WW2 is a great idea, I also have some sketches of Europe According to Hitler, which I’m still working on. Time will tell. :)

  • @alphadesigner: I wanted to thank you for this very suggestive and very intelligent way to represent the complexities of human societies. I watched all your maps, most of them twice and all of them give us some great history lessons between the compulsive laughter. I could see the amount of research you’ve done for some of the maps and you’ve done a great work to slowly start shattering those stereotypes in all of us. Please consider making from this project a full website with more contributors or some sort of vote/wiki system. There is great potential in your idea and I’m afraid it can’t be only a one man’s job (there are so.. many countries and historical maps :). Thank you again and keep up the good work.
    P.S. : please, if you’ll ever do a Romanian point of view, I would ask you to try mocking this great myth of ours (exacerbated by our paranoid communist dictator who use it to stay in power): “we invented this, we invented that, we invented anything, but the coincidence is that almost always we don’t receive credit for those inventions because of a bad guy, of a bad situation etc..”. I think you noticed this attitude in the comment of skaarj and I must confess it is the dominant one in my country. This is our biggest national stereotype (=complex) : “we are the best but nobody sees/admits this”

    • @randomDude: You’re welcome! I think this stereotype is not only Romanian but it’s also valid on the entire Balkan peninsula. I’ve also spotted it in some other relatively small nations which for one reason or another have developed a complex for being sidelined throughout history. :) As for the idea of stereotype maps itself, I have to clarify that I am far from the first person who makes them. Such maps have existed for at least 200 years, some of them have become iconic like the World According to Ronald Reagan by cartoonist David Horsey. You can find a very extensive collection of contemporary satirical maps on this Know Your Meme page. The thing is far from a one man’s job. It’s just that this is my own take at it as a satirist and it goes as far as my abilities allow me. Anybody is welcome to create their own maps and present them online. And not only that. People can write essays, tell stories, shoot pictures, compose songs… anything creative would do. :)

    • @ randomDude: “please, if you’ll ever do a Romanian point of view, I would ask you to try mocking this great myth of ours”

      rD, my friend, trust me you’re amateurs in “delusional myth invention”. As long as you don’t claim to have created the entire white race … trust me you’re still amateurs:

      video link

      • LOL. Excuse me but we claimed God was Bulgarian when we got the 4th place at the World Cup ages ago. Curiously enough, we never asked ourselves why, if he was indeed a Bulgarian, did we finish 4th and not 1st but then again, logic has always escaped religion. :)

        • @ Yanko: “but then again, logic has always escaped religion”

          Well but you know very well that all this Vardarski “Disney-Land” project has nothing to do with actual religion.

          Do you remember when Bay Ganyo tries to pass for first-Class train passenger by speaking German???

          Modern Humans (Homo Sapiens) first came to Europe about 50.000 years ago. They were already writting “na Makedonski” 77.000 years ago …

          video link

  • Good job, Yanko. Very amusing and quite thoughtful, with a balanced mix of “flat” and “deeper” stereotypes.
    By the way, the best evidence of the existence of such stereotypes -in one or another way- is some certain comments and statements here…
    One should remind them that your work obviously is a funny but thoughtprovoking illustration and does not claim to be an accurate political or sociopsychological postion paper. Evidently, some people seem not to be aware of the difference. Nevertheless, the rest of us congatulate you for your nice work, which did let us smile and laugh. Dispite such stereotypes we hope to be able to build an united Europe of friendship.

    Congrats and Greetings from Athens/Greece!

  • @ Yanko:

    “Bratko” Yanko, in the “world according to Bulgaria” map you weren’t honest … FYRoMacedonia “Greek Slavs” ??? I think that the typical Bulgarian view of them is “Non EU Bulgarians with personality disorder”


      • Well, Slavi Trifonov-ski (hehehe) here is being BOTH honest AND ironic. Wouldn’t you say?

        PS: If you make a “the world according to FYRMakedonians write Bulgaria as “Crnomorska Makedonija”, Greece as “Egejcka Makedonija”, Serbia as “Sredno-Dunavska Makedonija”, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and BiH as “Jadracka Makedonija”, Austria as “Gorno-Dunavska Makedonija”, Italy as “Za-Jadracka Makedonija” and Antarctica as “Pingvinovska Makedonia”.

      • As a greek I wouldn’t say that we have a “retards” stereotype about Bulgarians…Probably they are considered to be criminals..and for Romanians the same(yeah, plus the dracula stuff+ heavy drinkers)…And for the Albanians I would add a “ta qifsha land”( i don’t know If the spelling is correct).. In fact the majority of young greeks know this typical bad albanian word and use it often for fun or when they want to impersonate an Albanian..

  • Very very very funny….splendid…fantastic !!!
    Can”t wait a special south east asia or ASEAN countries map…especially my beloved Indonesia (Indonesia…unity in diversity…)

    • @panos_ad Γιατί εμείς τους δώσαμε πολιτισμό και ούτε ένα ευχαριστώ και η μισή Ευρώπη είναι δικιά μας αλλά μας την έχουνε κλέψει!!!

  • Oh, and please don’t use that “numa-numa” (in Romanian it means “only-only”), it has no connection with absolutely nothing between romanian borders. “manelist (gypsy music lover) government” works better.

  • Yea, that would be funny. Three versions – one according to the gypsies living in Romania, one according to the romanian-gipsies genetic mix that you see in the newspapers stealing and killing in our own government and across Europe, and one according to the true romanians, those that invented the electricity (Tesla), the jet engine (henry coanda), the insuline, the antirabic vaccine, the rocket theory (herman oberth) and so on. That might be interesting. Also – where’s microsoft headquarters? the second language spoken there is romanian.

    • @skaarj I don’t know about true Romanians but you sound like a racist to me. While born in Sibiu, Hermann Oberth was German and Tesla was Serbian. But most of all, this is not a project which sings praises to any nation, so why should I take all those things into account, while all other maps make fun of everybody else? It wouldn’t be very fair,would it?

      • @alphadesigner Well Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, Austrian Empire which is Croatia today to Serbian parents.
        But anyways… dude or chick whatever you are, you are doing a good job on these maps! Keep it up!

    • The African map got deleted by Zazzle and I’m not exactly aware why. However, there is an updated of the entire series coming in about a month, and the newly updated African map will be back again. If you’re in a hurry, you can get it following this link: http://bit.ly/XR09AX

  • I sincerely doubt that many of these were made by people from the respective countries…. for countries like Italy, Switzerland and Germany, many of the cited sterotypes seem more like a pop-culture mediated image of what OTHERS think THEY think than the real native jokes or bigotry.

    • The Mapping Stereotypes project is not an exercise in statistics, if that’s what you meant. It’s a satirical map project. You can find out more about critical response, including the countries you mentioned, here: http://alphadesigner.com/press/

      • Satire is humor that plays on reality.  Most of these maps are far from reality.  They don’t in any way represent the misconceptions of the given country about the outside world.  If anything, these maps reflect their creator’s misconceptions about other countries’ misconceptions.

      • @alphadesigner  @CecAlla That´s an awesome idea! May I give you a tip for Bulgaria? Yordanov’s land :D

        • How about a Soviet Union or a Nazi Germany or former Yugoslavia’s Europe point of view?That would be very interesting…Also something that would be very interesting is a Cuban view,or a Jamaican view,or an Australian view,or a Canadian view,or every Balkan country’s view of the other countries and the list goes on and on..Can you please do that,alphadesigner?

          • Interesting proposals! I am working on some similar maps in the moment, for example Europe According to Hitler. Will think about the Balkans, that would be very interesting… Thanks!

  • I’d love to see your take on Canada’s view on the rest of the world (or just parts of it.) Great stuff, by the way.

  • I loved the maps could u make an Europe acc. to  Hungary, Japan, China map too pls? The Israel about Europe and about the world would be interesting too. I know China and Japan are far away but the are lots of Chinese people around the world selling cheap stuff so they probably have their opinion.

  • poor Italy! I’m italian, and I hate that my country is know for Berlusconi… He’s very stupid and bastard

  • very funny project
    but one map made for the Guardian : Arab winter,  has this ‘Gadafi sperm bank’; ‘(“Because most of his family ran away to Algeria,” Tsvetkov says, “so it’s like a sperm bank for the preservation of his legacy”) i believe thats one of the rare instances(Belusconi being another) where a persons name is attached to a map of stereotypes.  
    Thats be after the NATO forces came to the aid of the LIFG terrorists and bombed the country rentlessly…Most of the Gadafi remained in Libya, and were killed there or are still there. Aisha did leave, but that was for her protection. Gadafi himself never left.

  • A map of my own personal stereotypes would look like this:
    The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland: ARYAN DOUCHEBAGS;
    British Isles: DRINKING BUDDIES
    Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Baltic states, Russia: MORE DRINKING BUDDIES
    Romania: NUMA NUMA
    Hungary: WTF?
    Northern Italy: HACKENSACK
    Southern Italy, Scily: BAY RIDGE
    Spain: OUCH!
    Greece: EEK!
    Turkey: GOOD LUCK
    I’d name my own country of origin, but it should already be obvious.

    • @iiiii Lol i’m 1.81-2. Does that make me a largish or largish midget or a mini sasquach hahah 
      i think under 1.70 is midget-ish and over 1.90 is too gigantic unless you’re a professional sportsman haha 
      and around 1.80 is average, over 1.83-4 is tall under 1,73-4 is quite short. 
      From a fashion point of view the perfect man’s height  is between 1,85 and 1,88 – that’s what most of the male-models’ height :)

  • I think you’re giving us way too much credit. Anything south of Texas = Mexico, including that whole extra continent down there full of  “Mexicans” who are all busy plotting to come here and steal our jobs.

  • Yo dawg I Heard you like stereotypes, so we made a stereotype map based on a sterotype so you can watch world’s sterotypes while you create your own sterotypes. :P
    Loved the world according to Israel

  • I’m a bit disappointed!! The world according to France isn’t that good!! French stereotypes are more like :Portugal = Hairy peopleRomania = GipsiesItaly = MafiaSpain = Noisy friendly neighboursIreland = Ginger peopleUK = drunkardsGermany = reichGreece = Gay landEastern Europe = protitutesNorway = FishSwenden = Blond girlsPoland = WodkaFinlandia = Santa Claus landMost of other eastern Europe countries = unknown lands

  • Please, please, please, please do a Brazilian version of how they see the world, I’ll give you half a packet of some sweets I’ve just eaten. Many thanks.

    • Yes, please, the rest of the world could learn something from the Dutch if they tried a bit to be like us. After all, we know things best.

  • Hey why don’t you replace the Belgium part and Switzerland part from ”Europe According to the French” like this:
    Belgium: Dummies
    Switzerland: Rich

  • I like how Belgium is not always rpesent, and when ti is, it’s only for beer, chocolate, waffles…… YOU FORGOT OUR MUSSELS !!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh yes, swiss point : bad chocolate, Jealous bro?

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  • OK you’ve done many countries, perhaps a focus on popular political (or other) organizations would also be popular. I’m thinking: The World According to CIA / MI6 / FSB / Mafia / Catholics. The Middle East According to Israeli Jews (if you’re brave). Maybe not that last one.

  • American stereotype for other countries: 
    – India: Tech support
    – Sicily: Mafia
    – the rest of Italy: yelling people who are great cooks
    – Netherlands: legal marijuana
    – Belgium: waffles
    – Japan: anime porn
    – Mexico: illegal immigrants, drug cartels
    – Brazil: soccer players
    – Costa Rica: ecotourism
    – Iran: their fundies sound a lot like our fundies. Hmm…
    – Nigeria: email scammers
    – Philippines: where nurses come from
    – Chile: where fruit out of season comes from
    – Jamaica: Bob Marley, sprinters
    – Argentina: tango dancing, currency devaluations
    – Spain: bullfighting
    – Britain: people with bad teeth
    – Slovenia: never heard of it.

  • Your map of US states is pretty good but here are some suggestions (from California). If no suggestion, you’ve got it right on the nose.
    Oregon: Hippies and Loggers
    Washington (state) Rain, Hipsters
    Idaho: Potatoes, neo-Nazis
    Arizona: Dry Heat
    New Mexico: Injuns
    Pennsylvania: Amish
    New York: Pushy people, bankers
    New Jersey: Guidos
    Northern California: liberals and tech startups
    Southern California: oranges and fake boobs
    Missouri: state of misery
    West Virginia: hillbillies
    Colorado: skiing
    Iowa: corn
    Nebraska: wheat fields
    Kansas: flat as a pancake
    Nevada: hookers and gambling
    Virginia: government workers
    Vermont: socialists
    Alabama: segregationists
    Connecticut: Stepford
    Delaware: credit card companies
    Kentucky: horse racing
    North Dakota: frozen tundra

  • On the American version of the world, remove Russian “Commies” and insert  “Land of Hackers, email Spam,  and cheap Vodka”. ;)

    •  @Will Ross Good humor is good humor and have nothing in common with oppression, at least to an intelligent man…

    •  @tsad4598565 Because everything in a Walmart comes from China, including the grocery section ;)

  • Awesomely awesome work. Ridiculous. :)
    The most interesting to me was “Europe according to Switzerland” and I fully agree with it, because I live in Switzerland I know how they think.
    Due to the fact that I have balcanic (Albanian) origins, I can understand some other points of view quite well, partially even represent them.
    It would have been even more ridiculous to me if there was some country of the former Yugoslavia, since all of them have had troubles with the neigbours.

  • These are hilarious. The British view of Europe is my favorite, and the US view of Africa is spot on. But as an American, I think you’re giving us way too much credit. Anything south of Texas = Mexico, including that whole extra continent down there full of  “Mexicans” who are all busy plotting to come here and steal our jobs. Asia = China, with some islands somewhere north of Hawaii* = Japan, some murky idea of Afghanistan in some mountains near but not too near China, and (for those over 40) maybe Vietnam (= all of Indochina). Those under 40 might know where Thai or Indian food comes from, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
    * I think a lot of us aren’t too clear on where Hawaii is, either, though.

  • Brilliant. Beautiful. Knicker-wettingly funny.
    As a Brit, I’d expect to see the Polish European State Team clearly labelled as “job thieves” and some recognition that the French are sneaky, stylish and supercilious. But I quite understand that making the tough choices is the essence of design. 
    I’ve been sharing this at every opportunity for years.

  • Your work is hilarious but far from just a work of comedy, it has depth and importance as well. Please do something about Canada! Canucks love Alphadesigner eh!   ;)

  • I really enjoyed this maps! Some fun after all these exams /: even if I’m Paraguayan, and I’m not socialist or catholic, like 90% of the countrie’s population is. I’m going to Czech Republic (maybe)…hope some of the data’s true ;)

  • I really enjoyed looking at these! I’m Scottish, and although there is one from a British point of view, I’d love to see one from a soley Scottish perspective too…

  • I really enjoyed all the maps, especially the smaller “gap-filling” countries! I snorted coffee on my keyboard with “Armed Winegrowers”! What a great euphemism…

    I especially like the fact that each country’s stereotype map fitted my stereotype of those countries’ stereotyping! And I’m just an unmentionable Aussie/bum. I don’t even think you need a separate map for Australian stereotypes, we’re generally so bigoted we fit nearly all the maps!

    Cheers from ɹǝpun uʍop!

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  • This is awesome, seriously. They’re so much fun.
    Could you, please, make one from Brazil’s and Argentina’s point of view?
    Thank you all.

  • looking at these maps is funny, even if it is done over and over.As an Iranian I ask you to make one for Iran. I know it can be so difficult, but I am just curious to see it.Rgs… 

  • Guys it was really funny to read it, cos I’m Russian:)) All about how we see Europe is true, no doubt. I’m going to Sweden this year and the stereotype about “group sex” makes me both nervous and curious:) Sweden, don’t disappoint me!:)
    And the stereotypes about Russia are actually complete true, I suppose. But they all are almost the same in all the countries:(

  • I’m a Pole living in Poland and the polish point of view is so accurate, especially towards our neighbours :). If I might precise some of the descriptions to be in accordance with general (and stereotypic of course) polish point of view, I would name Sweden “IKEA”, Finland is perceived more like country of technology and mobile phones (“Sony Ericsson”) but not vodka addicts. Italy would definitely go as “Mafia”, and  Turkey as “Kebap”. Anyway, great idea, and great design job. Keep on!

    • Sony Ericsson is Japanese-Swedish… actually was as Sony bought Ericsson and it’s now called just Sony. Nokia is from Finland :)

  • As an American, I found this thoroughly enjoyable & funny!

    But a minor correction is needed: In “Europe According to Americans” Greece should be “Bankrupt Democracy”…just saying ;)

      •  @alphadesigner
         I’m sorry but the whole Europe went ”kaboom”, not just Greece. And the right name is Hellas!

        •  @Nikos Hellas Got it. The Hellenic government will declare all its debt obligations null and void since the creditors lent money to Greece and not Hellas. And since Greece doesn’t really exist, there’s nobody that can be held accountable and return the money. Clever! I shall include it in my next forecast! :)

        •  @alphadesigner
           Despite the irony, you may also make aware to us where the  synthetic ”alpha-” comes from. Greece or Hellas?!!

        •  @Nikos Hellas Neither. It comes from a civilisation called “Phoenician” which no longer exists probably because at some point in history its economy went kaboom. Or maybe it was something else? Let’s check the history books. :)

        •  @alphadesigner
           Sorry, but you better check it again! No Phoenician used – talked – read words like ”alpha”, ”irony”, ”democracy”, ”history” etc… Please, next time you reffer to a country’ s pride and history, be more carefull or else you ‘ll end up unreliable… Regards!

        •  @Nikos Hellas By all means, let’s check it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AlphaHere it’s written that the Greek Alpha comes from the Phonecian Aleph. If you can’t read proper English, here is a version in Greek as well: http://el.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CE%86%CE%BB%CF%86%CE%B1But even if it didn’t come from the Phoenicians, I fail to see how it being an original Greek word relates to the accumulated Greek debt, which is an enormous empirically proven fact. Perhaps you want to impose a tax on using Greek words, so you can refinance the debt your own politicians accumulated? I somehow doubt it will work but it helps you think that by doing so you defend your country’s pride and history, go ahead. I’ll watch.

        •  @Nikos Hellas Many Greeks are intelligent people, but many others (and probably those who have fucked their own country) have such poor self-esteem that they have to use their ancestral history as a bank from which they constantly have to withdraw drops of pride and confidence. Niko, you remind us why things are not working so well in Hellas at the moment. People have a hard time finding the origin of their true problems and waste precious time pointing inaccurate historical facts like “alpha is Greek” in order to defend WHAT EXACTLY?
          For the record, I adore Greece, and I am heart broken to see it in such a horrid state, BUT, it does not mean becoming blind to mediocrity.

        •  @Emiliano Barragan Geant
           Αιμιλιανέ, σε ευχαριστώ που μου υπενθυμίζεις ”γιατί τα πράγματα δεν πάνε τόσο καλά στην Ελλάδα”.
          Μιας και καταλαβαίνεις λίγα ελληνικά, σε συνδυασμό και με το υπέροχο τραγούδι που μου αφιερώνεις, θα ήθελα να προσθέσω μερικές σκέψεις στη δική μου γλώσσα, την ελληνική (hellenic), μιας και ως μητρική είναι η μόνη στην οποία μπορώ να εκφραστώ χωρίς να κινδυνεύω να υποπέσω σε κάποιο λεκτικό-εννοιολογικό ολίσθημα:
          α) Αλήθεια, από πότε το να υπερηφανεύεται κανείς για την ιστορία του είναι σύμπλεγμα κατωτερότητας και έλλειψη αυτο-εκτίμησης; Εγώ είμαι υπερήφανος που είμαι Έλληνας και όχι Γραικός (Hellin, not Greek), και έχω τους ένδοξους προγόνους μου ως πρότυπα σε πολλούς τομείς, ιστορικούς, επιστημονικούς, πολιτικούς κτλ.
          β) Πολλές από τις λέξεις που χρησιμοποιεί ο σύγχρονος δυτικός κόσμος προέρχονται από τα αρχαία ελληνικά. Το ελληνικό λεξιλόγιο έχει μεταφερθεί για να μεταφερεί ειδικούς όρους πολλών επιστημών, όπως πχ ιατρική κτλ. ψυχιατρική – psychiatry, στομάχι – stomach και άπειρες άλλες λέξεις ”ων ούκ έστι αριθμός”, Μήπως και αυτά είναι φοινικικά; Δε νομίζω…

        •  @Emiliano Barragan Geant
          γ) Στο ερώτημα σου ”τι προσπαθείς να αποδείξεις με το αν αυτές οι λέξεις είναι ελληνικές” σου απαντώ: Η όλη συζήτηση με το διαχειριστή της ιστοσελίδας (alefdesigner, όπως θα έπρεπε να λέγεται αφού του αρέσουν τα φοινικικά!) ήταν για την πτωχευμένη δημοκρατία (υποτίθεται) της Ελλάδας. Εν συνεχεία, υπήρχε μια σειρά ειρωνικών απαντήσεων του διαχειριστή (πράγμα ανεπίτρεπτο για μια τόσο σοβαρή ιστοσελίδα που θα έπρεπε να σέβαται τους αναγνώστες της) για την κατάσταση της Ελλάδας και για το όνομα της χώρας,φτάνοντας στο σημείο να χαριεντίζεται λέγοντας λίγο πολύ ότι η αλλαγή ονόματος είναι μια καλή ιδέα για να αποποιηθεί η Ελλάδα τα χρέη της! Έτσι ξεκίνησε η συζήτηση για τη γλώσσα κτλ.
          δ) Αυτό που διαπιστώνω με θλίψη (και μακάρι να κάνω λάθος, ειλικρινά…) είναι ένα απωθημένο εναντίον της χώρας που πρόσφερε στην ανθρωπότητα (και φυσικά όχι μόνο στους Έλληνες) μερικά από τα μαγαλύτερα πνεύματα της ιστορίας, Πλάτωνα, Αριστοτέλη, Σωκράτη.Μήπως τελικά αυτή είναι η έλλειψη αυτο – εκτίμησης;

        •  @Emiliano Barragan Geant
          ε) Αυτό που τελικά είναι καλό να αναρωτηθούμε όλοι είναι γιατί τα πράγματα πήραν αυτή την πορεία παγκόσμια και όχι ”να γιατί φταίει η Ελλάδα”. Μη βλέποντας το πρόβλημα, απλά αλλάζουμε πλευρό στον ύπνο του δικαίου.. Είναι γεγονός ότι η κρίση είναι παγκόσμια και δεν αφορά μόνο την Ελλάδα. Ειναι γεγονός ότι τις τελευταίες δεκαετίες στήθηκε ένα παιχνίδι εξαπάτησης των ανθρώπων με τελικό σκοπό να συγκεντρωθεί ”νόμιμα” ο πλούτος του κόσμου σε λίγα χέρια. Και μέσα σε αυτό το πανηγυράκι βάζουν τους λαούς να ”μαλώνουνε σε ξένο αχυρώνα”. Και είναι δεδομένο ότι η κρίση αφόρά και ”χτυπά” σε όλη την Ευρώπη και όχι μόνοστις χώρες της Μεσογείου, όπως θέλουν πολλοί να ισχυρίζονται (όπως ο αξιότιμος διαχειριστής της ιστοσελίδας) εθελοτυφλώντας.
          Σκέψου το, σκεφτείτε το….
          Σε κάθε περίπτωση όμως το να προσβάλλουμε ένα λαό για μια συγκυρία αρνητική είναι τουλάχιστον επιπόλαιο μιας και δεν πρέπει να παραγνωρίζουμε την ιστορική του συνέχεια ανά τους αιώνες! Και αν το να θαυμάζω τον Όμηρο, τον Αισχύλο και όλα τα λαμπρά πνεύματα της τέχνης, της λογοτεχνίας και της επιστήμης είναι έλλειψη αυτο-εκτίμησης, τότε, ναι, είναι συμπλεγματικός… Αλλά είμαι Έλληνας!
          σ.σ. Εάν κάποιος έχει πρόβλημα στη μετάφραση,ας μου το επισημάνει για να μεταφράσω το κείμενο στα αγγλικά.
          Για όσους κατανοούν τα ελληνικά, ας διαβάσουν κα ι το παρακάτω άρθρο ενός δημοσιογράφου που ζει μόνιμα στη Γαλλία: http://www.analystsforchange.org/2012/07/blog-post_08.html

        • @Emiliano Barragan Geant I will give you another example why things are not working so well in Hellas. I’m a Bulgarian who worked for a Greek company in Bulgaria between Jan 2009 and Sep 2010. My working time was 9:30 the colleagues at the Greek office worked from 12 till 4:30-5. They not only had a 13th salary and a Christmas bonus, but also an Easter bonus of the sizeof a full monthly salary. Not to mention my Greek boss in Bulgaria who was spending her time in the office searching online for a breeding partner for her dog, motorbike for her boyfriend, cheap external HDD and free GPS maps of Sofia… Furthermore shops in Greece have really funny working times as well – Mon, Wed, Fri – 9 till 1, Tue, Thu 4 til 7, Sat11 til 1, Sun – closed (for example)
          A Greek friend of mine, who works as a radiologist in a London hospital replied to this the following way “Of course, we are not slaves, are we”
          No comment

  • after have looked at the most important ones i know i’m moving to romania, not only will i look tall compared to them, their women will think i’m well hung too. 

  • I’d be really interested to see a Norwegian version. A Norwegian guy in my international student dormitory here started a lot of controversy when he didn’t get a ticket to one of the house events and then raged on about how Southern Europe had less integrity than Northern Europe because of it and said that Zipcar would have all its cars stolen in Spain. It was really terrible and made worse by his lack of recognition that he was stereotyping massive groups of people. I’d really like to see if this had something to do with the stereotypes on Europe according to Norway, though I suspect it was mostly his own biggotry…

    • I’m not Norwegian, nor living in any of the Southern European countries, and while I don’t agree with the stereo-typification of any group of people, I can easily understand why your friend would be ranting about less integrity in Southern Europe.
      I don’t think I would be wrong in saying that, on average, citizens from Northern European countries are more keen to show integrity than their southern cousins, but I would guess that has everything to do with the fact they live in richer countries. On richer countries, people don’t need to hustle their way through life as much as in poorer countries.
      I would say that is stereotyping, just a fact of an unfair world.
      Think outside Europe, if you go even souther, to countries in Africa and Latin America, you’ll see the level of integrity is even lower. Once again, that have everything to do with the struggle that people need to deal with during their lives that makes them to be more selfish and prone to corruption. Children are born and learn at a young age that Integrity has not much value in this society.
      Norway is an amazing country, people are highly educated, life in community is considered in high regards. Anyone who is born in this environment will grow up and do their best to maintain the system working in a good way, which in turn helps to create even more conscious people. This creates a never ending positive circle, a catch-22 for the good of men.
      Giving the right amount of resources and enough time—I’m talking hundreds of years here—even the most corrupted society of the world would eventually realise, as the Northern European countries have, that fairness, education and integrity are very important values and they would also become amazing places to live.
      Now, to the matter of hand, is your friend being bigoted? Well, I think it depends. If he’s simply ranting because he of a specific situation he went through and is venting his frustrations, I wouldn’t see a problem. However, if he’s stereotyping every single individual that he meets and not giving this individuals the benefit of the doubt, then, I think his is being bigoted. Actually, he’s showing the same lack of integrity as the people he’s complaining about.
      Even in the most corrupted countries, there are some people who break the mold.

      •  @rayvellest 
        I agree with the observation that the country’s wealth has a significant influence on the way its inhabitants handle problems. But if you only rely on it to explain the difference between North and South, it will lead you to the same thing you’re complaining about – bigoted stereotyping. First, the cultural differences between North and South didn’t form yesterdsay. In fact, throughout most of history, the South was way richer and way more developed that the North, which rose to significance only in the beginning of the 20th Century. Ancient Greece, Republican and Imperial Rome, the enormous Spanish Empire, the Maritime Italian Republics – all of them are examples of immensely rich societies which values still continue to define the Southern soul way more accurate than any current economic or political situation.
        The next problem in your theory is the actual definition of what constitutes a rich state. Is it the state with the most natural resources? Is it the most scientifically advanced state? Or the most industrialized? No matter which one you choose, you’ll see there are enormous inconsistencies in your assumption. Saudi Arabia is one of the richest places in the world and one of the most culturally backward (at least from a Western point of view). Itally is one of the most industrialized. In fact, it scores way higher than Finland when you compare the size of their economies. Who’s richer and why? I don’t believe there is a straighforward answer to that question at all.

        •  @alphadesigner 
          I’m happy you agree with my initial point-of-view, but considering your reply, I believe I failed in delivering the main point of my argument. Here’s what I think is the most important part of it…
          “Giving the right amount of resources and enough time—I’m talking hundreds of years here—even the most corrupted society of the world would eventually realise, as the Northern European countries have, that fairness, education and integrity are very important values and they would also become amazing places to live.”
          Oh, and perhaps this will help to clarify my perspective…
          Have you heard of Abraham Maslow? He proposed a theory entitled the hierarchy of needs, which basically propose the stages of growth in humans. A human which have not yet sufficed his more basic needs will not be able to achieve higher abstract goals, such as integrity.
          Considering a nation is the sum of its individuals, I would guess that becomes self evident that any country with not enough resources will have a hard time in developing a good sense of integrity.
          On the immediate opposite argument, a rich nation will be in a much better place to generate conscious individuals and a more civilised society. Well, I guess we already agreed with this one anyway.
          Now, answering your immediate question. How to define a rich state? 
          Well, I would say that a nation is rich when it have access to the exact amount of resources that allow its population to stop thinking about their basic survival needs, and start thinking in higher terms, so to be able to pursue the sort of civilised society we’re talking about. That may mean different types of wealth, for different types of nations.
          Getting back to my main point-of-view…
          The fact that Northern European countries got to a more civilised society before any of their Southern cousins, or by all means, any other uncivilised country of the world, is simply because they have access to the amount of resources they needed during enough time, so its citizens where able to pursue the top of the Maslow pyramid.
          But what about Saudi Arabia, aren’t they rich? Why they are not civilised? (at least form a Western point-of-view)
          Well… following the same rationale the answer is simple. They didn’t have access to the amount of resources, and time, they need to reach the level of civilisation we are talking about.
          On the other hand, many people would argue they are actually more civilised than us, as they are not living under the same empty, artificial, consumer-driven society as we live in the West.
          Defining “civilised” is in itself a question for an entire different debate, so let’s get down to basics:
          Giving the right amount of resources and enough time to mature, every single human being of this planet would choose love rather than hate, truth rather than lie, integrity rather than corruption. Ultimately, any nation which is wealthy enough during enough time, will produce a civilised society.
          How much and how long is enough? Well, to answer this question I’ll borrow your last statement…
          I don’t believe there is a straighforward answer to that question at all.

        •  @rayvellest I got the idea from your first comment already. Again, I think the theory and the way you apply it relies on gross simplifications that are borderline stereotypical and even offensive. I’m slightly confused why you think Nordic societies have access to more resources than the Southern ones – that’s simply not true, neither from economical nor from cultural point of view. Have you boarded a plain to Spain or Italy recently? Perhaps Maslow hasn’t either. But what is shockingly condescending is the center-point of the theory itself – the notion that rich societies are automatically more civilized is absolutely preposterous. Societies are made by people and if you extrapolate the same theory to a human being, it would automatically mean that rich people are automatically more humane than their poor brothers. I wish Charles Dickens was alive to write a new novel about it because obviously his old one is long forgotten.
          I’m not saying material wealth cannot be a factor but putting it as the major requirement is like saying that according to biology the big animal always eats the small. It may sound common sense but only on the surface. When you dig deeper in something so complex as biology (and sociology, respectively), you often find that there are myriads of factors that play essential roles in defining a food chain (or a civilization, respectively).And speaking of food chains, I may consider accepting your assumption that Nordic civilizations are the pinnacle of human society only after I find more Swedish restaurants in Rome than Italian ones in Stockholm. The only problem is that I don’t see it coming. At all.

        •  @alphadesigner I find to be very hard to continue this conversation, hence reading your response it becomes clear I’m not being able to make my point clearly enough. Perhaps my English is just not good enough for the written word.
          So, I apologise for using bullet points on my response:
          – Nordic societies didn’t have access to more resources than Southern ones. I never said that. What I said was that Nordic societies had access to the amount of resources that they needed to get where they are. Big difference in concept here.
          – Yes. I’ve been to Italy and Spain. Lovely countries and lovely people. Actually, people are much more warm and friendly than any of the Scandinavian countries. Oh, and the food? Wow! There’s nothing better than a Spanish Chorizo. Actually, last time I’ve been in Zaragoza for the local festivities, I put up about 5 kilos.
          – I’m not sure if Maslow went to Spain. Most likely not, but I don’t think that would in any way disqualify his theory of human growth, and I believe the Maslow’s pyramid structure is valid pretty much to any Western society.
          – I never said that rich societies are automatically more civilised, I agree with you that sounds terribly absolutely preposterous. What I said was: “A society with enough resources and enough TIME they will become civilised.”
          – I don’t think you can extrapolate a society level analysis to the people level, but I wouldn’t necessary say the same of the opposite line of thought. I think there’s another entire discussion on this particular point.
          – I don’t think Charles Dickes have anything to do with this conversation.
          – I never said Nordic civilisations are the pinnacle of human society at all. I only said they enjoy some of the most high civilised societies of today’s world. You are misreading my comments.
          – I would never use the who-have-more-restaurants analyse system to define a society.
          The true is that I would very much prefer to not answer your reply, as its sounds extremely agressive, but I thought it would be unrespectful to leave you without a response.

        •  @rayvellest Well, now you see how different civilizations can be. I come from one in which people actually do what they very much prefer, instead of doing something else just for the sake of appearing respectful. Maybe it has to do with limited resources or lack of time but I’m not fond of aristocratic conversations.

    • Fascinating discussion.
      I am inclined to agree with our genial host that we shouldn’t make excuses for people because they are poor. Or, indeed, characterise a more relaxed approach to life as a lack of integrity.
      Having set out my stall against stereotypes of any sort (why am I here?), I have to say that there does seem to be a vague correlation between latitude and work ethic. It is a simple and undeniable fact that a multinational corporation will expect to take a long time to collect its south European debts whereas in the Nordic countries, not paying on time is seen as a shocking offence and is punished by law.
      Is this because the southern sun forces you to work at a more measured pace, or you die? (Try working from dawn to dusk to build the longboat for your Viking raid in Seville in the summer!) Or is it because these countries have done the whole building a civilisation thing hundreds of years ago, have discovered that it doesn’t lead to Utopia and have relaxed into their culture? (The exact opposite of Ray’s thesis that they just need more time. Give the Norse more time and they might chill out a bit.)
      Or is it just the way things are right now and best not to over analyse? Be aware of the framework of local practices when setting your expectations, but don’t judge either the practices or the people.  Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone recognised and adopted the superiority of British culture?
      Who’s for a nice slice of apple pie?

  • Love it! Thanks for putting these together — they are fabulous!!!  :)
    PS. I say “rascal” all the time… along with “scallywag”.

  • I am saddened to see no danish version :< then again in a danish version it would just be denmark (something godly) rest of the world (either a tourist spot, someone to piss off, someone to extort or just simply hell). :D and i like that everyone thinks danish are vikings… that was a looooong time ago :O nowadays we’re more of people who would like to beleive we’re vikings.

  • I happened upon one of your maps on Pinterest and then followed the link to your website. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that you are a fellow Bulgarian! You made me extremely proud! Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised at the wit, intellect, and self deprecating sense of humor revealed in your maps because it all sounded very familiar! Great job! And a clarification to the comment before mine – the US according to "common sense" should probably be according to non-Americans because my American husband had a hard time getting it too!

    Stef – Bulgarian born and raised, and Americanized!

  • As an American who has extensively traveled and lived across Europe and the rest of the World. Great job. I and the other Americans I show still fall over laughing.

    However, the only thing is your impressions of Americans view of America and the rest of the world are a bit off. Even the most ignorant American knows that Russians aren't commies anymore. And FYI, no American under the age of 60 uses the word "Rascal" anymore or would call Pennsylvania "Pretzelreich". Just saying……

  • Interesting enough, my experience is that people from ex Yugoslavia are everything except non charted territories for Germans, French and British.

  • Great job!!!As a Greek, I have to say that the Greek version is great!!!
    But what does Berlusconi mean by saying ''big nosed''???……; )

  • Being half greek – half italian i admit that you're spot on on everything! Heck i almost died at the Europa Berlusconiana!!!

    Keep up the good work mate.

    • I'm sorry to disappoint you but my project predates David Cerny's exhibition. On another note, stereotype maps are not a modern invention at all, the earliest I've seen are a century and a half old, so any claim of originality, mine or Cerny's, is utterly ridiculous.

      • The Guardian articles says: "Tsvetkov has lived all over Europe, but back in 2009 when he got the idea to produce maps charting prevailing stereotypes, he was still in his native Bulgaria." Cerny's work has been made public on 12 January 2009 and got a lot of publicity, which seems to be pretty in the beginning of 2009. But I don't care. I'm just saying.

  • Greetings!

    You rule man! These maps are great, and surprisingly very accurate to my knowledge. How do you collect data for these maps? I cant believe these stereotypes all came out from your head. You would need to be a all-in-one cosmopolitan to be able to think with all the minds of the people of the world.

    Are you plan to make a Map According to Hungarians? If you need help I would be happy to assist you.

  • This is hilarious! It makes the joke so much better, because the graphic design is so well done!

    PS. I love that us Canadians are drunks, vegetarians, and nothing haha! You have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes…

  • But my favourite one is mostly Turks poles and America !!!! And Germany and Spain especially !!!!! That one was funny

  • Just stumbled upon your site. It's bloody awesome!!!! I don't know who came up with the idea but whoever it was is a genius. Will certainly be purchasing some t-shirts just hope you ship to England.

    Moldova = Oh dear! Hahahaha,spot on.

    • I live in Nigeria from time to time (being European though and I don't work in the oil business). Agreed, a Nigerian world view map would be interesting.

  • I am not sure if you have been informed on this… But Turkey has not had a ban on YouTube for some while.

    Okay, one may debate if the removal of the ban would help with the change of the stereotype: but in retrospect, the ban was for about 2.5 years… Would you consider such a short period as enough for the title to be set such by people (in)capable of setting titles to other countries?

    I do understand that you present no demand on scientific certainty. None the less just thought I would try chip in…

    Great maps all together!

    • Thank you! You know sometimes we all do silly things and then people continue to make fun of us long after they happen. I guess the moral story is that banning popular Internet sites is a very bad PR move. :) The map with the label was made in 2009 and I don't update my maps once they are made. I usually include a note in small print with the year of publication but not on all of the maps.

      Maybe it will be a good idea if I include the year in the title itself. I'll think about it.

  • Hi.

    I think that in order to do our life easier we put borders and make assumptions to simplify complex subjects.

    But with time things are changing and these borders and assumptions become obsolete.

    So we need to break the "rules" and build new ones that are actually matching the current reality.

    This is one reason for stereotypes.


    • In most cases I think it's just a matter of humility. Simplified complexity is actually an oxymoron. Only simple things can be simple, the complex ones have to be approached with the attention they deserve, not reduced to something that is easy to grasp but deceptively incomplete.

      For example if you ask someone how does he feel and he replies "pretty well" but then for some reason you want to simplify his answer, removing "pretty" will leave only "well", which kind of resembles the truth but not completely. However if you decide to remove "well", things change dramatically and the whole meaning goes to hell.

      When it comes to ideas, the parts of an entity don't always complement each other. Nations are far too complex to be described with a label, even for a limited period of time, so we can spare ourselves the actual "breaking of the rules" and just try not to resort to simplifications in the first place. And to get to this point, one needs to be humble.

        • Beliefs are intentions. They cannot prove or disprove anything, they just hang in the air waiting for an argument to swipe them in a random direction. Just because somebody cannot "believe" in a world without prejudice, doesn't mean a) that such a world is impossible and b) that this world doesn't deserve to be an objective, idealistic as it may appear.

          There are many things in the past that seemed like impossible ideals, too. Having a black US president was an ideal. The right for gay people to marry was an ideal and still is in some countries. Women's right to vote was an ideal.

          Believing is not necessary. Action is.

          • I personally think this argument has turned to a fallacious point and can’t see its additive appeal to Tsvetan's initial comment/question/argument (Which I had found rather correct and grounded).

            But for conversation sake: I doubt human nature can ever successfully peal itself from being judgmental since categorization is an essential human capability which enables us to simplify, predict, understand and eventually deal with our current conditions.

            One may argue on how such classifications can be mingled with prejudice in an intransitive sense… But all in all; it is something that we do, have done and in fact managed to survive various conditions due to it.

            Once in a while though I find it necessary for individuals such as you to point out what such management of our adaptations to our current conditions has brought in consequence. Looking at the maps I see that we are in a pretty comical state.

            That said: Stereotyping tends to get disturbing ONLY if they lack compliments. I find it rather odd that (For instance) many Africans gloat with the stereotype of big penises but have little tolerance to any other simplifications about themselves… As if one is stereotyping and the other not (Though both are pretty much of same function: Setting bias).

            Guess most forget whilst browsing through that your maps tell more about those that stereotype others than the latter.

            Once again: compliments to your works…

            • Looking at the maps, you can see other things as well, like the fact that I, their author, am still alive, nobody has arrested me, put me in jail or burned me alive. :) 500 years ago, when for most people the word "world" meant "my village and the fields around it", this project would have been unthinkable.

              This is why for me it's hard to accept an attitude to a problem, in which the only effective solution is perpetual damage management.

              I mean no disrespect though, either to Tsvetan or you. I'm more than honored to hear your opinions.

              • Yanko,

                You have to admit that even you sometimes put labels on things and people (in which I'm pretty sure).

                Imagine you go outside, the sun is shining and you see this beautifull girl that lives next door and you say to your self: hello butterfly. In that moment this girls is labeled in your brain. It is a phisiological

                function of the brain. It is part of us.


                • Do you mean objectifying someone sexually? If so, I think you confuse metaphors with stereotypes. A sane mind would never confuse the fantasy contained in the metaphor with the objective reality that it refers to. Call a girl "vagina on legs" if you want but the moment you start believing it's literary true, you'll most likely find yourself in jail with a rape sentence.

                  • :-)
                    Anyway forget about the girl.
                    What I want to say is something else:
                    Laws are merely observations.
                    When we observe the world we build a large database in our heads
                    and I guess that stereotypes are like indexes that helps us find information quickly.

                    • Um… gathering information through observation has nothing to do with prejudices. That's called empirical research. A prejudice is the exact opposite of that. It's an assumption made without any regard for objectivity. Anybody who relies on such a thing to serve as a reliable "index" is bound to constantly misunderstand the world. The way to fight with it is not through complacency but through a higher sense of objectivity.

            • Hi Black,

              You wrote:

              " I find it rather odd that (For instance) many Africans gloat with the stereotype of big penises but have little tolerance to any other simplifications about themselves… As if one is stereotyping and the other not (Though both are pretty much of same function: Setting bias)."

              When you say ‘many Africans’, are you referring to indigenous Africans (from one of the 49 nations within the continent), or people of African origin from Western countries? I ask because in my experience, only Westernised ‘African’ men boast about such odious stereotypes, (possibly because it is one of the few things in the West that these men are ‘admired’ for). The only African country I’m personally familiar with is Nigeria, so to be far, I’m not really in a position to give an opinion on the entire continent. I’m just curious to know which group of Africans you made reference to. Thanks.

  • Alphadesigner I have spent more than 15 minutes of fun insight and laughs in this site AMAZING WORK thanks ¡¡¡

  • Loved, loved, loved your maps and especially the map of my country – Greece, it's so close to the stereotypes produced in Greece!

    Your project is hilarious, I would love to see more maps :-)

  • Brilliant and very true. I'm from the UK but I have lived with family for some time in Spain and Belgium and all unfortunately quite accurate. Brilliant idea. Shame thats how we all see each other but very interesting.

  • Where's the Norwegian view? We must be one of the nations who look down on everyone else the most. I'll help you out if you like! Got lots to go on, as my stereotyping has got a lot worse (better?) since I moved to the UK :P

    • (guessing you're Norwegian based on your comment)
      Ville ikke akkurat sagt at vi ser ned på folk utenlands akkurat, kanskje at vi forventer at det er mye billigere der enn hjemme i Norge? Jeg kan for eksemel forestille meg at det ville vært billigere å bo i England, siden matprisene er lave (du vet nok bedre, men det var det jeg syntes da jeg dro dit ;)). Materielt sett, ville det ikke vært stort annerledes, kanskje litt billigere… Vi er jo ikke de smarteste i Europa. Barneskolen i England er bedre enn her i Norge, men ungdomsskolen er bedre her syntes jeg :) (siden nesten alle lærerne gjør alt for at deres elever får gode karakterer, de går kanskje litt over grensen — i følge en venninne som tilbrakte 6 år av barndommen sin der).

      I hvert fall så syntes jeg at det går an å være litt mer diskré, eller omformulert setningen litt annerledes. Kommentaren din var en smule negativ i tonen, men jeg forstår hvorfor du svarte på den måten da. Andre derimot vil ta det litt personelig ^^;. Bare et hint!

  • Impressive works! I saw the translated version of " the world according to americans" That is funny and It also meets our view of the United States. Prejudice is indeed exist and hard to change from any prospectives. We also have ameteur works of "how they see us?" from different areas in China which isquite interesting too. Since people pay more attention to China these days maybe you could make a"world/asian according to Chinese" later. I'm a designer too and I'd like to give some opinions:)

    P.S. Did you make a dutch or sweden perspective?

  • …bloddy americans you think ur brave and other loosers.srry to tell u ur nation goin shitty these days

  • i was curious to ask if in your european experience you 've met any albanians

    and if you could make one according to them

    ps. your maps are really funny …liked them a lot

  • I am Thai, not sure where did you get the information from, but YOU according to Thais is funking idiot!!

  • Fantastic updates, and I'm endeared to your articulate responses in this blog.

    As a well-travelled Aussie backpacker, I reckon a map along the lines of "The World According to English-Speaking Backpackers" or similar, would sell well. Perhaps broken down into continents esp. Europe, Asia. P.S. Can't wait for the World According to Aussies, a bit overdue methinks (nudge).

    • Thanks! Yes, the Aussies are on my radar but every time I close my eyes to pray for inspiration, I imagine Paul Hogan carving the map with his knife on a tree trunk and then telling me that if I screw up, he will chop off my hands and feed the crocodiles with them. It makes me pee in my fancy designer pants. :)

      • It is unfortunate that many people's views of Australians has not progressed beyond the 60s-80s popular performers of Barry Humphries / Rolf Harris / Paul Hogan / Norman Gunston, the UK's "antipodes" label, and the (accurate) sporting chant of "Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi". Hopefully you can skip these stereotypes for more contemporary ones :-) Onya !

    • Wrong, actually. Polish scientists came up with the Polish Bombe and hacked the ORIGINAL German code. The Germans then changed the code and invaded Poland, debunking their efforts. The Polish Bombe was thus sent to England. A secret organization of British hackers then discovered that the constantly changing Enigma Code was actually crackable because a man-made machine, constructed of inorganic parts, is incapable of actually producing randomosity. They discovered repetitions in the forms of "cribs" and "chains," and were thus able to come up with a comprehensive list of possible word links. They set up a massive machine made of modified Polish Bombes which then worked backward from these cribs and chains to produce the codeword, which was then placed into a copy of an Enigma machine and used to decrypt the codes of the day.
      It would probably have been for the best had you not said anything at all, my misinformed friend.

  • I absolutely adore your work and what you have done, especially with Berlusconi and Russia's view on the world, Might I suggest you do a map according to celebrities? E.g Madonna's view of Africa is orphanage…….. just a thought, but bottom line, keep up the amazing work, I'd hope to see your work hitting the art Galleries sometime soon.

  • Salute ! Congratulations from the brazilian empire ! Man , this is one of the best maps ever and I can't stop laughing . really glad to find this artwork. it's almost an antropological study mixed with daily sarcasm of all our 'good and crazy' neighbors. Today , the world is one much bigger than yesterday´s , so it´s time to expand our business/jokes/and good ideas of course.

    Personally , as a world citizen and a brazilian as well , we live in a great and friendly country, now we are far from our rivals overseas and it tends to be more tolerable and open-mind for different views of world politics, specially because we came from everywhere also . opinion .

    Great job ! long life . peace out .

    (about the rivals part , our friends from the south doesn' count hahaha kidding)

    • Thanks Daniel. I've never been to Brazil but I hope I will be able to visit someday. I'd love to make a huge photo essay in your capital, it has some pretty awesome architecture!

  • I liked it a lot. It's very hilarious. Thanks for sharing it with us. I wish you all the best!

    Lila (Albania).

  • This is a exorbitant way of providing a universal view on how the world thinks about each others' country. Yes, I admit for the fact that I too have some kind of perceptions like above, but l have been trying to understand and elucidate myself to the extent possible. I think you should try making a map from Indians' perspective (although, assigning us the word curry was spot on, that part cracked me up), it would be great to know that. In addition, I liked the way you exhibited the American's mindset. Do you admit the fact that Americans' still lack the physical understanding of the world, that they are illiterate about other countries. I'm trying to indict the American education system, but just wanted to know if that was true. Lastly, let me know if you need any suggestions on designing the map as per Indians. Again, an astonishing job! keep it up.

  • In Iberia according the Spaniards, you can change the title of Portugal for "towel shop" or "the land of women with moustache",it is more near to the thoughts of Spaniards :-)

    • According to the thoughts of portuguese women you could also change the title of Spain to "the land of men who are dumbasses" :-)

      • I must apologize if you are offended for my words, but we are talking about stereotypes, not about the reality. I was many times in Portugal and the women have not moustaches, but it is an stereotype in Spain.

  • This was epic!I nearly died from laughing!Kisses to everyone from the owned by China,Democracy,Hotels on Strike Eutopia state!lol!

  • As an American, your American views of the world are, unfortunately, spot on. And the Berlusconi map is just awesome. You're my hero for capturing the ignorance of the world and displaying it through satire. Bravo, sir. How much travelling/world experience did you acquire to accurately portray all these stereotypes?

      • you are REALLY funny, and spot on when it comes to how we see OURselves, never mind how others see us or how we see others…I wonder how many of us recognise the subtle message, intentional or not, behind your comments, responses.

  • Hi! I am writing a paper on perceptions. I was wondering how and if I could get permission to use one of your drawings as a JPG for a figure in my thesis.


    • It's not that I want to sound unhelpful but this project is a work of satire, not a scientific statistical infographic. The last place I would want to see it is in a serious thesis about perceptions. I hope you understand.

  • This is great, but I was really disappointed when for Croatia says NO DATA because we are not that kind of ''hill-billies'' that serbs and bosnians and bulgaria(…..) are… But for sure, there is criminal and scams everywhere but we certainly arent some village… but ok they are STEREOTYPES… you could have used something for nazi and racist that is true :)

    Cheers! :)

      • It seems to me that here I overheard (or over-read) one more stereotype :D

        I love the maps. But, I think that I equally love those comments… because they are telling us that, unfortunately, after the maps made me laugh, the comments made me… sad? Worried? Or even scared :S

        Anyway, great work!!!

        Btw, Balkans map would be "fun" :D

    • Dear alphadesigner now you see how Croats think of themselves… higher and more then their closest neighbors. I want to quote Krleza on this, better yet I'll leave it to the reader to figure out.

      and NO DATA is best for all ex-YU, otherwise you get all of these "we-are-better" or "we-have-bigger-dicks-the-them" type of comments (probably from all and any of "us").

  • You definitelly got the "European male height" mape wrong about Serbia. Serbs are quite hight, just think about basketball and volleyball, and why are they so good… They are among the highest, and the Montenegrins are popularly known as the highest people in the world. I am 1.83 m hight, and I was among the smallest male when walking in Belgrade´s streets (Belgrade is the capital of Serbia). Just google "Serbia average height" and you´ll see the results and the many threads talking of how hight Serbs are.

    • I'm not a fan of any sports. I took the data from Wikipedia. Any complaints should be directed to Jimmy Wales. It's about time somebody puts him in jail for his numerous offenses to knowledge!

  • Seeing the all-too-familiar comments suggesting how an artist should best use their talents, I just wanted to reach out to you and say hey, good job man. You don't need my advice as you already know that the only way to respond to "You should…" is to say "No, YOU should…"

  • A while back I took a bunch of tough London kids to Scotland and just as we drove to the border I said: "Oh god – so sorry …forgot to remind you to bring passports!' All but one swore and assumed we'd have to return to London. That was the beginning of a great conversation – which your maps (had I had them at the time) would have spread a brilliant light on!

    Oh just so smile-making and a delight.

    Keep 'em coming.

  • Admirations!!! Just a little idea, an essential point of view missing – a Macedonian one :) That will be really fun :))

  • It would be nice to do a romanian map as well. If you need some help, i would be more than happy to jump in, since i'm a political scientist and know a thing or two about stereotypes. Anyway, congratulations!

  • I want and Aussie map! should be easy – land of skewed perspectives…. ;-)

    – want suggestions?



  • My only objection to your project is that Americans do not have nearly the level of competence with geography as suggested by your accurately drawn borders. Otherwise, sublime. I will be sharing with my students.

    Would you please do a historians' map? We have never gotten over the Fall of Rome. Berlusconi is SUCH a disappointment, although his sexual tastes do seem in line with most of the emperors.

    Funny, as with most political maps, I believe that your Arab Spring is out-of-date.

    • It's true I put American competence on steroids but I have to make a complete map with labels after all. If I stick to reality, I just have to leave the mainland US floating in the nothingness. ;)

      Yep, the Arab Spring is out-of-date and there's a sequel called the Arab Winter, I will add it in the coming days. I have thought about historical maps and I'm experimenting with some ideas at the moment but nothing looks certain at this point.

      • Your inability to interview Madonna's Malawian children must pose quite a dilemma for you. Poor you. Why don’t you interview a few people from each of the 52 African nations? Why deliberately exclude them from your mapping stereotypes project? Too much effort, perhaps?

        • Dear Chloe, there is a difference between my project and an UN inquiry and you, for some very strange reason, didn't grasp it. I tried to hint that to you with the joke in my previous comment but you seem strangely immune to humor. I don't go around interviewing people in Europe, in America, in Africa or anywhere else. That's not how satire is done.

          For your information, to say that I "deliberately" excluded a group of countries would mean that I made maps according to every other country on the planet. And that's not the case, I don't know how well you can count but I'm not even close to 30. The entire South America is missing, from North America there are Canada and Mexico missing, the entire Asia is missing (that's Japan, China, India, etc. – I believe more than a half of the world's population lives there). Australia and New Zealand are also missing, along with every other country in Oceania. Do you even know geography to begin with?

          The truly sad thing is that in reality, there is something else at the center of this project you weren't able to understand. And it's the scary part.

          This project is called "Mapping Stereotypes". It makes FUN of the bigoted, prejudiced generalizations that people have against other people or lands. Now just in case let me elaborate: If there is a label saying "Fucking Desert, Dude!" you should laugh at the nation that put the label there and not at the actual people who inhabit the land. What is ridiculed is the ignorance of an idiot, to whom the whole Northern Africa is simply a desert. Why? Because it isn't and because that region is the place where one of the most ancient civilizations built structures that survive even to this day.

          This project is supposed to make you realize how useless and pointless the indulgence in stereotypes can be. But instead, you perceive the inclusion of a national point of view here as some sort of elitist endorsement and this is when I stand in awe because never in my entire life have I ever imagined that something I did may be a) grossly misunderstood and b) so twisted as to become its absolute, disgusting opposite.

          Because if you think including any country here will be an honor or any kind of recognition… well, that's just plain stupid.

          • Thanks for your heartfelt email. Glad you took the time. Please note that I got the ‘humor’ in your previous post. “Madonna refuses to let me interview her children……” Seriously, that line made me titter. Permit me to correct you on a number of assumptions you made about me. Firstly, I’m well aware of the definition of the word satire (and irony, which is a potent element of your work). Secondly, I’m very familiar with geography. You’re just going to have to take my word on that one. Lastly, but by no means least, I’m well aware that your maps are created to highlight the noxious and chronic ignorance (and utter belief in their own cultural superiority), that a sizable number of people on this planet hold close. My point, which in hindsight I didn’t make explicit, is that this ignorance touches every corner of the globe and I guess I didn’t understand why the African continent, (amongst many others) were not part of this project. It’s obvious for most (though sadly, not all) that your work shines a blinding light on the legion of idiots we share this planet with. Unfortunately, stupidity and ignorance appear to be universal human traits and Africa’s varied perceptions of ‘others’ was conspicuous by their absence.

            When I suggested you speak to indigenes from various African nations, my tongue was wedged firmly in my cheek. I was being facetious. I assumed that you had ‘deliberately’ (that word was emphasised in your post, so it would be churlish of me to drop it now) excluded the continent from your work, because you weren’t aware of some of the deeply held prejudices that various African cultures hold about other races/countries. I have a personally held belief that most Westerners know next to nothing about Africa; which I suppose you highlight to great effect with "Fucking Desert, Dude!" and "AIDS".

            By the way, my country appeared in quite a number of your maps, so I wasn’t hankering for inclusion. My compatriots and I are pretty disillusioned with the current state of play, so I found the observations of the place pretty spot-on.

            • I'm glad we cleared the misunderstandings a little bit. I am aware that prejudice is universal. I have been to Africa many times, my father spent 17 years of his life there as well. Two of my projects presented on this site are inspired by African art. There is not a single specific reason why I didn't map African prejudices, just like Asian, Canadian or Australian prejudices they are a bit more distant to me and my personal experience with Africa further strangles any desire for any kind of humor. I've seen inexplicable poverty, so profound that no European or American can ever imagine, unless he goes there in the middle of the jungle and sees it. I've also seen extreme exploitation of human beings – caused both by Westerners and local governments. This injustice has left such a deep scar in my psyche that I cannot approach it even with irony, not to mention satire. How would I label Europe if I was an African? Robbers, genocidal bastards, vampires, arrogant colonialists… none of these things would actually make anybody laugh. None of these things would make anyone even think "Oh wait, this is not really true!"

              Because it is true. And it is sad. And it deserves to be told in a very different way and that's exactly what I believe I am doing when I map European or American prejudices on the African continent. Yesterday I saw on Spanish TV a report about a girl who couldn't eat. She could swallow food but she would vomit it 5 minutes later. All I was thinking was bitch, whatever medical problem you have, go to fucking Somalia and vomit there. And maybe when you see a child looking at your vomit as if it was food, your stupid consumerist heart will finally break.

              This is my map of Africa.

            • Chloe, are you a white South African by any chance? It would be interesting to see your comments on “Alphadesigner’s” view re the labels he would put on Europe if he was an African…strictly out of curiosity.

          • I had lot of fun, many thanks for a great job! On the other hand I don't think so that's just fun. People's knowledge about the world gives more information about their intelligence than an IQ-test, I think. Anyway, I wish to see a world map according to the alphadesigner ;)), even if it wouldn't be humorous. Do you have some blog about how did you assembled so huge knowledge in different people's prejudice? It would be interesting to read about your method of working. And having seen the penis-map, I wondered whoever made this crazy statistic?! You know, I'm a Hungarian woman and I have a bit different picture on it…

            • I wouldn't link accumulated knowledge to IQ directly. Intelligence, the way I understand it, is the ability of an individual to use information efficiently and draw objective conclusions from it. I know people who are very well educated and still think like accomplished bigots. They either let emotions blind them and reinforce their own insecurities or are captives of the time they live in. My favorite example is Schopenhauer's Über die Weiber. It's almost painful to read.

              How I accumulated this knowledge about prejudices? It happens gradually, I don't think I could describe it as a process. It's like asking a poet how he found all the metaphors about love… you just live your life, meet people, talk and pay attention to whatever you're interested in. I am interested in a lot of things. Psychology, mythology, archaeology, art… and if one doesn't approach them like subjects one has to learn in school but as an endless source of fascination with humanity and nature, then this knowledge not only stays with you but helps you connect some dots, like Steve Jobs would say.

              This is why I have no method. As for the penis map, the whole topic is so ridiculous that I couldn't resist including it. :) I linked the site where I got the statistics in the original article on my blog.

    • Yes, a world map according to Nigerians would be good, after all Nigerians know it all, and if you ever meet a Nigerian [over 30 yrs old] without at least 1 masters degree, well he/she must be Ghanaian!!

      if you need any input.. please drop me a line..

  • I'm Swiss, and we really don't see Europe like you describe in your card… we have not these stereotypes but really others…

    (sorry for my not perfect english..)

  • According to sociological data, the average height of Ukrainian men is 175,3 cm, of women – 163,7 cm. Great maps! Looking forward to more!! :)

      • I wouldn't necessarily put it to just illiteracy; the pronunciation of "nuclear" as "nucular" has a lot to with the Southeastern U.S. accent.

        Of course, Jimmy Carter's was genuine. As was Clinton's. Bush, though? Phony.

        • Southeastern US? Isn't that a place with one of the highest illiteracy rates in the country? I find it hard to believe the word itself morphed after its adoption. What is far more likely is that people learned it wrongly and then there came politicians which wanted to sound like common people in order to be elected… and then, like everything else, common sense goes to hell. ;)

          • No, that's terribly unlikely. In fact that's rather stupid. It's much more likely that the word's pronunciation changed in the area due to regional accents. It happens all the time. Take the word "aunt" for example. Many people pronounce it "ant", while others pronounce it "ont". Neither pronunciation is wrong. The same goes for "nuclear" and "nucular". They're different pronunciations of the same word, but neither can really be called wrong. It's just how the word pronounced with the accent of the area. If you don't like one pronunciation, use the other. It's fine. People will know what you mean either way.

            • Nucular is wrong. It's not a phonetic deviation, it's pure scrambled morphological nonsense. Consult a dictionary.

              Also, try to write "ant" instead of "aunt" in an exam test and you'll see your teacher won't be very happy about it. ;)

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