Turkish Delight (Lokum)

Turkish Delight by alphadesigner

Making Turkish delight is not as difficult as you may imagine but it requires a little bit of extra time and a lot of stirring. Note that this recipe does not contain gelatin. Maybe a posh cookbook may trick you into putting some but this is not how the Turkish (or any other Balkan people) do it. If you want to make genuine Turkish delight, stick to this recipe. Remember that flavors vary according to taste, you are free to choose yours and nobody will arrest you for that. As long as curry is not your first choice, that is. One of the most used is rose water.


Main Ingredients: 4 cups granulated sugar, 1 ½ cups corn starch, 1 teaspoon cream of tartar, 2 ½ cups water, 1 cup walnuts, rose water (for flavoring)
Decoration: ½ cup coconut shavings, 1 cup confectioners sugar (optional)


Put the sugar, cream of tartar and 1 cup of water in a pan and boil for about 30 minutes until the mixture gets a glue-like consistency. Then remove from the heat and leave it aside. Mix the corn starch and the remaining water in another pan. Stir well and cook until the mixture begins to form a ball inside the pan. Then slowly add the sugar mixture while stirring constantly and allow to boil for a while until it becomes really sticky and its color changes to gold. Add the walnuts and various flavorings you prefer. :)

Pour the mixture in a oiled container and leave it to cool completely. Then cut in any shape you like and roll the cuts in the coconut shavings and/or confectioners sugar.

Designer’s advice

Use a warm, wet knife for cutting. If you put a lot of nuts inside, don’t cut in pieces that are too small, make long thick sausage-like chunks instead and roll them well in coconut shavings.
Bon appétit!

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