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Let’s cut the appetizer – I am not a doctor. Hence you should take my advice with a grain of salt. I don’t even want to call it advice but I’ve been advised to use that word because it feels more authoritative. Whatever. Rule number one in your kitchen life: Enjoy your food! Don’t shove it down your throat. Eating is a complex experience involving so many different receptors attached to your body.

It all begins with your eyes. Your food should look good. I don’t say beautiful because beauty is far too subjective but if your eyes don’t enjoy what’s in front of them, there is a pretty good chance that your throat won’t do that as well. Not to mention your stomach. And don’t tell me sloppily chopped grass in some exotic mud sauce is good for your health and aesthetics doesn’t matter. Never treat food as fuel. Moreover, if you take the time to enjoy the things you eat visually, you would eat slowly.

Second, home cooked meal is generally much better than the prefabricated, carbohydrate-infested, artificially flavored junk most modern people are accustomed to eat. If you cook your meals using fresh products, you are less likely to get fat or have health problems. Of course this requires more time and some extra dedication but if you try to stick to this advice, your body will definitely repay you.

And last but not least, not all of us are meant to look like shrimps. A little fat here and there is not something you should be extremely worried about.

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  • Very interesting. I am Colombian and have not had a good arepa since my grandmother pasted away. After seeing your version I will have to give it a
    try! Thanks Yanko :)

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