The Trinity Featured in Digital Arts Magazine

The Trinity

Of all the artworks in my Theogony project, this is the only one that didn’t get a presentation on this blog for many reasons. The most important one is that I have so many things to say about it, I may easily fill an entire book. However I am not sure that book would be interesting for anybody else but me. So let’s just say that 2006 was the worst year in my life and at the time I thought this artwork would be my last one.

It’s a swan song affair.

Surprisingly, despite my (relative) silence about it, The Trinity became my most popular artwork. It hit #1 in Flickr Interestingness pages at a time when digital artworks were taboo on the site and its various incarnations and previews generated so many views that I stopped counting them long time ago.

Just when I thought that was enough, I received an invitation for a feature from Digital Arts, UK’s leading magazine for creative professionals. We made a brief email interview discussing the technical aspects of the artwork and I shared some info about the production stages and the challenges in the working process. This, I am sure, you will find interesting. :) Besides, I am told the artwork is supposed to fill an entire page and since I never intended to sell any prints of it – it’s your only chance to hang it on your wall. [/joke over :]

The Digital Arts May 2009 issue is out now and you can get your copy here.

Update May 02 2009: The feature is now available online as part one of Digital Art’s Inside the Creative Mind article.


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