The Digital Baroque 2013 Calendar

Those of you who think the world is not going to end today because of Mayan arithmetics may find this interesting. My Digital Baroque 2013 Calendar just premiered on Zazzle and contains 14 of my early artworks made between 2005-2011. The calendar itself covers all 12 months of 2013, the year during which doomsday enthusiasts will lick their wounds thinking of another suitable date for the next end of the world (as we know it).

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-00 cover

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-01 january

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-02 february

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-03 march

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-04 april

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-05 may

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-06 june

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-07 july

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-08 august

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-09 september

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-10 october

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-11 november

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-12 december

alphadesigner-digital-baroque-calendar-13 back

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