Stern: Mapping Stereotypes is Satire of the Year


This week’s issue of Stern Magazine (01/2012) contains a 6 page spread featuring the Mapping Stereotypes project under the label “Satire of the Year”. It contains 7 maps of Europe: according to USA, Germany, the Vatican, Switzerland, Greece, France and Silvio Berlusconi. There’s also an interview with yours truly at the end of the stereotype map galore.

Of all the Christmas gifts I have received, this one is the best. As you can imagine, working with Stern’s team felt like driving a BMW on a German highway. I am extremely grateful to Cornelia Fuchs who interviewed me and Andreas Kronawitt who coordinated all the publishing details for their amazing professionalism.

You can read more details about the publication in the press note.

2 comments on “Stern: Mapping Stereotypes is Satire of the Year

  • What a pity!

    I wish I would have known about that ealier… Or maybe when I'm lucky I can still get an issue.

    Tomorrow I will go to the train station and look if I can find one.

    • In case you can't find it in a kiosk, I think you can still order it online from the link I included and if you are in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, they will deliver it without problems.

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