Europe’s Most Popular Given Female Names


Same exercise like yesterday but about the most popular female names in Europe. As you can see, the male and female name patterns don’t necessarily overlap. I’m very surprised by the abundance of Marias in Scandinavia, for some reason I always thought all women there were named Agnetha Fältskog. Another prejudiced fantasy down the drain! France, Luxembourg and Norway should really enter an alliance – both their most popular female and male names match. Germany was the biggest surprise, instead of Gertrude, we have an epidemic of Mias. I think those guys have a secret Latin fetish. Go figure!

Data is data and it’s very hard to argue with it, so we haven’t much choice here.

7 comments on “Europe’s Most Popular Given Female Names

  • There is Viktoria in Bulgaria, but rarely! It is not the mors polular name there. Maria or Elena or Julia there is much more polular, than Viktoria… And for the men is true Georgi. Georgi and Ivan are the most popular male names in Bulgaria.

  • I am Hungarian and I have NEVER met a girl named “Jázmin” in my entire life… I thought the most popular female name would be “Anna”. As for males and “Bence”, that’s correct. (and yeah, I know this post is old, but still)

    • France, Luxembourg and Norway share the same most popular female and male name, Belgium's most popular male name is Noah not Luca(s), therefore it is not mentioned in my suggestion.

  • I'm really a fan of your maps, they are great.
    But I can see a small imperfection here. Giulia is the Italian translation of Julia , so Italy and Poland should have similar colour.

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