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When the editors from the German magazine Der Spiegel asked me if I would agree to make a map according to Luxembourg, I had a lot of doubts because I didn’t know enough jokes about the tiny country, except the fact that once its territory resembled the shape of an angry amoeba. Those people really lucked out when Germany, Belgium and France clipped their borders. Now the country looks neat and tidy.

The Spiegel team had a Luxembourgian colleague who was kind enough to share many useful suggestions and after several days of additional research and googling for weird facts, I got it all on paper. I spared some truths though. Did you know Morrissey wrote a song about a “buck-toothed” girl form Luxembourg who spends her summer all alone in her house? Sexy, no? This is why all countries should have a sea shore!

10 comments on “Europe According to Luxembourg

  • Very true althought not for the countryside ….. We don’t go where the employees come from, we stay in our green land, after all they are paid dot clean it, not their own

  • Thank you for the map. Completely disagree about Russia who are considered to be dangerous bullies – dangerous and inadequate are sometimes people in Luxembourg itself, and I frankly want to say sometimes: God, save Luxembourg – through all the material advantages and commercial success people absolutely forgot what is that to be just a deep-inside and understanding person. Money-oriented society – keep this logo for Luxembourg please. Thank you. Elena Murzina

      • I do. They can be very nice as well. Just get out of the expatriates, some frontaliers and the parisians. They can be great people!

    • Spending most of your free time trying to invade your neighbors, you don’t always get good press. Russians might experience the same thing.

      Though Luxembourg is a bit of an oddball, it’s seen as barely a foreign country (or a country at all) in France (at least for those living near it. Kinda like Monaco for those living in the South-East). I get that it can be quite frustrating for a small country such as this one to be condescended this way.

  • Wow! Your maps of stereotypes really hit the spot. Very entertaining and food for thought all at the same time. I can’t wait until you do a map of Europe according to Belgians ;-)

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