Europe According to Latin Americans

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This is something I have been asked for ever since I published the World Map According to Americans. I have postponed it for several reasons. First, I suffer from acute procrastination and second, I actually contracted it from Latin Americans. There are 3 of them snoring in my apartment right now. In such circumstances, it’s hard to just stop and write down your impressions because you are always tempted to continue observing and analyzing, just in case you missed something really important. If I didn’t feel pressured by my book project, I would have probably postponed it even further.

Truth be told, I’ve seen and heard enough to fill not one but twenty maps. And of course there are different sets of stereotypes that are applied depending on the situation. For example, every time there is a political problem in Latin America, people automatically blame el imperialismo, under which term they include the entire European continent. Precision and accuracy rarely matters in political propaganda, so I have been called an imperialist by proxy even though my country was ruled by the Ottomans for the entire colonial period.

Then there is the purely cultural rift between Latin and Teutonic cultures, which is typical even on a domestic European level. But the Latin American culture, being an extension of the Iberian one, diverts even more radically. Simply the word “German” can be used in a derogatory way to signify a person who has problems expressing his emotions. Remember, we’re talking about people who can describe even Spaniards as reserved and numb.

The collection featured on this map is a fusion of both sets, with the cultural having a definite prevalence over the political, mostly because I grew tired of analyzing people like Chavez, Correa and Morales. Even though the last one gained a special place in my heart when I heard him claiming that people become gay by eating chicken. Perhaps I can dedicate them a special map. And of course, it will come with a collector’s calendar of Cristina Fernández freshly botoxed and half naked on an empty Falkland Islands beach.

45 comments on “Europe According to Latin Americans

  • Yanko I quite like the map and your project, although I agree that the stereotype of suiciders is definitively connected to swedish people in our colective mentality. About the countries related to latin american country names and rumania “hermanitos”, I would prefer the word nada as people simply knows nothing about them, to me the connection with colombia or costa rica sounds very forced.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion, Andres! “Nada” is a tricky label and I try to use it as little as possible because it brings a lot of other problems… nevertheless, I can see why some things may appear forced. I will take your note into account next time I make an update.

  • I’m Latin American and I don’t get most of this map, I did laugh with Heidi and Cuca Riot, though. But I’m specially intrigued with countries named like latin american ones, and The Netherlands as the land of robots and not marihuana?? How’s Poland a Papa chulo? Seriously, I don’t know if I failed as Latin American or this makes -mostly- no sense. But I guess we also are a big conglomerate

  • Can someone explain me why would a Latin American connect Croatia-Slovenia with Costa Rica? they got absolutely nothing to do. On the other hand many Latin American do think about a relation between Uruguay and Argentina with Italy. And we relate suiciders more to the scandinavian zone than to the baltic countries (for many of the latin americans everything from Slovakia to the East is still the Soviet Union)

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