Bulgaria Moderna Font in a Fowler Museum Art Book

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Designing a font is like raising a child. You know your job is truly done only after it leaves home and becomes independent. The Bulgaria Moderna font was one of those kids that mature faster than you expect them. It was barely few months old when I received the first request for use. Since then, it got 3 major updates and reached more than 28.000 downloads. And even though the fourth update got delayed several times since I started working on my book, the project is far from over.

One of the biggest incentives for me to continue developing the font is that it gets used in so many creative ways. I was even contacted by the architect of a historical Bulgarian town who wanted to use it on a commemorative plate. To see his letters chiseled in stone is the dream of any typographer, dead or alive.

Another dream, equally exhilarating, is to see your font used in a book. To become aware that someone you don’t know picked it among millions of others and decided to weave it into the typographic fabric of his project. As a writer who has designed his own book after countless tests, I know how much thought goes into such decisions.

Few months ago I was asked to license my Bulgaria Moderna font for use in a book project accompanying an exhibition by the Fowler Museum at UCLA. Titled Resplendent Dress from Southeastern Europe: A History in Layers, the book is a one way ticket to Ethnographic Wonderland. It explores 19th Century costumes from Southeastern Europe and every single chapter heading in the giant, lushly illustrated 276-page eye-candy is adorned in Bulgaria Moderna glyphs, up to the cover itself.

And as much as it tickles my creative ego, it’s also a deeply humbling experience because the depth of knowledge and the attention to detail in this book vastly outstrip my own. It’s not every day that I get a lesson in my own history from people across the ocean. This makes me happy.

You can find the book on Amazon.

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