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  • I love your work. It would be interesting to have a map showing what New Zealanders think of the world. New Zealanders love to travel and they would have their own impressions of other countries. If you had a New Zealand version of a global map some of the countries would be named the following: Canada – New Zealand Part 2, America – poor geographical knowledge, Australia – the evil empire of louts, Ireland – drunk chicks, Germany – beer festival, Greece – Sunburn, the UK – working holiday, Spain – bulls, France – state sponsor terrorism (remember the rainbow warrior), Scandinavia – hot chicks we don’t get at home, Poland/eastern block – super hot chicks we don’t get at home, SE Asia – must have a blood test when I get home, Japan – rich rugby players, Italy – sexist pigs, China – the people who own our houses, Middle east – the place where our sheep go to, South America – time to try cocaine for the first time, India – shop keepers.

      • Some New Zealanders are paid massive amounts of money to play rugby in Japan. For this reason I called ‘rich rugby players’.

        On a different note have you thought about doing a map according to investment bankers? It could be an opportunity to comment on the problems caused by the banking industry in many parts of the world.

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