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  • I’d do the next subdivisions in Casteñola:
    1. You should label the west as ‘anti-Casteñola’ (León, Zamora, Salamanca) since there’s an important movement to restore their lost autonomy
    2. Valladolid should be labeled as ‘centralism snobs’. No province wants Valladolid as capital, since there’s a lot of centralism. Besides, if you go from ‘milk’ to ‘windshield’, you must go through there.

    I’d not label Portugal as ‘windshield’ but ‘towel’

  • It’s pretty much spot on. Excuse me while I shed my tears of laughter :D

    Just a few small remarks:
    Ouch! The Canary Islands!!
    I think Portugal is either “towels” of “moustached women”. I’d go for “towels” :)
    If you really want to go down to the fine details, Gibraltar would be “cigarretes” and Andorra “electronics”.

    Anyway, awesome work!!

  • Just a question as a non-Spaniard; is Asturias labeled “milk” because it produced dairy products or as a reference to the famous gay elected official, Harvey Milk?

    Also, you consistently do amazing and hilarious work. Congratulations! :D

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