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  • not true, without polish help the brits would have never cracked enigma, try “radar inventors” bwahaha

    • It’s not about accouracy, but about the way the Germans commonly think. If you ask someone in germany who cracked the enigma-code, most of the people (who know about the enigma code) will respond with Britain and know nothing about any polish help. Not a nice truth, but it’s the only one we’ve got for now. But I doupt most of the Germans think about Britain as the ‘Enigma Code Hackers’… it’s mostly ‘bad food’ and ‘stupid wannabe monarchy’.

      • You cannot be too unkind about the British. We have too much in common. We both like beer. We enjoy similar food: the short fat sausage and long thin wurst; cakes. The British Royal Family has lots of German genes and they are treated like celebrities in German gossip magazines. You can borrow them for special occasions, if you like. ;-)

        These maps are good fun. Yanko teases everybody.

        • Me, as a German, the only bad thing about British I could add is: Drunk Girls with too short skirts dancing on Pub tables and having the fun of their lifes. Actually, this isn’t a bad thing neither xD We LOVE the British! Especially in Holiday, when there are at least a few (British) People who act even more embarrassing the the German =)

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