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  • When people lose one sense they make up for by enhancing another sense.
    Usually people with no sense of humour replace it with an enhanced sense of self importance.

  • This isn’t how I think of Europe at all – and I’m British. Don’t tar us all with the same brush, or you’re just as bad as what you’re making us out to be!

      • I’m truly British and I’ve been amused all evening looking at your Maps of Prejudice from the perspective of different countries. There is a teasing conundrum I’ve yet to resolve, though. Take this map, for example. Is it a humorous depiction of British prejudices or is it a depiction of prejudiced opinion about British views? Either way, the stereotypes are comical, not serious. My one regret is that I’ve only just discovered your work and found that Maps of Prejudice first began to appear in 2009(?). Congratulations on getting your first collection published this year and good luck with the second volume. Many thanks, Yanko. I like your impish sense of humour.

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