Alphadesigner Identity Report

Writer in a Cornfiled

Name and Occupation

My name is Yanko Tsvetkov. To the best of my knowledge, I am a humanoid living on a planet called Earth. I am also known as alphadesigner, a pseudonym that usually makes people think what I do is really important. That’s why I chose it.

I’m trying to keep life simple. That’s the only skill I consider worth mastering. I am an amateur in everything else. That doesn’t prevent me from being obsessed with details. As a graphic designer I can be extremely pedantic. As an illustrator I could be a pain in the ass when I’m choosing a color palette for an artwork.

The only activities in which I don’t feel suffocated by obsession are photography and writing. For some mysterious reason, they calm me down.

Alphadesigner Revelation

A Brief Career History

I have worked as a video editor (which I found exhaustingly fascinating), a teacher (I kind of loved it), an advertising “creative” (a description I detest with all my heart), and a web designer (a profession that, in my humble opinion, requires a PhD in psychology).

It took me about 10 years to realize I won’t fit in any job description drafted by people with – excuse the vulgar expression – common sense. And even longer to accept that being a misfit is not something I should feel depressed about. (And neither should you!)

Being a misfit is actually quite empowering. It frees you from the pressure to accommodate people’s expectations. It may also make you a loner, at least until you meet someone like you. Most people think misfits are rare. That’s not true.

Atlas of Prejudice by Yanko Tsvetkov

Value to Society

In 2012 I wrote, illustrated, and designed my first book, the Atlas of Prejudice. It was published in English, German, Russian, Spanish, and French. It became a bestseller in Germany and Russia.

The book explores the history of the domestication of the scapegoat, the first animal known to be tamed by humans. It also entertains the idea that one day we could stop relying so much on the scapegoat economy and turn to more environmentally healthy resources.

Some people consider my book funny.



For me, cooking is a constant source of inspiration. When I cook my mind rests and as a result all kinds of dormant ideas start to surface like sea turtles during a mating season. My first attempts at cooking were actually experiments in chemistry during which I explored the properties of various ingredients. I remember being baffled by the fact that salt doesn’t melt as easily as sugar, even though they look alike. I burnt a lot of pots trying to solve this mystery.

I have a cookbook section in my site, where I write down recipes I find interesting. Most of them aren’t traditional.

Alphadesigner Matryoshka 03 Ayshe

Cross-culture Kid

I grew up in a culture which had just opened up to the rest of the world. I believe that spared me from severe indoctrination of any kind. It helped me develop a sense of personal responsibility and an appreciation for choice. It brought curiosity, not resentment, to the unknown and the unusual.

I detest fanatics and people with poorly developed sense of humor. Contrary to popular Christian belief, Satan never laughs. I think all demons are serious creatures, often way too preoccupied with themselves.

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